Chapter 8 : The Revelation

Kevin was startled at Lucky Star's yelling, not because it was a declaration of final turn but Lucky's high pitch voice was startling enough to throw him off balance. He quickly analyzes the situation of the battlefield in front of him and notices the 2 new Rear guard units that were called by Lucky.

"That Triple Dark Armor is a nuisance and I have to get rid of it." Kevin muttered as he stares into the cards that are on his hands. "I can take him on."

Lucky Star then pulled out 3 cards from The Dark Dictator and sent them to the drop zone. "COME FORTH! MY DELICIOUS POWER! FRY KEVIN'S CORSPE TILL THERE IS NONE LEFT!" Lucky Star yelled. By paying the said cost, Lucky Star activated The Dark Dictator's effect by giving +5000 attack powers to his 2 front Rear guards.

The Dark Dictator began to laugh hysterically at the Vanguard Circle and gave an eerie look at Kevin's Blaster Dark. However, Blaster Dark did not falter and stood his grounds with his sword pierced to the ground. "Come at it, you prick." Blaster Dark said calmly at The Dark Dictator.

Lucky Star then launched the attack with Dark Dictator head-on at Blaster Dark. "I attack your low-life scumbag Blaster Dark with my Dark Dictator with a whopping attack of 20k!" he yelled in full of excitement, with his right hand on his deck waiting to drive check his triggers.

However that excitement soon disappeared when Dark Shield, Mac Lir appeared on the Rear Guard circle. "WHAT? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!? YOU WRETCHED WITCH! YOU CHEATED!" Lucky Star threw a fitting rage and began to bash, kick and punch anything that's in front of him. Due to his thrashing, he damaged several parts of the computer that was in front of him but only to the exterior.

"Warning Lucky Star, you are in violation of Offences Against Property Act. Should you proceed any further, you will forfeit the game and be arrested under the said offence." Said the machine, although, its tone was clearly full of anger.


"Will you grow up already punk? Twin drive already." while pointing at Lucky's deck, Kevin gave a stern look. "And by the way Miss Lucky, you scream like a little girl."

Lucky was full of rage and grabbed the first two card and tossed it onto the table, which was an error as it was supposed to be checked one at a time. However the machine was lucky as the cards that he twin drive were nothing but 2 Grade 3's of Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar.

"For the next two units that you will attack, I choose to guard with these 2 nulls." Kevin said cooly while throwing another two more nulls onto the Guardian circle and discarded 2 more draw triggers that he got earlier. "My turn! Sacre Schnitzelgruben! FINAL TURN!" Kevin declared with a loud and thundering voice. "DRAW!"

With Kevin drawing a card from the top of his deck, he then grab a card from his hand placed it on top of his Blaster Dark. "COME FORTH! PHANTOM BLASTER OVERLORD!"

Thunders and lightning began to circle the 2 players and from the dark emerges a black dragon, donned with silver plates that fit his scales and 2 majestic spears on each hand of Phantom Blaster Overlord. "At long last, we finally meet…Dark Dictator. Your grip over the Shadow Paladins will now be released and you can no longer stand a chance in fighting me…" the black dragon said.

However, his gaze was soon turned towards the dark space at the side of the table on his right. "I can see you, my brother. I am you, and you are me." Phantom Blaster Overlord said.

Phantom Blaster Dragon can only gaped in awe at Phantom Blaster Overlord and realizes that an old hag dragon like him has not achieved his full power.

"Watch me as I fight on, my young brother, I will show you the way to defending your throne as rightful leader of the Shadow Paladins. Someone like the Dark Dictator can never become the leader of the Shadow Paladins for his way breaks the rule of balance in the universe."

Kevin turned to flip the cards in his damage zone, all 3 of them. "PERSONA BLAST! I discard another copy of Phantom Blaster Overlord from my hand for it to gain an additional 10,000 attack points plus with an additional crit to boot!"

Phantom Blaster Overlord was soon surrounded by dark flames and his eyes were blood shot red and he let out a loud roar to the dark sky.

"You think you can beat me? Now I'll show you how a true Shadow Paladin fights!" Overlord said with flames coming out from his mouth.

The Dark Dictator flinched from the flames that are coming from Overlord's mouth as the heat was hot enough to cause it's surrounding to burn. "Grr…I'll have you for a wallet Phantom Blaster Overlord!" Dark Dictator roared back while gritting his teeth.

Kevin shifted his Vanguard's vertical card to sideways and the Vanguard's booster as well. "It is time, ATTACK WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE PHANTOM BLASTER OVERLORD! ENGULF THAT BASTARD WITH TRUE DARKNESS!"

Phantom Blaster Overlord nodded in agreement and leapt to the sky, somersaulting mid-air and crossed his arms. "It is time for you to depart this world…" said Overlord as his body began to burn with black fire.

Lucky Star began to sweat profusely and stared at his hands.

No..No…I cannot guard! It's only good enough for…

He immediately grabbed the cards in his hands and slammed them on the table, this time, 2 of those cards bent into half.

"Dude?! Look at what you did! Your cards are now damaged!" Kevin said, pitying those cards that were bent. However for Blaster Dark and Phantom Blaster Dragon, they saw their friends being mistreated. The units called to the guardian circle were Abyss Circle and Charon, where one Abyss Circle and Charon were the unfortunate cards that were bent.

"They…they are bleeding…they are hurt…" said Blaster Dark with sadness in his eyes "OH DAMMIT JUST STOP IT ALREADY!"

Phantom Blaster Overlord felt that sting of pain in his heart, for to attack his friends is unforgivable. In order to stop this, Overlord must do everything in his power to stop.

"My apologies…my friends…" cried Phantom Blaster Overlord, still diving from the dark sky towards Dark Dictator who are guarded with bleeding Charon and one Abyss Circle. The damaged unit showed no conscience in their eyes and the remaining Abyss Circle gaped in horror on the pending doom.

"ONE TRIGGER TO PASS!" Lucky yelled, pointing the middle finger at Kevin. "ONE TRIGGER!"

Kevin became mad and grabbed the first card on the top of his deck. "TRIGGER CHECK ONE! CRITICAL TRIGGER GET! ALL TO VANGUARD! SECOND TRIGGER CHECK! CRITICAL TRIGGER GET! ALL TO VANGUARD!" he yelled, showing the two cards he got from the top of his deck to Lucky. "You lose."

Phantom Blaster Overlord gave a loud roar and pierced the units who were guarding Dark Dictator and gave a huge slash at Dark Dictator, severing the Dark Dictator's head from his body before purging it with black flames.

Lucky Star cannot believe this as he damage check till the 6th damage, and there were still no heal triggers. "SONOFAMOTHERLESSGOCARTRASSUM FRASSUM! WHERE ARE MY TRIGGERS!?" Lucky Star cried. Soon after that, his deck began to burst into flames and its ashes were blown into the wind.

"My…my….deck…..all my…" said Lucky Star, with tears pouring down his wrinkled cheeks.

"It's over." Kevin said, picking the cards from his side of the table and left. "Your gang of charades of the Silver Sliver will never dominate the world, not while the Paladins of the Round table stand. Lawak." Kevin disappeared from the door that was behind him.

Blaster Dark and Phantom Blaster Dragon, was still astounded with the battle that played before them. Unfortunately before they can say anything, they were pulled upwards in a fast motion. They soon realized that they now lie on the floor of the hall of the Shadow Paladins. Abyss Healers surrounded the two chanting a healing spell for them.

Enlightened and happy with the return of their leaders, every single unit in the hall all rushed to greet their leaders with tears of joy.

After everything has calmed down…

"My fellow Shadow Paladins, it is with great regret that I must inform you, that we will soon be facing a battle. A battle that we cannot control as it is an unseen force...but on another world there are heroes who use our clan that can help defeat this enemy…and…we must look for that Kevin. For he holds the key to our survival." Phantom Blaster Dragon said while standing on his throne.