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The sound of waves crashing was all she could hear. She was currently sitting alone on a rock atop the white sand of the beach,

thinking of a certain black-haired trainer with auburn eyes who owned a Pikachu. Ash Ketchum. He was the only thing on her mind

and the only thing she could think of. She would never get the image of his smiling face out of her head. But why? She found the

answer to the question recently. She loves him. But he would never feel the same. He had always been oblivious to her feelings.

And now his heart was taken by the one and only Misty Waterflower. Everyone has a happy ending. Except for her. Dawn has

Paul, Drew has Solidad,Brock found love with a girl named Holly, heck, even her little brother has someone to love! She was the only exception in their

group. Her heart was heavy and filled with regret. 'If only I told him sooner' she thought sadly. All she could do was fill her mind

with empty wishes. Ash and Misty were soulmates. They were perfect for each other. 'It should have been me' she often thought

bitterly. She was sick of their relationship always rubbing itself in her face. Her friends would often pity her. But they never knew

the pain. Now here she was crying at the beach, while the perfect couples had fun with their lovers. She was pathetic. But she

could always wish for the moment where her prince charming swoop down and save her from misery, right?

Sorry it's short. This was made out of boredom.