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Chapter 2: Meeting People

When Tsuna woke up, hungry and sleepy, he went to the kitchen only to remember that there were currently no food available, grumbling but determined to get some food to his growling stomach, he dressed himself with a simple polo white shirt that had a black tie as well as black pants, he left his keys as he planned to explore the city, he still had a month before the term start and Reborn had already taken steps to ensure that he was ready, though he still had no idea how his tutor got him in a university without him taking any test, he decided to let it go, knowing that he was probably better off not knowing, some things were just meant to stay as secrets.

As he traveled along the road, looking for any restaurant that suited his taste, his eyes were taking in the sights of the bustling city, there were many shops that sold electric gadgets or anything digital, obviously the effects of having the leading technology developer company as the unofficial owner of the city.

Entering a family restaurant, he was immediately greeted by a waitress who led him to a booth in the corner, after ordering a simple and light breakfast, he contemplated his schedule for the day, 'Hmm… I'll have to talk with the local Yakuza soon,that will be easy enough, I also have to talk with the director of MBI to let them know I'm here but that can wait for now after that I'll need to go to the groceries to stock up some food.' The arrival of his food distracted Tsuna to his thoughts as he inhaled the prepared food with the efficiency that Reborn made him learn the hard way by stealing his food daily.

'Hmm…what's the name of the Yakuza again?, something connected with the sun… ah!, Noboru taiyō or the Rising Sun, they're a very small Yakuza group which is currently led by Noboru Akio, he was 46 years old and is currently training his eldest son who is 18 years old to be the heir, it is speculated that the eldest child named Noboru Yoshio, to be able to take over his father in two years time.'

The Noboru taiyō Yakuza, though having only 64 members, is allied with Vongola which greatly hepled them keep other groups from taking separate parts of Shin Tokyo despite their small number, their alliance was forged when Vongola Primo went to Japan, he admired the spirit and loyalty that the Japanese gangs showed to their boss, because of the history that the two shared,no one questioned the alliance between the two.

He had met with the boss only two times, the first was when Reborn had made him meet all the Japanese heads that were allied with Vongola personally, and the second time was when he visited them while he was on Japan, Noboru Akio had an easy-going demeanor when partying but he had shown respect to Tsuna despite his young age and lack of experiece, Reborn had also informed him that behind the smile, the man was very talented strategist as well as very good fighter with the sword and the bow, talents that were reportedly said were passed on to his son, it was also widely rumoured that Yoshio was a prodigy when it came to bows.

With his next destination in mind, he quickly paid for his meal as well as leaving a tip for the waitress and left towards the hide-out of Noboru Taiyō.

He thought that with his unexpected arrival, they'd be surprised but it seems his tutor's preperation went far and beyond as Akio was already waiting and had a sake as well as snacks waiting in front of him.

"Ah.. Tsunayoshi-dono,We the Noboru family have been expecting you visit, we were contacted by your arcobaleno tutor, Reborn-sama of your arrival. Please take a seat, even here in Japan, tales of your actions reach us, as your reputation grows so did your titles, I hear that they've been calling you various names, "The Godfather", "The Roaring Lion" ,among many others, though my personal favorite is the "The Merciful Angel of Death". The man said with a kind smile and then continued "Would you mind having my eldest son Yoshio sit with us?, he is almost ready to take my place and I suspect that in a few years time, the two of you will be the one conducting this discussions." Noboru Akio , the man with a straight and proud posture even with his greying hair, wearing a traditional black Hakama that had the family crest over the breast part, gestured to his eldest son, who was also wearing a hakama like his father, he had black hair that had spikes in every direction.

"It is nice to finally meet you, Vongola-dono." The newly introduced young man said politely as he bowed his head at Tsuna

"There is no need to bow to your allies, Yoshio-dono, and please just call me Tsuna, there is no need for formalities" He returned with a kind smile and gestured for him to seat

"I thank you for you kindness then, Tsuna-san and if you must insist on no formalities please feel free to call me by name." Yoshio answered politely as he bowed to his father , who also gestured the seat in his right, and sat

"Now we may start, Tsunayoshi-dono, may I ask what is the reason of your sudden arrival in our city?" Akio asked the brunette wth curiosity as he filled the cups with sake

"I'm sorry for my abrupt arrival but I'm afraid it wasn't my decision, Reborn was the one who arranged for all this, he already have enrolled me into one of the schools here, I didn't even know I was leaving until the day I left." Tsuna explained as he drink the alcoholic beverage in his cup, Reborn was the one that had made him appreciate the tastes of wine as well as other alcoholic beverages saying 'You can't call yourself a mafioso if you don't even drink wine Dame-Tsuna.' Thankfully his dying will flame kept him from having more than a slight buzz.

"Ah, I understand perfectly, it seems Reborn-sama has struck yet again, but even if you are only here to study, would you allow us to provide any need that you might have? I'm sure that whole family will be interested in helping you in any way we can especially after all the assistance you have gave us." Akio replied kindly

"No, there is no need, Reborn has already provided for my needs but if I'm in need of help I'll be sure to remember you and your gracious offer, Akio-dono."

Surprisingly, Tsuna's time with the Noboru was very enjoyable, he was introduced to the whole family and talked some more both to Yoshio and Akio, but as it was getting late Tsuna excused himself and was offered a ride home, it was politely decline as he wasn't drunk and he had yet to see most of the place and he needed to buy some ingredients for food not to mention his plan to sight-see despite the late hour.

It was already late, and he had finished buying the needed food and items to stock his pantry, as he was walking through a park that ,as he learned earlier ,was a shortcut to house, his hyper intuition told him something was off about the seemingly normal scene and once Tsuna really looked, he saw the discrepancy that his intuition alerted him of, there in the center of the park, sitting on the bench was a woman, she was curled up, with her legs folded in front of her, one of her arms were positioned to support her weight, she had a hair-color that almost looked like gray but lighter, though he noticed the blue highlights in her hair, she looked as if she was under the influence of drugs, the look that said that she wasn't paying attention as if everything arounf her was irrelevant. She was wearing almost nothing, not even shoes, she only had a half-buttoned shirt that was for a man, it didn't cover her nearly enough and she was undoubtedly cold with only that for clothing, though she did have what looked like a lab coat draped over her shoulders.

As he walked towards her direction, he noticed the dark-stains in the coat and even through the night, Tsuna could tell that it was blood but even that did not give him a pause, how could he ignore this person who obviously need some help?, it was simply not in his nature to stand by knowing that someone was hurt and who else would have heleped?, it looked like it had been some time since she arrived her and the people in the park were all giving her a wide berth, avoiding her as though she was a plague that would taint them if they get close.

With his decision made, he stopped in front of the woman and immediately made his eyes roam towards her arms.

'Hmm.. there are no marks that indicate that she was drugged, her eyes aren't unfocused,and as far as I can tell there aren't any wounds or bruises.'

"Miss, Are you alright?" Tsuna asked in his most gentle voice

"I'm broken," She whispered so quetly that I barely caught it, " a failure." My eyes narrowed, what could have possibly happen that would have produced this?, to make it so that a person doesn't even believe in theirselves?

I kneeled in front of her and tried to get her to look at me and said "Would you like to go to the hospital?" I asked her though ecen without my intuition, I already knew her answer," If not a hospital, would you like me to call someone?" I tried again

"I can't," the woman murmured, her head finally moving as she looked down to study me. It seems that my persistence had at least warranted some kind of reaction to her. "I can't go back. I have nowhere to go. I'm a failure."

My jaw tightened again at hearing her talk like that. I still didn't know what was going on with her. I didn't know what happened to her but I was sure of one thing as I stared at the uteer hopelessness in her eyes, as if someone had taken the sun away from her life and whatever the case was hearing her talk, the complete certainty of the hopelessness of her situation in her tone, it was enough for me to make my decision.

"Would you like to come with me?" my words had the effect of her staring at me once again, her previous detached expression changing into a confused and uncertain one.

Knowing that she must be confused, I hold out my left hand and offered it to her and said with a kind and gentle smile "Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

I saw the noticeable shift of change in her demeanor as I said those words, her previously empty eyes were now filled with confusion mixed with an almost hopeful look,it was as if she couldn't believe my words and what it represented, but in the end she took my hand and upon noticing he cold temperature I asked " Are you cold?" as I offered my orange jacket to the her.

"Cold?" she repeated, it seemed as if she was still suffering shock to whatever happened to her, so I settled in making her at least look decent before the cab I called arrived, "Put your arms through the sleeves." I told her though I noticed how she obeyed the command without missing a beat, after seeing her do the task, I buttoned her shirt and draped my jacket around her though I was a bit self-conscious about how her eyes never left my face, though I was saved by the arrival of the cab and before we got in, I turned to her brown eyes gazing into my own "I never go back to my word, so don't worry." I said gently as I offeref my hand to her once again, smiling at her softly.

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