Chapter 3:

The attention that the strange grey-haired woman gave him never faltered even as they entered the cab, though it made Tsuna very nervous, he didn't mind if that was what it took to keep her focus away from whatever event that caused her to be in the park at that time of night, with barely any clothes and no shoes.

When they arrived at his house, he assisted her and led the way as they got in, he told her "Sit by the table, I'll bring in some food and tea to warm you up." His words were obeyed instantaneously and though she stopped her staring while doing what he said , once she positioned herself at the wooden table, she immediately continued the her careful investigation of him.

Tsuna smiled nervously at her for a moment before he went to the kitchen and started to stack the pantry as well as the refrigerator with the food he bought before meeting with the strange woman, after that he cooked one of his favorite dishes, fried eggs and hamburger he cooked enough for four people so that he would not cook for breakfast again, after cleaning up the kitchen he removed his orange apron that had Natsu's image printed on it and set the table for two people, all the while the woman continued to stare as he worked around the room.

"Here, it's simple but it's the only thing I could cook in short notice" he admitted sheepishly as he gave her a serving. She looked up at him and he could see the curiosity in her eyes despite the apathetic look in her face, he smiled at her and started to eat and moments later they both began to dine quietly.

(Line Break)

After exhausting the extra serving he had prepared for breakfast, it looked like his guest was finally full, it had been quite a surprise when he watched her decimate the generous serving he gave her with a systematic and precise method, and it was even more impressive as she had finished all her food while he had barely finished his own and considering he ate with his sadistic tutor that always made it a habit to steal his food so that he could learn how to 'defend his territory', though he'd always suspect that Reborn just wanted to make him miserable.

Tsuna stopped his line of thought as he straightened his back, and schooled his expression; he also let his previously brown eyes changed into a golden orange color as he gazed to the woman before him. The woman made no shift nor did she tense at his actions though he knew that she noticed it as her eyes were staring at him with a look that could be likened to Gokudera's eyes when he was waiting for Tsuna's orders.

After a few minutes of tense silence, he let the orange glow of his eyes fade, and smiled at the unknown woman before him, his previous tense body relaxing down to a more casual stance, she had passed his test and though he knew that the woman meant him no harm even before the impromptu test, his intuition told him that the woman before him was far from helpless, and throughout the years, he'd already learned that it never lied, not even once.

The test was only meant for him to confirm what his intuition had told him, because after all no matter how much he hated leaving people that needed help, especially women, he needed to know for sure if the woman was sent by an enemy family by exploiting that chink in his armor, but even when he off an intimidating aura that would make most Mafioso's spilling their guts and begging for mercy, she hadn't tense or took a defensive position, she just looked at him, as though waiting for his verdict and so with that, he offered his hand for a handshake and smiled brightly "I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi, You can call me Tsuna. May I ask your name?"

"Akitsu" The woman now known s Akitsu answered softly as she returned the handshake

(Line Break)

After the dinner, Tsuna got some of his baggier clothes for Akitsu to use, though he knew he needed to buy her some more clothes if she was going to stay but for now his clothes would have to do. The clothes he picked was a simple white shirt as well as a pair of khaki pants

"Akitsu-san, I don't have any women's clothes so I'm afraid you'll have to do with this for now, though don't worry, I'll buy some clothes tomorrow I promise to buy anything anything you like 'kay?" Tsuna said reassuringly to the woman who still continued her vigil at inspecting him, it was almost as if Gokudera was her though instead of protective green eyes, it was replaced by inquisitive brown eyes though at least this one was silent

"The bathroom is just over there, I already put the clothes in there, everything you'll need is also there and if you need anything else just tell me." The brunette said with a smile, though he was a bit confused by the feeling telling him to get out of the room as soon as possible, the reason was made clear as soon as he turned his back and faced the door, the sound of clothes falling to the floor, the soft footsteps walked away from him. The seemingly harmless sounds triggering the alarms in his head.

"Um…Akitsu-san? Are you naked right now?" Tsuna asked trying hard not to sound nervous and failing miserably

The sound of footsteps stopped and he heard a soft voice mutter a quick answer "Yes."

"Um, next time, it would… be appreciated if you were to change clothes in the bathroom."

"Why?" Her soft voice asked with startling nearness

"Ahh…It would um… just be more comfortable for everyone if um… you would do so" He answered politely despite the embarrassment obvious in his voice though he was sure that the brown-haired didn't notice, and it didn't help that he could practically feel the heat emanating from her body.

After a moment of silence I heard Akitsu say, though there was a hint of confusion in her voice "Understood." I breathe a sigh of relief as I heard the sound of her footsteps fading away, though not wanting to test my luck; I made way to the door as quickly as I could without outright running into it.

(Line Break)

After Akitsu left the bath, fully dressed to Tsuna's relief, He prepared Hayato's room for Akitsu and informed her that she would be sleeping there tonight, the woman just nodded at him with her normal almost sleepy expression and so with that, Tsuna left her in the privacy of her new temporary room.

As he closed the door in his own room, he needed some time to think about the events that had happened to him, it seemed innocent enough but somehow he knew that things were definitely off in this city and he knew that Reborn, sadistic he may be, wouldn't send him to unknown hostile territory without a warning at the very least.

His current position was safe, he wasn't directly involved to whatever it was that was happening in Shin Tokyo, but he knew that it was just going to be a matter of time and he had to be prepared. The problem was that he had no assets to speak of but his wealth and his connections, and though those were useful in most circumstances he couldn't use them due to his lack of information at the situation and one didn't survive in the Mafia for very long by plunging headfirst to the danger.

His guardians were not present and he had no subordinate that was directly under him, although the Noboru Taiyo was an ally, that didn't mean he could trust them to do whatever he wanted, after all their loyalty wasn't to him.

Although he needed some answers, he knew that because of his lack of information and assets there were very limited options that were available to him and they all needed some time to plan if they were to be put into action and so with that Tsuna focused on the more immediate problems that needed his attention, mainly clothes and food, and food and then more food.