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Chapter 4: Secrets

Tsuna didn't know that it was possible for him to hate something more than the paperwork that Reborn made him do every single day since he became the Vongola Decimo but alas he had found it…


He never really had the cause to shop before, as the things he wore as boss was usually taken care of his subordinates, specifically Gokudera, and even though he accompanied his mother to the grocery or when she bought him some clothes, it hadn't been as frustrating as this one was.

It had been hours after he and Akitsu went out so that he could buy her the clothes she wanted, the stoic woman just nodded at him and they went to various shop after they had some breakfast.

When they entered a store, He told the clerk to assist Akitsu, and that he would buy anything she wanted but to the clerks frustration, clothes after clothes and Akitsu showed no interest in any of the designs.

It was made more embarrassing because when they went to a shop that sold underwear, the assistant leaned that Akitsu didn't wear that particular article of clothing, the whole time he was at the store, the people who heard all looked at him as if he was some sexual deviant. When he asked her the reason why she didn't wear one, he immediately regretted the question as she answered "... I forgot.."

Tsuna barely managed to fight the urge to slam his head to the nearest wall.

The whole afternoon was spent with the same results. Even after perusing through different stores, their search for clothing bore no fruit. Tsuna nevertheless persevered after all if he could stand doing nothing but paperwork for numerous hours then he could definitely endure shopping for a woman he promised to help.

The sun had already set when the first progress was made, it was when Tsuna caught Akitsu looked at one of the Kimono's displayed in one of the shops, it was subtle, she looked at it for no more than a second but for Tsuna it was very noticeable as she hadn't looked at even one of the clothes they've seen so far with a second glance, so with victory in sight He hauled the two of them at the aforementioned shop where he directed Akitsu to the Kimono's.

When she had come back an hour and a half later wearing a clothing that he hesitated to call a Kimono, really it did have a look of a Kimono, it had a black trim in contrast with the white, and was tied at the waist with a black obi bow in front but the normality of it ended right there, The... clothing she was wearing was open in the front, revealing her pale, smooth skin all the while down to where the hem of her garment disappeared beneath the sash she as tying to shut it with. The top was wide open, nearly off her shoulders. The only reason Tsuna thought why the clothing held all of the woman's considerable assets was because of the chains.

A thick steel chain that fastened to the edges of her kimono. More than that she had another length of chain wrapped around her neck, creating some sort of demented choker, and the edges of that chain were tucked so that they ran down the center of the valley of her breasts before disappearing under the obi as well.

The bottom of her kimono was equally provocative. It stayed closed only to about midway down her thigh before parting and showing large lengths of her shapely legs as well. On her feet were the only normal part of her outfit, rather elegant looking wooden sandals.

After just seeing the chains, he really really wanted to pass out, unfortunately Reborn had conditioned his body into not padding out by using a defibrillator to him whenever he fainted, needless to say, it had worked and Tsuna never passed out again.

Tsuna really really wanted to ask how the hell had she gotten a hold of the chains, but considering her answer earlier, he held his tongue, sometimes there were things he was better off not knowing.

After five solid minutes, the brunette finally regained enough composure to speak again.

"Akitsu, are you sure that this is what you want?" He asked, desperately hoping for a negative answer

His hopes were soon dashed as the woman replied "..Yes"

"Are you really really sure?, you might want some other clothes, the day is still young!" Tsuna said as he tried to persuade Akitsu, though he already knew that it was a futile gesture and this fact was compunded when Akitsu nodded her head

Sighing in defeat, Tsuna asked the saleslady to take 3 more copies of the outfit Akitsu wore and paid for all of it.

Knowing that the dinner would be late if they were to shop for ingredients then cook a meal, Tsuna decided on only buying at the market then eating out.

Despite all of the frustration, embarrassment and mortification the day brought, Tsuna thought that over all it had been a good day as they finished all of their objectives.

As soon as he saw the woman with long light gray hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a tight black leather top, a miniskirt and stockings, as well as a grey haori over her shoulders with a crest printed on it, He knew that he had spoken way too early about the day being a success.

They were nearly at the new house that Tsuna was living in, when he saw a shape of a person in the dark and as they came nearer, the image of the woman merely became clearer.

She was sitting on the porch, smiling as if everything was alright with world.

Tsuna tensed his body as soon as he saw the sword that the smiling woman had in her hand, and he immediately feel Akitsu do the same.

"My, my, you certainly made me wait for a long time." The woman said nonchalantly, as if she was talking to an old friend

Tsuna merely narrowed his eyes at the woman, he didn't recognize the crest that the woman had and he had memorized every single family crest both the major families and the minor ones. That at least served to calm him down, if there was a mafia family openly challenging him, The Vongola Decimo, in his own territory. It was going to be a sign of weakness, one he couldn't show in front of allies.

The time it took for him to take in the surroundings and observed the woman before him took less than a minute and yet, Akitsu was already in front of him, both of her hands at her back and her posture ramrod straight. Needless to say I was surprised at the speed she had displayed, it wasn't so fast that he didn't see her move but their speed was the same unless he used his gloves.

"Ah... There you are, You shouldn't have ran away. I've been ordered to take you back to the MBI." The woman said as she eyed Akitsu with her slitted grey eyes.

Although Akitsu remained standing in front of me, I knew that what the woman said had affected her judging by the increase tension in her body.

"Who are you?, and what does MBI want with Akitsu?" The brunette asked as he walked towards Akitsu, putting his hand at her shoulder to calm her down

"Oh?, I'm sorry it seems I have forgotten my manners, Sekirei number 4, Karasuba the Black Sekirei." The woman now identified as Karasuba introduced herself with a smile

The way she had announced herself was meant to be a threat though somehow despite her obviously hostile presence, I felt no danger coming from her, but even though her name didn't affect me, it did affect Akitsu. It seems that the woman before me who called herself a Sekirei was pursuing Akitsu and was the reason why I found Akitsu in the park, bloodied and despairing.

"Oh?, what's this?, haven't she told you what she is?" I hadn't meant to show my confusion but it seems Karasuba had pick up on it.

"This is rich!, Do you mean to tell me you picked her up without knowing what she is?" The gray-haired woman said as she laughed mockingly at Akitsu, who slightly lowered her head.

"It doesn't matter to me who or what she is, she was a person that needed help and I was able to provide it so I helped her, She isn't obligated to tell me her secrets just because I helped her." I said now properly shielding Akitsu with my body as I held out my arm in front of her in a defiant gesture to the smiling woman.

"Hmm... Well I guess I could accept that, but it's getting dark and I'll be really upset if you don't come with me now." The still smiling woman said as she addressed Akitsu, the sentence started innocently enough, and it became a warning at the end though when she held up her sword and prepared to unsheathe it, I considered it a threat.

Kazehana sat on one of the roofs of a building as she contemplated the events that happened to her two days ago, She and Homura were doing their monthly outing of drinking, they were on their way home to the Izumo Inn when she felt it...


It was already dark, and she was already buzzed from all the sake that she had drunk. Homura was helping her walk properly, not that she couldn't of course, she wasn't really drunk enough to not be able to walk but she loved teasing Homura and it was amusing a host as popular and sought-after as the Fire Sekirei getting flustered.

It was then when she felt it, the feeling of heat invading her body, the beat of her heart going faster, the pleasurable sensation that crawled beneath her skin, she had felt it once before but that time hadn't been intense enough to bring her to her knees like this time.

She was losing track of her surroundings, and she could hear Homura's voice in the distance shouting her name but somehow that didn't matter. All that mattered was Him.

She could feel Him, she didn't know who or where He was but she knew that he was near, and her body was reacting to Him, she could feel it down into her bones, echoing in her very existence.

She could feel His presence nearby, though it soon faded as He got further away and with it, the pleasant burning sensation faded and she could now move her body again, Homura helped her picked herself up.

"K-Kazehana... you reacted." The awe and amazement in her voice couldn't be anymore clearer even if the fire Sekirei had shouted it, she knew of course of the condition of her friend. He wasn't considered to be one of the scrapped numbers but it was a very close thing, and even his adjusters had said that the possibility of him finding his Ashikabi was close to zero. It had been the reason why he had taken up the responsibility of protecting the unwinged Sekirei and had called himself to be the "Sekirei Guardian"

So instead of answering, she just answered him with a calm smile, though her thoughts were anything but.

She had no intention of finding the person that caused her intense reaction, when the director turned her way for that woman, she had decided then that she wouldn't participate in the Sekirei plan, after all a plan without her loved one was a Sekirei Plan that she had no interest in

Flashback End

It was one of the times she had decided to take a walk, she had brought a stash of sake and was fully prepared to glide through the air while drinking, but after she finished and once again headed to Izumo Inn to crash, she had felt her body react again, it was just as intense though this time she had been alert enough that she didn't fall though she needed a moment to adjust to the harsh reaction that it brought her.

'He's near... I guess taking a look won't be so bad, right?' Kazehana thought to herself as she took off in the direction that she felt That person was in.

As soon as I saw him, I felt my body responding more harshly though I paid it no mind as I observed the features of the young man with light brown hair that seemed to defy gravity, after observing the brunette,she finally noticed one of her former teammate, Sekirei no. 4, Karasuba.

She was already preparing to jump down but just before she was about to do so...

"It doesn't matter to me who or what she is, she was a person that needed help and I was able to provide it so I helped her, She isn't obligated to tell me her secrets just because I helped her." A beautiful yet defiant voice proclaimed as the brunette put his body before a woman with light-grey hair and shielding her with an arm

Before what the young man's statement could sink in, Karasuba replied in an amused yet threatening tone

"Hmm... Well I guess I could accept that, but it's getting dark and I'll be really upset if you don't come with me now."

Knowing from past experience that an amused Karasuba genuinely smiling was not a very good combination to the one on the other side of her sword, she made her decision and manipulated the wind to support her fall down.

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