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Chapter 1
Annabeth's P.O.V.

September 14th, that's today's date. It's a day where we mourn and beat ourselves up over because of what happened on this day so long ago. That is because 500 years ago on this day, Perseus Jackson, the greatest demi-god of all time, was wrongly killed. No, he was not in a battle and got killed by a monster, no he did not sacrifice himself to save a friend, and no he was not a casualty in a war. He was killed by us on accused treason which turned to be false. I flinched and tears came to my eyes as I remember that day.


I glared at him as I sat down on the floor, twenty feet behind him. I was furious and I felt so betrayed by him, how could he do this to us? As if sensing my anger, Daniel, Percy's younger half-brother, wrapped him arm around my shoulders. I looked up into him hazel eyes and relaxed leaning into him.

"Percy Jackson," I turned to look at the gods as the meeting started, "You have been accused of aiding Gaea in the Second Titan War, do you deny it?" Zeus thundered as everyone in the room, except a few people, glared at him. Instead of answering, Percy just stood there staring at them in shock, tears rolling down his face which unnerved me. Are we sure he even did this? I thought to myself, I mean, this is Percy, he would never betray his friends just so he can save his own skin, what about his fatal flaw? And he was the one who defeated most of the Giants and Gaea. I reasoned. As if sensing my thoughts, Daniel leaned down to my ear.

"Annabeth, I saw and heard him conversing with Gaea with my own eyes and ears. He's a traitor, he's not the Percy you fell in love with all those years ago, he's changed." Daniel stated and he sounded so sincere, honest, and sure of himself that I believed him again. Now that I think about, Percy has seemed a lot different, he did leave to go to Camp Jupiter, maybe being there changed him from how he was before, I reasoned to myself and nodded in agreement, dubbing it true. With that thought, I tuned back into the meeting.

"I didn't do anything Zeus, I would never betray you." He stated in a wavering voice. Daniel grimaced in disgust.

"Listen to him; I'm disgusted that he would lie like that." He spat and I looked down at the ground before looking back at Percy, feeling a wave of guilt at his miserable stature.

"Enough of your lies!" Zeus bellowed, lightning going off, making Percy flinch sharply, "We will be passing judgment now. All in favor of keeping Percy alive?" At that sentence, Artemis, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Hestia, Hermes, and Apollo raised their hands, "All opposed of him living?" With that, Hades, Ares, Zeus, Hephaestus, Hera, Dionysus, Athena, and Demeter raised their hands. 6=8, "The decision has been made, Percy, you will die. Any last words?" Zeus finally answered. I leaned forward to hear Percy's last words and was surprised that nothing came; he just stared at the fourteen gods in shock, pain, misery, and betrayal, tears streaming down his face which made me wince. Deep down, I knew that he would never do what he was accused of but even if I did, I couldn't stop it, he has been sentenced to death, "You better say something fast, I don't have much patience." Zeus growled but Percy just stood there.

"Very well. Goodbye Perseus Jackson, may you stay in the Fields of Punishment for the rest of your existence." Zeus promised. And with that, he grasped his master bolt and pointed it at Percy. A second later, a volt of lightning shot out of it and hit Percy. I flinched and tears ran down my face at the sound of the tormented screams coming from Percy, he was just a blinding light though so I, thankfully, couldn't see what was happening to him. After thirty seconds of ear piercing screams, the light dimmed and when it was done, Percy was gone.

"Bout time that annoyance was gone." Dionysus grumbled. I looked at all the Olympians and saw that all the ones who wanted him to live were crying, Poseidon the most, after all, Percy was his favorite son, no matter what Daniel did, "Smartest thing we've ever done." He finished.

"Actually Dionysus, that was the vilest, disgusting, and dumbest thing you could ever do." Someone from the back of the throne room rumbled, the power in his voice shaking the room. Dionysus was furious as we turned to face the voice.

"YOU DARE-" He started but stopped as soon as he caught sight of the man and froze in shock. It was a man, about 9 feet tall and pitch black. By pitch black I mean like his whole body was Black Hole kind of black. All across his body you could see planets, stars, suns, asteroids, and nebulas, moving as if he was space itself. His eyes though, were changing color rapidly, from black to white to green to blue to almost every color you could think of. To our astonishment, as soon as all the gods caught sight of him, they gasped in shock, jumped from their thrones, and knelt. The gods are kneeling? I thought in shock, not believing it at all, "I am so very sorry, I did not know it was you. Please forgive me Lord Chaos." At that name, all the people who knew who he was gasped. Chaos just glared at Dionysus before moving on to glare at Hades, Ares, Zeus, Hephaestus, Hera, Athena, and Demeter.

"How dare you." He started and the gods cowered in fear, "How could you sentence such a boy to a fate so horrible?" He demanded, his glared hardening. Zeus stood up shakily.

"Lord Chaos, I do not mean to offend you, but Percy was guilty of-" Lord Chaos cut him off here.

"I KNOW WHAT HE WAS KILLED FOR ZEUS! DON'T MAKE ME OUT AS A FOOL!" He roared, his eyes turning red and Zeus cowered in fear, "I KNOW YOU KILLED HIM BECAUSE OF THE KNOWLEDGE THAT HE CONSPIRED AGAINST YOU WITH GAEA!" He continued on. He stopped though and took a deep breath, probably to calm himself down, "How could you eight be so IDIOTIC to even think that Percy would do such a thing?" Chaos growled, causing the eight gods and goddesses to stare at him in shock.

"Lord Chaos, if I may, there were witnesses and information against him." Hera stated respectively, her voice coated in fear and weariness.

"And who were these witnesses?" Lord Chaos inquired, calmer now.

"Daniel Gates, Lord Chaos." Ares told him and Lord Chaos' eyes turned red again.

"Pray tell me; what would make you believe this boy, over Percy Jackson?" Lord Chaos asked, his calm voice hiding his anger beneath it.

"Daniel Gates is the greatest demi-god to ever live, Lord Chaos, Percy-" Mother began but was interrupted by Chaos' booming laugh.

"G-greatest d-d-demi-g-god t-to e-e-e-ever l-live!" He roared, lost in his laughter, to Athena's confusion. When his laughter stopped he continued on, glaring at Athena, "Are you really that stupid Athena?" Mom winced at that, "If you are going to disgrace your title that much, maybe you aren't fit to have it anymore." Chaos casually stated and mom's eyes widened in fear.

"N-no Lord C-Chaos, please, I-I am not trying to d-disgrace my t-title." She promised and his glare hardened.

"Then why would you say such a stupid thing?" He wondered, "Daniel Gates the greatest demi-god to ever live. HA!" He roared, laughing again, "Daniel Gates is not the greatest demi-god to ever live. Percy Jackson is." He finished and everyone gasped at that.

"I-I can see why you s-say that, Lord C-Chaos." Zeus began, shakily standing up, "Percy Jackson did many things, but, and I mean no offense, but none of those things can compare to what Daniel-" Zeus continued, stronger now but stopped at Chaos' glare.

"Really now?" Chaos exclaimed, walking towards the gods now, "Did Daniel single-handedly defeat the Minotaur and a fury before he even reached camp?" He wondered.

"N-no, Lord Chaos." Hera answered.

"Oh, then he must have at least fought and won against Ares on his first quest." Chaos continued.

"No, my lord, he didn't." Hephaestus said.

"Oh well then, Daniel must have single-handedly defeated Hyperion and Kronos." Chaos offered.

"No, h-he didn't." Hades stated.

"Well then he must have defeated tons of Giants and Gaea herself." He suggested.

"N-no my lord, he didn't." Zeus denied, looking down at the ground in shame.

"Then I am confused," He started, stopping in front of the gods, "If he didn't do those things then how could he be better than Percy?" He inquired but got no answers, "I see. So I think it's safe to confirm that you have it wrong, it's Daniel who cannot compare to Percy." He finished reasonably and the eight gods he was glaring at bowed their heads more in shame, "Well I think you ought to know that Percy," He paused here, "Was innocent." Everyone's head shot up at that.

"W-what?" Zeus stuttered and flinched as Chaos' glare landed on him.

"PERCY WAS INNOCENT!" Chaos thundered, his eyes becoming pitch black, "He did not betray you, he never converse with Gaea. And that BOY," He pointed to Daniel, spiting the word out as if it was venom, "Was lying! Lying because of his own JEALOUSY!" Everyone, including myself, turned to looked at Daniel in shock who was frozen in shock and fear, "Of Percy's fame and accomplishments! So be PROUD of yourselves Hades, Ares, Zeus, Hephaestus, Hera, Athena, and Demeter, you just killed an innocent boy who did nothing to you, IN FACT, he protected you CONSTANTLY!" Chaos yelled, "So great job, you have innocent blood on your hands now." Chaos finished, shaking like crazy.

"Six years." He started in a quiet voice yet everyone could hear him, "For six years Percy faithfully served you. He rescued Zeus' lightning bolt and Hades' helm. He found the Golden Fleece to bring to camp to keep it protected, he rescued Annabeth and Artemis from Atlas. He stopped Kronos' side from entering camp from the Labyrinth. He fought in the Second Titan War, risking his life to protect you all." He spat. The more he went on, the more disgust and anger filled his voice, "He bathed in the river Styx despite the tormenting pain. He fought giants and even Gaea to protect you all and this is how you repay him, by taking a weak demi-god's words and believing him over PERCY!" Chaos thundered before shaking his head and taking a deep breath, "Well you should know that you just doomed yourselves." Chaos stated, to everyone's confusion.

"W-what do you mean Lord Chaos?" Aphrodite questioned and Chaos' gaze softened as it landed on her.

"Be prepared because another war in coming," Everyone grew shocked at that, "One that you cannot even try to stop." He admitted, "And the sad thing is, the only hope you had in winning this war was if you had the Hero of Olympus, Percy Jackson, by your side. But you killed him, so now you've doomed yourselves to die." Chaos stated, walking back down the aisle to the doors. As he reached them, a dark portal opened before him and just as he was about to go through, he stopped and turned to face us, "Goodbye, hopefully you will live and we will see each other again soon." Chaos ended before turning back around and entering the portal, disappearing from sight.


After that event, Zeus made all the demi-gods who fought in the Titan and Giant wars, Roman or Greek, immortal to help our odds but deep down we knew they weren't much since even Lord Chaos said we were going to die. Daniel was kicked out of Camp Half-blood after that and the gods now have him locked down in Tartarus, where we all know he belongs. I can't believe I ever liked him or believed him over Percy, I thought in disgust, completely ashamed of what I did in the past. Luckily, the war has not come yet but Apollo has informed us that he feels that it is coming soon, very soon. My only hope is that, when it does, we will get through it and still rule this earth but, as of now, the odds aren't looking good. I can only hope that we can find help soon, before it's too late.

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