Secrets and Lies:

Background: This is after Jenny has died, and after Somalia

This is a Zibbs story. (I their father-daughter in the story…but I also like the sweet relationship they have without going too far into it. So the Zibbs stuff won't add up a ton till later)


Shalom: Hello/goodbye/peace

Lo: No

Ken: Yes

Abba: Father/Dad

Ima: Mom

Bold italics= text in vide/ letter

Italics= in video


Gibbs was up in MTAC with the director Leon Vance, while his team, Tony Dinozzo, Tim McGee, and Ziva David were sitting at their respective desks. Abby came up from the lab to visit with Ziva. Tim and Tony were ranting about movies and discussing which movie was the best Harry Potter movie"

"Well Probie, it's obviously the 4th one. The Goblet of fire, tons of hot girls and the beaubatons, are in it. Plus that's when the Dark Lord comes back from the dead and all" argued Tony

"I don't know Tony I have to say the last one because that's when everything wraps up"

Ziva and Abby rolled their eyes. It was a typical Monday and a typical argument they had on a daily basis.


Gibbs had just come down the stairs and was standing right behind Tony and McGee.

"Get back to work" he said smirking

"Hey Abbs… watcha doin up here?" he asked his favorite scientist

"I got really bored down there Gibbs. I mean there is no case and all I have down there are my babies…and Bert, but I brought him with me cause I didn't want him to be lonely but obviously I couldn't bring my babies up here."

"Breathe Abbs" she took a deep breath and then continued

"And since you guys don't have a case I figured it would be a good time to come up here and see all of you cause I only get to see you when you bring me evidence…happy happy evidence, and Caf POW's of course!"

"Well you're wanna get back down to your lab cause we have a case..." Then to the rest of his team

"Grab your gear dead marine. Ziva you're driving" he nodded to her smiling as everyone around them groaned inwardly.

It was no surprise that they got to their destination in less then 10 minutes with Ziva behind the wheel. The only one who seemed to be okay and calm about her driving was Gibbs who was sitting in the passenger seat, and who drove ALMOST as recklessly as she did.

Everyone hopped out of the car and went to where Ducky and Palmer were standing over a dead body.

"Whaddya got Duck?" Gibbs asked pulling out his notebook.

"Well Jethro we seem to have an interesting case today. I can't find any sign of an actual death except for the fact that he has a temperature…You know this reminds me of a case I worked on a couple years ago, and the poor man had been—"

Gibbs cut Ducky off and gave out the orders. "McGee statements, David photos and Dinozzo bag and tag"

"Now sir, can you tell me anything you heard, or saw or anything that you think could be useful?" asked McGee.

"Well I did see this one lady, chick… she came up to the door, picked his lock and crept in taking only 3 minutes. I figured she was a ninja or something." The old man said

"And then the next thing I know is you guys are here and Mathew over there is dead."

"Thanks for your time" Said McGee sighing

This was going to be a long case he thought to himself.

~~~Back at NCIS~~~

Tony was sitting at his desk playing a game on his phone. Ziva was sitting at her desk going over witness statements and McGee was downstairs working with Abby. Suddenly Tony looked up and saw a man walking towards their desks.

"Package for Mrs. David (Day-vid)" said a mail carrier

"It's David (Dah-veed)" Tony said correcting him "I'll sign for it, she's talking to the boss"

That was a lie Ziva disappeared when they got back from the crime scene, and he figured she was off in the bathroom….and true enough she came walking back in the next minute. She froze when she saw the package.

"Zi you okay?" Tony asked

"Yes I am fine" she snapped "I just wasn't expecting any package that's all"

Carefully she inspected every inch of it. Put her face close to the box and listened. She didn't move it at all from where it was resting on her desk. After a few more minutes of inspecting it she finally sighed.

"What you don't have X-ray vision?" Tony asked

She rolled her eyes at him and pulled her knife out that was concealed at her waistline, as she did this McGee and Gibbs walked in and looked at the scene.

"What's in the box Ziva?" McGee asked

"Well she doesn't know obviously Probie; otherwise she wouldn't be inspecting it so thoroughly"

It was a small box, about the size of a Kleenex box. It was wrapped in brown paper, and the only thing that was written on it was: Ziva David and then under that NCIS and the address. Slowly she sliced open the tape and waited for a second, when nothing happened she opened the flaps and stared into the box and froze.

"What is it Ziver?" Gibbs asked he went over to the box frowned and then picked up a note that was tucked into the side of the box


I hope that the box found you. I know that you are a very private person and normally I would accept that fact. But not today my dear, here are some DVD's that I am sure you and your team will find most interesting. It is about your life. Your sad pathetic life, from the moments you were born to who you are and what you are doing today. If you want to know who my target is you are going to have to watch this video to pick out the different clues from it. One more thing, you are going to need to have your team watch these with you including Ducky and Gibbs' precious scientist Abby Scutio. You should not keep so many secrets from your team. If they knew what you are hiding well…I can only imagine what would happen. And now I don't have to. If you don't watch these then you will not be able to prevent the death. Who knows what you are going to do. Are you going to be selfish and let someone die just to keep all of your precious little secrets hidden. Or are you going to show your team what you have done and what you have gone through. I hope you choose wisely Ziva. You should not be allowed to keep as many secrets as you are. You have 48 hours to get through these DVD's before I strike. Good Luck.

"Ziver….you know we need to see these" said Gibbs bringing her out a daze.

"Gibbs you can't this is my life. Am I not allowed to have some privacy?"

"What if his target is me? Or Tony? Or Abby? Or McGee?...are you really going to let who ever this is kill us just because you want some privacy?"

Ziva felt her heart sink; she knew that most of her worst memories were going to be on this video, with a pang she thought about Tali, Ari her mom, Jenny and all of those she protected and how many she hurt because of Mossad. Then she nodded slightly.

"Tony call Abbs and Ducky tell them to meet us at my house pronto."

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