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"How long has he been here dad?" asked Gibbs pointing his gun into the living room and watching Ziva do the same.

"He got here two days ago"

"Two days ago…that's when we got the videos" said Gibbs more to himself than anyone else.

"What videos?" Jackson asked

"What do you want Jacob?" asked Ziva

"I think you know Ziva" he said standing up and coming into view. He too was holding a gun and had its barrel pointed at Gibbs

"Why Jethro? Why not kill me instead? We used to be best friends… what happened?"

"What happened was after Tali died you became so angry that you forgot about everything that ever mattered and only focused on revenge and becoming Mossad. I know that is what was going to happen to you anyways so I accept that. But now you broke away from Mossad and betrayed us. You betrayed Israel and you betrayed your sister. I am doing this for her, and for Israel and the people you have betrayed. You betrayed me Ziva, me your best friend."

"So you think the way to get revenge is to kill someone I love?" Ziva asked

"Yes if it will give me back the friend I had. If I kill him than nothing is holding you back from coming back to us, to Mossad, to Israel"

"Killing Jethro, his father, Tony or the rest of my team will not bring me back to Israel. This is my life now. Here. With them. My father left me to die, if you want me to ever come back to Israel maybe your focus should be on him."

"No! You lie it is him that told me your love for these Americans. He told me this is why you have betrayed us. He told me you do not want to come back to us. What about Tali, you no longer visit her grave. Do you even grieve for her anymore? Or has America taken you completely"

"Of course I do!" Ziva yelled lowering her weapon a little. "I grieve for her everyday. She was my sister"

"Then why do you no longer wear her necklace? Why do you no longer visit her grave on the day of her death?"

"I was banished! I am sure you have video of it somewhere, my father banished me from Israel."

"You chose to disobey your own father, to turn your back on Israel, to stay with this man" he said pointing at Gibbs "and your stupid team. That is why I sent you the videos" he said

"The young Ziva you knew has changed, but Jacob, I still laugh and have fun and I have fun with my team and Jethro. And what you are doing isn't going to bring me back to Israel. Please you have to accept that I am not coming back. Not because of them. Yes I do love them but it is not their fault. America is my home now and I am going to stay here"

"Then it is you who will die!" Jacob yelled pulling the trigger. Ziva pulled her own trigger, but not fast enough.

"Jethro." She said falling. Gibbs caught her and laid her down in the entrance keeping pressure on her wound.

"Dad call for an ambulance" Gibbs said keeping his eye on Ziva.

"McGee! Ziva's been shot, but Jacob Ali is dead, use your computer skills to get back here and meet us at the hospital that's just outside of Stillwater" Gibbs said frantically

Will do boss.

"Come on Ziva stay with me"

"I'm sorry Jethro"

"No don't do that fight Ziva" he said pleading with her. "Why did you have to tempt him?"

"It was better than you or Jackson dying"

"Always protecting people that's one of your best and worst qualities"

"I can't help it"

"I know and I love you for it" said Gibbs

"Son the ambulance is here" said Jackson coming back into the room

"Hold on Ziver alright? I'll be with you the entire time" Gibbs said grasping her hand as the EMT's came in

~~~~Meanwhile with the team~~~~

McGee! Ziva's been shot, but Jacob Ali is dead, use your computer skills to get back here and meet us at the hospital that's just outside of Stillwater.

"Will do boss" McGee said

"What happened Timmy?" asked Abby.

"Ziva's been shot" he said typing swiftly into the computer to figure out the quickest way to get out of the forest and to Stillwater"

"What how" asked Tony

"I don't know Tony, Gibbs didn't say"

"Well figure it out Probie!"

"Tony! Stop this, we are all worried about Ziva, but let Timothy figure out how to get us out of here so we can go check on her. Let's go pack our bags and get them loaded in the jeep and by then hopefully Timothy has figured out how to get us out of here." Said Ducky wisely

Tony, Abby and Ducky left McGee to work while they gathered all of their belongings and stashed it in the jeep when McGee came running up, keys in hand and his cell phone.

"Okay I got the coordinates, let's go!" said McGee rushing to the drivers side.

"Do you think she's going to be okay" Abby asked

"Of course she will it's Ziva, she has to be okay" said McGee

"If she could survive months of torture in Somalia than she can survive a bullet" said Tony confidently.

"I wonder how Jethro is" said Ducky

"He sounded really panicked" said McGee

"Well of course he was! Ziva was shot!"

"And they are dating…" Abby pointed out

"After Shannon and Kelly though it is probably hard on him to see another loved one injured, and taken to the hospital and he can't do anything." Said Ducky

~~~5ish Hours Later~~~

"How's Ziva doing?" asked Ducky as the team made there way over to Gibbs who was sitting in the waiting room.

"I don't know, she's still in surgery. God it's been 6 hours." Said Gibbs standing up

"Jethro, that is a good sign, it means that they are doing everything they can and that she is still fighting" Ducky said.

"Ohhh Gibbs!" said Abby rushing over and hugging him. "She's going to be alright"

"She's a fighter" said McGee sitting down next to Gibbs.

"Coffee" Gibbs muttered standing up and moving away.

Truthfully Gibbs just needed space to think. After hunting down a cup of coffee he started roaming the halls until he finally made his way back to the group about thirty minutes later.

"Hey Boss, we haven't heard anything yet" said Tony

Gibbs nodded and sat back down in one of the chairs.

"Has someone called the director?" asked Gibbs

"I did after you left" said Tony.

Gibbs was about to answer when he saw a doctor wearing blue scrubs walk up.

"How is she?" Gibbs asked standing up.

"Miss David got a bullet to the abdomen; it nicked two of her ribs, and lodged towards her heart. She crashed three times in the Operating Room but she did make it out okay. She is being moved to a room but don't expect her to wake up for at least two hours. When she does wake up we want her to see our neurologist just to make sure there isn't any brain damage" she said

"Why would she have brain damage" asked Tony

"Due to her heart giving out in the OR some patients have brain damage, but if our specialist can catch it right away than it would have lasting results"

"Can we see her?" asked Ducky

"Yes she is in room 213."

"Thank you doctor" said Ducky he said before following the rest of the team.

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