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Watching You Watch Him

Simon felt his stomach lurch. He sat down on his bed in sheer shock. It was too much. Clary, the girl he had loved for years, the girl he knew better than himself, the girl who was the one, the only one for him, was falling from his grasp and he couldn't do anything about it. Simon put his hands on his head. He remembered the first day he discovered about the invisible world of the Shadowhunters. The first day he started to lose Clary.

I love you from the bottom of my heart
And that's not gonna change,
but things look grim
When I'm watching you watch him

Simon was going to tell Clary everything as they sat in that café. How he loved her since they were little and if she returned the feelings he had for her. But then Jace came along. Simon felt his lips curl into a scowl. Jace. He didn't know if it was humanely possible to hate someone as much as he hated Jace. When Jace turned up at that café, he hadn't been looking at the way he sauntered around like he owned the place or even how he had winked at the waitress on his way over. No, he had looked at Clary's face when she saw him. Like her Prince Charming just came riding on his white horse to pick her up and take her to his castle for the weekend. He thought bitterly.

I give you the best a man could hope to give
But I'm not feeling brave
Chances are slim
When I'm watching you watch him

Despite his anger, he knew deep in his heart that Clary was going to get hurt, and Clary hurt would be the worst feeling in the world for him. Jace would never love her as much as he did. Never. Simon knew what pretty boys like Jace did with their girlfriends. They hyped them up, let them believe that they were the only ones, and then when they were done with them, dumped the poor girl like white trash. He knew this because it had happened to his sister, Rebecca. It had broken her, torn her down for weeks until she finally felt strong enough to go on.

He didn't think Clary could be that strong.

Oh, what is there to learn?
When he would let you crash and burn
He never gives attention
But you still yearn
Where do I fit in
When I'm watching you watch him?

Simon looked at the carpet in disgust and remembered what his Mother had told him the first time he ever met Clary. "She'll break your heart." she had said. Simon had then shrugged that off with a smirk thinking how that would never happen. He remembered how his mother had smiled weakly as he turned away from her to go meet Clary.

Now, he was wondering if his mother had been right. Even though it hurt like a constant knife stabbing him every day, Simon was still sticking around. He just couldn't stand Clary getting hurt.

God only knows why I still wait around
Except I hate to see you cry
And I need you,
but there are things I cannot do

Everything had changed yet again that. It had started when he had run into Clary kissing Jace. If he hadn't already been in her room, he wondered how far they would have gone. Simon shuddered. But something had startled Simon as he had walked out of the Institute. As he looked back into the hallway, he saw Jace's face twisted in what looked like agonizing pain. He found himself wondering if perhaps Jace did care. He shook his head, banishing the thought from his mind. Jace was a usurper, nothing else. Even though he believed that to be true, Simon still couldn't reassure himself. Besides, how can you believe something, if in your heart you've forgotten what it's like to believe.

And I want you
when he's playing all his games
And it gets hard to tell who's the victim
When I am watching you watch him

Simon rose from his bed and walked over to his window. The night sky was lit with the faint lights of the stars. He jumped as his phone buzzed to life. Simon looked over to see the caller's ID. Clary. Probably calling to apologise for hurting his feelings or whatever. He stood by his bedside and stared blankly as the phone kept ringing. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer. He got ready to put his bravado act on. Simon reached for the phone.

And I love you
like a broken record plays
But I'm a window pane
a phantom limb
When I'm watching you watch him
When I'm watching you watch him
When I'm watching you watch him

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