"Mmmmm…." The warmth moved away, staving off the orgasm that threatened to overtake him and causing him to keen in loss, whimpering when it didn't reappear right away.

"Shhhh…" the baritone voice made his profusely leaking cock twitch. The deep voice chuckled and the warm, calloused hand returned, surrounding him.

"Please… Jethro…" The rest of the sentence was cut off by a satisfied moan as Jethro sank into his body, burying his length in him until his balls rested firmly against his ass. Slowly, steadily, Jethro pulled out until the head caught gently on the ring of muscle clinging as tightly to his length as the owner was to his left hand. He focused his eyes on their intertwined fingers as he pushed back in, setting a slow, deep rhythm. The body beneath him sighed, breath catching every time he made contact with his prostate. He looked down meeting the heavy-lidded green eyes looking at him so trustingly, pausing in his pace momentarily to lean down and kiss the lax mouth.

As he straightened, resuming his slow thrusting, Tony squeezed his hand, reaching up with his right hand to tug on the ring hanging from the chain around Jethro's neck, feeling Jethro's balls draw up from their position against his ass. "Jethro…" the breathless sigh was accompanied by an arching of his back, pushing his chest up toward Jethro as he came, white streaks of cum painting his chest and stomach. Tony was lowered slowly to the bed, as Jethro thrust one last time, holding him close as he came.

Jethro laid on Tony for a moment before gently untangling Tony's right hand from the chain around his neck and rolling to the edge of the bed. He released his grip on Tony's left hand, stood up slowly and ambled to the bathroom. He cleaned himself and returned to the bed to clean Tony.

Tony looked up at him sluggishly, left hand still above his head where Jethro had pinned it earlier, and right hand hanging limply off the side of the bed as if he had reached for Jethro as he had left. He offered neither protest nor aid when Jethro cleaned his chest, only shivering slightly as Jethro straightened the dogtags around his neck, revealing the ring held on the chain with them. When Jethro gently lifted his leg to clean him Tony mumbled, but offered no real resistance until Jethro had finished cleaning his thighs and reached to clean out his used hole.

"Jet… Come back to bed." Tony sleepily grabbed Jethro's waist, hauling him into bed.

Jethro chuckled, Tony's attempt to keep Jethro both next to and inside of him not escaping his notice, and tossed the rag into the hamper before settling next to Tony, who snuggled into his side and promptly began snoring. "I love you to, Tone." He whispered, closing his eyes to sleep.


Tony awoke to the sound of a child's laughter just moments before a small body landed on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. The giggling continued, joined by a much deeper, more gravely chuckle. Tony cracked an eyelid open to be greeted by the smiling faces of his son and boss. "Hi bud. Thanks Jet." He threw a faux-angry glare at Gibbs which melted as he bent down and kissed Tony.

"Good morning Tone. Might want to shower. They'll be up in about ten minutes." Gibbs smiled fondly as Tony jumped up, dumping the still giggling Michael on the bed and scrambling into the joined bathroom and closed the door, not bothering to cover himself. "Your Daddy's silly." Gibbs nodded seriously at Michael, picking up the boy. "Whaddaya say we go make breakfast for the zombies?" Gibbs asked, walking out of the bedroom with Michael on his hip.

Behind the closed door, Tony smiled giddily, leaning against the door with his eyes closed for a moment before jumping into the shower.


The smell of sizzling bacon drifted through the house, beckoning its inhabitants to the kitchen. Ducky was the first to arrive, appearing just as the cup of tea Tony set at the far end of the table for him met the solid wood. "Aaaaah. Good morning. Thank you Anthony." Ducky murmured, patting Tony's shoulder on his way to situation himself in his favorite chair. From here he could watch not only the proceedings in the kitchen, as the family of three went about preparing a large breakfast (well, two preparing, one watching quietly from the counter, holding a sippy-cup loosely in one hand and his Papa's right ring and pinky fingers in the other, rather complicating the process), but also the living room where Michael usually would be playing with his toys, but was now occupied by four adults, sprawled across the floor, couch, and chair.

He hid his amused smile behind his cuppa as Ziva stirred from her position on the couch, rolling off and landing on McGee without a sound. Her ninja approach to waking up was ruined however, by the grunt he emitted as her elbow made solid contact with his solar plexus. Both of them shot upright, and proceeded to scramble to their feet, McGee struggling out of the sleeping back he was tangled in, and began to pick up the blankets and pillows strewn around them.

McGee nudged Palmer in the side with his sock covered toes until the man rolled over and woke up with a snorted, "Whaaa?" Ziva wrinkled her nose at them both, and continued to fold the blankets she had used. Palmer blinked owlishly at her, sluggishly working his way out of his sleeping back as McGee gently woke Abby from her curled up position on the chair. The four had the room to rights again in a mere few moments, the blankets and pillows each had used stacked neatly in four separate piles, before they collectively descended on the kitchen, stopping in the doorway to observe the scene playing out in front of them.

Tony had just finished pulling the juice and milk out of the fridge, placing it near the middle of the table set for six, one the seats having the supplies for two stacked in front of it. He did not acknowledge the four, instead neatly swiveling to grab the plate of bacon Jethro had just extended behind his back without sparing Tony a glance. Tony's fingers lingered on Jethro's for a moment before once again returning to the table and placing the plate on the end nearest Ducky, grabbing a piece and biting off all but half an inch of it, which he smoothly turned and placed in Michael's mouth just as it opened before leaning over to kiss Jethro, sharing the flavor of bacon with him. Michael closed his mouth, chewing his bacon in silence, contentedly watched his Daddy and Papa.

Jethro hummed, pulling back and licking his lips, his eyes unreadable as he met his team's emotionally varied gazes. He turned back to the stove, removing the frying pan from the hot burner and placing it on an unused one at the back of the stove before expertly moving the scrambled eggs around with a spatula grasped firmly in his left hand. He moved his lower body out of the way as Tony bend down, opening the oven and extracting the two trays of biscuits, placing them on the counter next to the stove, on the opposite side as Michael. He closed the oven door with one hand and turned off the burner that the bacon had been on with the other before moving to the left to begin arranging the biscuits on a platter. Jethro smoothly returned to his place in front of the stove, laying his spatula down in favor of turning off the heat under the pot of gravy boiling on the back burner.

The team marveled at how well they worked together, the ease with which they both went about their respective tasks and the lack of verbal communication between the three. Ducky let out a low chuckle at the looks on their faces, prompting Tony to raise his head. "Morning guys. Breakfast will be ready shortly, grab a seat. Coffee's by the fridge." Jimmy sat down to Ducky's right, putting several pieces of bacon on his plate and pouring some juice into his glass. Tony tried to stuff down the nerves arising in the face of the upcoming conversation, returning to the biscuits. Jethro turned off the burner under the eggs, gently bumping Tony with his shoulder. A brief flash of gratitude filled Tony's eyes before he turned to the table, placing the biscuits on the end of the table opposite Ducky, dropping a couple on Ducky's and Jimmy's plates in the process, before returning to the stove to grab the pot of gravy, putting it on an oven mitt next to the biscuits. He picked up Michael, who transferred his grasp from his Papa's hand to his Daddy's shirt, still unsure of the new people in his home and sensing Tony's unease, and walked to stand behind the chair on the opposite end of the table as Ducky's, his back to the team. Jethro swiftly dumped the eggs from the pan into a serving bowl, placing it next to the bacon on the table, before taking a seat in the chair Tony was standing behind. "Well, what are ya waiting for, an engraved invitation?" Jethro spoke to McGee, Ziva, and Abby, already splitting the stack of plates in front of him, placing two biscuits on each, splitting them and covering them in gravy.

As he reached for the eggs, the three scrambled to take the remaining seats at the table, Ziva taking the seat to Jethro's left, McGee taking the seat across from her, and Abby across from Palmer. After a moment's hesitation they began to serve themselves, passing plates and cups until everyone was satisfied. Jethro calmly observed the chaos, taking a large pile of bacon when the plate was passed his way, splitting it between the two plates in front of him. He filled the one cup in front of him with milk, glancing up at Tony and winking when he placed Jethro's mug of black coffee in front of him. Tony shook his head slightly, depositing Michael in Jethro's lap, taking his plate and cup of milk from the table and retreating to lean on the counter next to the stove. Jethro watched him for a moment, then adjusted Michael in his lap and began to eat, feeding Michael small bites of everything until Michael squirmed to be put down.

Jethro released the boy, watching him carefully as he toddled to lean against his Daddy's legs, patting a beat on his sippy-cup with one hand and peaking at the three adults watching him curiously. Jethro ate the last bite on his plate, downed the last of his coffee, and pushed his chair back to get up and put his dishes in the sink. After leaving his dishes next to the double sided sink and pulling the strainer out of the cabinet above it, placing it on the other side of the sink, he poured the cooling bacon grease into a jar, turning off the oven and transferring the dirty pots and pans to the counter next to the sink. Noting that everyone had finished eating he turned to Ducky, "You mind watching Ryan for a while, Duck?"

Ducky looked up at him like he suspected Jethro had lost his marbles before standing up and extending a hand to Michael. "Let's go see that race track you were telling me about, Nipote." Michael excitedly grabbed his Nonno Ducky's hand, toddling out of the kitchen and through the living room and down the hall to the playroom, dragging an unresisting Ducky with him, babbling at him, alternating between English, Italian and baby-speak in his excitement. Silence reigned for a few minutes following their departure.

Jimmy stood, shooting meaningful looks at both Tony and Jethro. "I got the dishes." Jethro nodded his thanks and Jimmy began clearing the table, putting away leftovers and placing dishes next to the sink. Jethro took the seat Ducky had deserted, gesturing for Tony to join them. Tony took a deep breath and made his way over, adding his own dirty dishes to the growing stacks before taking Jimmy's seat, heart pounding in his chest.