A/N: I had some requests for an epilogue/sequel. So here's the morning after, but this is really it.

Aftermath of the Hymn

America was happy, but slightly confused. Yesterday, on his birthday, it was like a dream come true.

Arthur, his former caretaker and brother, had come to his house. In July. Specifically on his birthday, which he always claimed that he hated. In fact, he had told Alfred that he hated his birthday just the day before.

Still, England had come. That had been enough to make Alfred happy, but then it got so much better. England had called him by his human name and told America that he loved him.

Since he had first met Arthur, he had loved him. He had always hoped that someday his feelings were returned. Of course he felt the need to check that it wasn't the brotherly love that Arthur had always shown.

Yet it wasn't brotherly love. Arthur loved him as a man, the way he loved England.

Then they had kissed. Alfred finally had his first kiss that he had been saving all these years.

Unfortunately, Francis had interrupted them.

Damn. He frowned in remembrance. How did Mattie convince me to let him stay again?

Anyway, Arthur stayed for the party. Japan had somehow known immediately that their "Special Relationship" was no longer an empty term. He had then hung out with Hungary in a corner and they were staring at pictures on his camera with the grins that always indicated the involvement of yaoi. Prussia had shared a wink with Arthur and they exchanged a knowing glance. Alfred wondered what that was all about. He also wondered why Russia had been leering at him all night with that "I know something you don't" look on his face.

Whatever. Who knows what's going on in that commie brain of his? America frowned again, but he brightened as he continued to remember the previous day's events.

England had said he was sorry that he hadn't brought a present. Of course, America didn't mind. His very presence on that day, and him telling him "Happy Birthday" was more than enough.

Alfred turned a bit in bed to look at the nation beside him. Arthur looked completely at ease as he continued to sleep peacefully. Alfred grinned. After the fireworks display last night, he and Arthur had created their own fireworks that was even better than Alfred had thought it would be.

Yes, America knew that something must have happened that led England to finally coming to his birthday party and telling him those words he had waited over two hundred years to hear. That was the part of this whole thing that confused him.

But he realized that he didn't care much about it. Arthur probably wouldn't tell him if he asked.

In any case, it was in the past. The past should be remembered and respected, but people shouldn't chain themselves to it. That was what had kept England from him for so long. The future was the same. It hasn't happened yet so you shouldn't worry about it. Besides, as long as Arthur was by his side, America knew he could face whatever came.

The present was what was most important. As Prussia had told him back during the Revolutionary War, you never knew when the end would come so you should live for the now. That, Alfred knew, was why it was called the present.

It seems that Arthur had finally realized that. He chuckled. And he always tells me that I'm the one that needs to read the atmosphere.

Besides, he was happy. England loved him. All of his efforts hadn't been for nothing.

Alfred smiled and wrapped his arms around Arthur, pulling him close.

This had definitely been the best birthday ever.