He was the hero of Olympus. The one that saved the world. He had defeated Kronos, the titan king, along with Hyperion and countless others. He had tricked Atlas into holding the sky again. And now he had been betrayed. By the world he saved, the camp he cared for, and finally by the person he loved…

Percy P.O.V

After the second titan war, there hadn't been any major events at camp. I was walking towards the border to meet a new demi-god; a satyr had found him in a school in North West Alabama. The satyr had said that the demi-god had a powerful scent. The satyr, Jamie, said that the demi-god carried the scent of one of the big three, but wasn't sure which one. When I got to the top of the hill, I saw something that chilled me to the bones. I saw the Minotaur.

Agh! Why can't he stay dead for once? I thought.

Then, I charged, but I knew that I would never reach them in time, so I tried to distract it.

'Oi, beef head', I shouted, distracting the monster for a moment. While it was distracted by me, the boy got a celestial bronze knife of the satyr and stabbed the Minotaur.

When they got to the top of the hill, he looked around the camp and expected him to be amazed, but all I saw was… indifference?

'Hi', I said, when they reached me, 'I'm Percy'.

'You're the great hero?' the boy asked sarcastically. 'I'm Jack Antigo, remember it, the name of the hero even better that yourself'

He then went past the camp borders, and a trident appeared above him, I then saw a bright flash and there stood dad. (a.u: I'm going make both of them call Poseidon dad.)

'You're my dad?' Jack asked.

'Yes m'boy, well done in killing the Minotaur by the way.' Dad replied with his usual cheery smile.

'I know, no training and I still managed to kill the Minotaur, see dad, I'm going to make you proud.' Dad smiled at this.

'Hi dad' I said, he turned to me.

'Perseus Jackson, how could you leave your brother out there like that?' he said with a cold hard look in his eyes. 'I'm ashamed of you.' And with that he teleported away to the big house with Jack. As I slowly walked towards the big house, I couldn't help but think, great, just great; I have a stupid jerk for a brother.

When I reached the big house I saw everyone bowing to them, then Poseidon said something that shocked me.

'I declare Jack Antigo as the new counsellor for the Poseidon cabin.'