So fast, so sudden

Sam's POV

Everything happened so fast, so sudden.

Saying goodbye, getting in my house to hear the phone ring, and the urgent voice, "I'm coming to pick you and Tucker up right now!" she had said. I had never heard Jazz's voice so urgent.

I didn't have time to ask what had happened because her car came around the corner not even a minute later. She laid on the horn. I ran out; grabbing a coat and shouting that I'd be back later.

I hadn't known what had happened until after we got Tucker. He didn't know anything and Jazz wouldn't speak. She was too busy driving faster than her dad.

As soon as I saw the building, I knew something was up. "Why are we at the hospital?" I asked. Jazz still didn't speak. Then something ran through my head. There were only 3 of us. "Where's Danny?"

The minute I said his name, Jazz burst into tears. I looked at Tucker and we were out even before Jazz parked the car.

We ran down the halls of the cold building; Jazz closely behind. Our heavy, quick footsteps echoing off the walls.

Soon, we saw Mr. and Mrs. Fenton. Mrs. Fenton had wads of tissue on her hands, her makeup was smeared, and tears ran down her face. Mr. Fenton was silent with a supporting hand on his wife's shoulder; on the verge of tears himself.

They turned and looked up at us as we stopped. Mrs. Fenton began to speak, but words wouldn't form. "There's been an accident." Mr. Fenton said.

My mind raced. Vlad? Skulker? Any ghost? Dash even?

"Danny was walking home and was crossing the street across the road from our house," Mr. Fenton continued, "The driver fell asleep after working and woke up at the last minute; too late to do anything. Danny's in critical condition and they don't know if..."
"Dad, stop!" Jazz shouted, "He's going to be alright."

Everything happened so fast, so sudden.

My mind reeled and everything felt surreal. My body went numb and everything sounded, felt, even looked fake. I knew where I was, but it didn't look right.

We were allowed to go into the room after a while. Danny didn't look like himself. His face was pale, his hair was matted down, and he was hooked up to an oxygen mask. Not to mention the cuts and bruises along with a broken leg. The doctor said he was lucky.

Danny had woken up a few hours later and Mrs. Fenton went to notify the doctor. He looked around groggily and it took all of me, well, all of us, to keep from tackling him.

Suddenly, his eyes went huge as if he didn't know where he was. He probably didn't, but it was a little obvious, "Where am I? Why am I here?" he asked frantically.

He tried to move, but wasn't able to because of his leg. "Danny, it's okay. You're safe." Jazz said, trying to reassure him. He was startled and replied,
"Who's Danny? Who are you? All of you?"

Everything happened so fast, so sudden.