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This chapter, we finally get a glimpse of the team! Onward!

WARNING: Minor swearing.

Spencer Reid looked at the clock for the sixth time in the past nine minutes and twenty-two seconds. He was really starting to get worried. Emily and JJ had left Syracuse three hours ago. Barring traffic, it should have taken them forty-five minutes to get back. An hour, tops. That left two hours unaccounted for.

"Hey, Hotch?" Reid hollered across the precinct.

"What, Reid?" Hotch replied as he walked over.

"JJ and Emily should have been back by now."

Hotch looked at the clock, and a grim look swept over his face.

"Morgan!" Hotch yelled "Get Garcia on the phone. NOW!"

Quickly, Morgan dialed and soon the cheery voice of the tech analyst filled the room.

"Office of Supreme Awesomeness, Tech Diva Penelope Garcia speaking. How may I rock your world today?"

"Baby Girl, I need you to track Emily's and JJ's cellphones." Morgan stated flatly.

"Why do you need to track their cellphones? Are my Princess and Buttercup okay? Oh, god, are they hurt? Have they been kidnapped? What's -"

"Garcia, we just need to know where they are." said Hotch, effectively stopping the tech guru's rambling.

"Okay. Searching, searching. DAMN IT!"

"What, Baby Girl?"

"I can't find them Derek! Oh, god. I can't find them!" Garcia was starting to panic.

"Wait, Garcia, check where their phones last registered." Reid said.

"Okay. Um, they were last connected near the Waterloo exit."

"That's right before a cellphone dead zone," said Reid "So that leaves us with a fifteen to twenty mile stretch of highway where they could be."

"Let's go!" said Morgan

"Wait, you guys. That area just got slammed with snow. Rossi called me and said that he's stuck where he is until the plows go through. Maybe Em and Jayje pulled over until the storm passed?" Garcia asked hopefully.

"Here's what we're going to do. We give them forty-five minuted to either call or show up, or we go looking for them." said Hotch

Reluctantly, the team sat down.

And they waited.

Little AJ was finally asleep. JJ just stared at her, still in shock over all of it. JJ could feel Emily's eyes on her, as they had been for the past half an hour or so.


"Yeah, Jen?"

"Why are you staring?"

Emily looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Well, uh... um..."

"Em, what is it?"

"Do you know who the father is?" Emily blurted out, immediately covering her mouth with her hand "Shit, Jen. I didn't mean it like that. I -"


It doesn't matter to me. Well, it does, but -"


"God, I'm screwing this up. I'm going to be a terrible mother and -"

"Emily Elisabeth Prentiss! You listen to me right now!" JJ scolded, being careful not to wake AJ.

Emily finally stopped rambling.


"Sweetheart, you were rambling. I know how you meant it. Yes, I know who it is, but he is never going

to be near our daughter, and that is all I'm going to say about it." JJ said vehemently.

"Okay." said Emily worriedly. She didn't like the look she saw in JJ's eyes. A combination of disgust

and fear.

"Emily, listen to me. You are going to be an amazing mother. Hell, an hour ago we didn't even know AJ

existed! The love I see in your eyes when you look at her is what I see when you look at Henry. When you look at me. Emily, you already are an amazing mother." JJ said with tears in her eyes.

"Thanks, Jen. I really needed to hear that." said Emily, kissing JJ sweetly on the lips. They sat in silence before a while until JJ said


"Yeah, Jay?"

"What are we going to tell the team?"

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