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Penelope Garcia was pacing her office. Her worry for Emily and JJ had increased dramatically since Rossi's last call, when he had first started looking for the two missing agents. Suddenly, her phone rang.


"Hey, Pen."

"EMILY! Oh, my god. Are you okay? Wait, where's JJ? What happened? Are you okay?"

"Pen, breathe. We're both okay. But we need the location of the hospital closest to us."

"Wait, why? You just said you're both okay! Why do you need a hospital?"

"PEN! Calm down. We are fine. We just need to get checked out. We did crash into a snowbank, after all."

"Okay. Okay, Community General is closest. I have sent the location to Rossi's GPS."

"Thanks, Pen. We'll call later okay? Oh, and tell Hotch and the others where we are."

"Sure thing, Butch McSexiness. Tech Diva out."

As soon as she hung up the phone, Garcia set her computers to alert her on her two friends' conditions. Then, she called Hotch.


"Hey, Bossman. The Italian Stallion found our Princess and Buttercup. He's taking them to Community General to get them checked out. Address has been set to your GPS."

"Thanks, Garcia." Hotch hung up and looked at Reid and Morgan. "Rossi found them. We're heading to the hospital."

AJ was sleeping in Emily's arms once again, as JJ leaned on her shoulder. Rossi kept glancing at them in the rear-view mirror.

"What's her name?"

Emily looked up. "Alexandra Marie."

Rossi smiled "That's beautiful."

All of a sudden, JJ gave a yelp and hunched over, holding her stomach.

"JJ? What's wrong?" Rossi asked.

JJ whimpered.

"Jen?" Emily asked worriedly. Then she noticed the water puddled on the floor of the SUV. "Oh, no."

"What is it, Emily?" Rossi asked, louder this time.

"I'm having another baby." JJ said, pale as a sheet.

"Dave, just keep driving." Emily instructed as JJ screamed in pain.

"Holy shit." Rossi said. Not showing signs of pregnancy with one baby was rare enough, but twins? Nearly unheard of. Rossi stepped on the gas. They were still half an hour from the hospital.

"Breathe, Jay." Emily said as she grabbed a FBI jacket from the back of the SUV. She gently placed AJ on the seat next to her.

"Em, I don't think I can do this again." JJ said weakly.

"Jay, you have to try. Do you feel like you need to push?"

JJ nodded.

"Okay, on the my count. One. Two. Three. PUSH!" The SUV was filled with JJ's screaming and Rossi's swearing.

After five more pushes, JJ felt the second baby slip from her body. This time, the baby cried immediately.

"It's a boy!" Emily said, awe once again written all over her face.

"A boy?" JJ asked "Oh, my god."

Emily placed the baby into JJ's arms and picked up AJ, who had slept through the entire thing. Rossi smiled at the four of them.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, Dave. How much farther to the hospital?"

"Five minutes, give or take." Rossi went silent for a moment, then started to snicker.

"What's so funny, Dave?" JJ asked.

"I just pictured the team's faces when they find out about these two."

JJ and Emily joined him in laughing, knowing someone was going to need a camera to capture the moment the team learned of the two newest BAU family members.

They finally arrived at the hospital. Rossi pulled to a stop in front of the doors marked 'Emergency.' He got out and ran inside to find a nurse.

"I need help!"

"A young nurse came running over.

"What can I help you with, sir?"

"My friend gave birth to twins after crashing into a snowbank."

The nurse grabbed a wheelchair.

"How far along was she?"

"She didn't know she was pregnant."

"Somebody page OB!" The nurse yelled as she ran out the door with the wheelchair, Rossi following closely behind.

When Emily saw the nurse with the wheelchair, she opened the door and helped JJ, who was holding AJ sit into it. They were quickly rushed to a free bed. The OBGYN was waiting for them.

"Miss, what is your name?"

"Jennifer Jareau."

"How long ago did you deliver?"

"The first around six hours ago, the second 10 minutes ago." JJ said, holding Emily's free hand tightly.

"Have they had any trouble breathing that you could see?"

"No, nothing."

"Alright. Based on their sizes, they were relatively close to full term, which works in their favor. We are going to to take them to get them cleaned up and examined."

A second nurse came in the room with hospital wristbands.

"Do you have a name for them?"

"The little girl is Alexandra Marie Jareau-Prentiss." JJ said "We don't have a name for the boy yet, but his last name will be Jareau-Prentiss as well."

The nurse smiled "Will Mr. Prentiss be coming in as well?"

"Actually, it's Ms. Prentiss." JJ said, looking at Emily.

"Oh, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"It's all right." said Emily, a small smile on her face.

The nurse gave a small smile in return. "Well, Ms. Prentiss, we'll give you the other parental wristband so you can visit the babies and stay with your girlfriend."

"Thank you."

The nurse left taking AJ and her brother with them.

JJ looked tiredly at Emily.

"We're going to have our work cut out for us, Prentiss. Three kids under the age of five."

"That we are, Jareau." Emily said cheekily. Her face paled suddenly.

"Em, what is it?"

"I just thought of something."


"We have to tell our mothers."

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