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Thalia's POV

I stand there with my arms crossed over my chest looking at the scene in front of me with all the other hunters. I know my face shows disgust. I watch as Annabeth and Devon kiss and everybody cheering them on. This party is for Devon. Everybody's saying that he is the best hero to live. He is the total opposite. He takes advantage of girls all around him. He hits on Artemis and the hunters whenever we come. He's the definition of why we don't like men- no, hate 'em because of men like him.

I look around the people cheering. I can't believe I was an actually friend of these people. Annabeth says that Percy broke up with her. That is total a total lie. Everybody heard the argument on the beach, but chooses to listen to her lie. I shake my head. She was even cheating on him! She doesn't even look like she cares about him while kissing Devon, but I guess that is to be expected because she was even cheating on him. I turn and look at Nico. He has the exact same face as the hunters and I do. I see movement at the back of the amphitheater so I take a closer look. I stifle a gasp. I see Percy looking around at what has been happening here. He looks terrible. His eyes and cheeks are puffy and red, looks like he has been crying. I feel sympathy strike me. No. He doesn't need sympathy. He doesn't want sympathy. I lock eyes with his truly sea green eyes, but he looks away before I could decipher anything in those eyes. He is up to something, I think to myself.

I growl and start to make my way towards Annabeth, but then think my brother, in everything but blood, needs me more. I pass Nico and feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around and find myself in front of Nico.

"Let him be alone. He needs it," Nico says. I nod. He glances at where Percy was just standing, "I'm worried about him, too. But people need time to cope with things like this."

I think about how Percy looked horrible and sad. "I am too, but I'm going to go to bed. I don't think I can stand another moment with these people."

He nods, saying in unspoken words that he agrees. I walk out of the amphitheater and quietly make my way to cabin 8, Artemis' cabin. I walk past the Poseidon's cabin, and I hear a smash that makes me stop in my tracks. I silently creep up the front porch, not making a sound. I put my ear to the door and hear sobbing. Heartbroken sobbing. I myself wouldn't know myself, but I have heard sobbing exactly like this when new, heartbroken hunters come join us. I always hear it on the first night they meet us or the first night they join us as a hunter. I hear snippets of him talking to himself. "I…don't…want…. this," and others like he never wanted to be a hero in the first place. I bring my hand up to knock on his door but I stop myself thinking about the conversation I had with Nico. He has to do this on his own, I'll check on him tomorrow,I think to myself and make my way to Artemis' cabin and fall asleep.

The next morning

I wake up and get dressed in my signature 'death to Barbie' t-shirt and step out into the warm morning sunlight. I make my way to the Poseidon cabin to check on Percy after last night. I make my way up the stairs, not caring if I was loud. I knock on the door. No answer. Well he does sleep in, I think.

"Come on, kelp-for-brains! Get up! It's already ten!" I yell, while pounding on his door. Still no answer. He can't be that heavy of a sleeper. I start to get worried so I let myself in.

"Percy," I coo. When I make it to his room I gasp. It is a total mess. Clothes and things are strewn all over the floor. The bed isn't made. Well, it's not like that's out of the ordinary, I think with a chuckle. I look at the floor and see glass on it. I walk to the other side of the room and see a picture frame was smashed. That's what I heard when I heard a smash! I pick up the photo and gasp. It's Percy's favorite picture of him and Annabeth. Not anymore.

"Percy!" I yell. Still no answer. I rush out of his cabin and make my way to the arena. He wouldn't leave without Blackjack and Mrs. O'Leary if he were to I make it to the arena I see no sign of Mrs. O'Leary. Now I really start panicking. He could be walking Mrs. O'Leary, I reason to myself. I run as fast as I can to the stables. When I get there I don't see any signs of the pure black Pegasus. Now I am trembling. Now I know he left. Tears are threatening to spill over.

I don't know what I think t myself or when I'm supposed to go, but my legs do. All I see is red. I don't see the sun; I don't see the campers. All I see is red. I barge into the mess hall and I see Annabeth in the mist of red. I have no control over my body. I go right up to her. My mouth starts running and I wonder what I say to her. Next thing I know, I'm being restrained by Nico and literally dragged from the mess hall.

I burst into tears and Nico holds me tight while I cry into his shoulder.

"He left, Nico. He left…" I sob into his shoulder.

"I know… I know…" he says, while he holds me tight.

"I just want him to come back…I love him…"

"I do too, but not right now… you know his reasons and you can't argue with them…"

"I wish you could."

Nico throws his head back in a laugh. "Yeah, me too."

I pull back from him to look him in the eye. "How do you know he left?"

Nico still has that sad smile on his face. "You yelled it out in front of everybody."

"Oh. I don't remember what I said… whoops."

Nico smiles even more. "You really tore into Annabeth."

Thalia lays her head back on his shoulder. "yeah…I just want him back…"

"me too…me too…"