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I abhor the concept of introductions. I realize that you, being the interceptor of this account, have no given clue of who I am. I am known as Asenath Jochebed Zipporah Moonglider. To give a brief description of myself (just to give you an idea), I have red hair, green eyes, and (even I shall admit) vertically challenged at 5' 4.5". I have for of the five senses; well, five out of six senses for a Jedi. I'm deaf. I have medically induced hearing with cochlear implants. Not many Jedi have been deaf, so I can claim to be the unique one in that aspect.

I was rescued from the hand of Gardulla the Hutt, by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and another gunman. Even at 6, I was a valued servant, but not a slave. I had become a fast learner to avoid beatings and whippings. I sort of took my father's place. She loved him, until he convinced her to bet on Sebulba in the infamous podrace where Anakin Skywalker (Luke and Leia's father) won. He was dismissed, but when he was killed, she decided she wanted me as "a favor to me, and old friend of your father's" (I couldn't hear it, but I read it on the court statements later. She said this when there was a changing of hands between her and Decca).

I was six years old. I was bi-lingual, speaking Galactic Basic and Huttese (my father taught me well), and I spoke both fluently. Luke spoke it, too. Sometimes Huttese feels like cursing, and sometimes it seems a blessing. But, Luke knew it, and it felt like a blessing someone else could speak it with me. He knew there was something special about me. I couldn't hear him, but until I got my implants, he put a hand on my head to make me understand.

One moment he was talking with Gardulla and the next minute I'm being loaded on Han's ship called the Millennium Falcon. Being six, deaf, and only able to understand Luke with his hand on my forehead, you can imagine that the trip itself is a blur. But I will tell you my history.

I serve the Jedi.

I implore you to share in my story.