The official Boyfriend Application

Chapter 1

Author's Note: Since the first preview got along so well, I'm going to start focusing on each warbler member or couple and telling how the application effected them. Thank you so much for all the author alerts. I think there were over 12 just in 6 hours. I have never had that, it felt wonderful. Thanks so much!

"Warblers, I have an announcement." Thad Martin, a senior and a member of the Warbler council stood up and said.

"You finally realized that Emma Roberts will never love you back and are now giving up. I'm so happy for you." Ethan Dalloway, Thad's room-mate said. There were cheers of "yes" "peace at last" and "finally" echoed through out the choir room.

"So Not funny and Emma will be mine." Thad said completely serious for once in his young life.

"Thad, What's your announcement?" an impatient and irritated Wes asked him. Wes Montgomery was another senior and head of the Warbler council asked him.

"Sorry." Thad said sheepishly.

"Just get on with it. We still have to start the meeting." David reminded him. David Rivers was the final member of the Warbler council and was a junior.

"Sorry" Thad mumbled and the rest agreed. The Warblers knew how serious Wes and David were went it came to the Warbler meetings. They would not stand for joking around during their meetings.

"I found this boyfriend application and I thought each of us could fill one out." Thad told them.

"Why would the Warblers do that?"

"None of us have been on a date in months except for Klaine, Niff, or Wevid." Thad said as if that explained it all.

"We're not dating." Jeff Sterling, a part of Niff spoke out loud.

"Whatever you say, love birds. I also heard that the people who fill this out actually stay together. My cousin had the boy she was crushing on fill one out now they are engaged. So, Will You?" Thad asked them.

"Let's have a vote. Raise your hand if you want to fill out this application." Wes said clearly just wanting to get on with the meeting. Every hand was raised with only a few half heartedly raised ones. They were all curious about this application though they didn't show it.

"How exactly would this work?" the newest addition to the Dalton Academy Warblers and the other half of Klaine better known as Kurt Hummel asked.

"All of us will get an application in order to fill it out. When you are completed, you will turn it into me." Thad explained thoroughly.

"Thank you all for giving me your time. I just want all of us to find happiness with someone." Thad said completely serious for once in his young life.

"Are you getting mushy on us now, man?" Nick Duvall asked.

"Don't count on it, I'm not going to start singing Katy Perry songs so I think I'm free from the mushy parts."

"Don't diss Katy Perry, dude. It's not cool." Blaine said willing to fight to the death for his favorite singer.