Chapter 7-The Finale
Author's Note: At last, the last chapter. The Official Boyfriend Application is done! Thank you all for your reviews, comments, and most of all your PAITENCE.

"You're so cute."

"No, you're so cute."

Kurt Hummel just put on a fake happy smile while listening to two of his best friends-Jeff and Nick, the new couple at Dalton Academy fawning all over each other. He was happy for them-they deserved happiness but inside he was heartbroken. He had handled bullies, fakeness, queen bees, friends stabbing him in the back, and crushes on straights boys. He could handle rejection, but this secret rejection from one of his best friends/the love of his life was killing him.

"You okay, Kurt?" Jeff Sterling was Kurt's best friend at Dalton besides Blaine, and one half of the cutest new couple at Dalton, Niff.

"Of course I am. School is just killing me." Kurt answered.

"I understand that. Regionals are coming up so David, Wes, and Blaine are breathing down our necks to practice, practice, and practice some more. I'm tired of it; I think they forget that we have other things in our lives besides the Warblers." Nick Duvall agreed with Kurt's statement. Nick was the other half of Niff.

"Why is Blaine being so serious with the Warblers? He's usually the one who makes fun of Wevid when they get so gung-ho over Warbler practices." Thad Martin asked.

"I don't know. He talks about nothing but the Warblers, Regionals, new songs, and practicing. It's becoming thoroughly annoying."

"He just needs a thorough snogging if you ask me." Scott Harmon who was a senior member of the Warblers said. He was Blaine's room-mate and he also has a serious girlfriend since he was a freshman. Therefore, he thought everything could be fixed by snogging.

"Agreed." Nick agreed with Scott's statement.

"Kurt volunteers." A Junior Warbler member named Sam Weston piped up and said.

"I volunteer Kurt." Nick Duvall spoke up. His new boyfriend kicked him in the shin.

"No. I'm not going to kiss Blaine all because you all think he's acting different. I don't care about Blaine." Kurt stood up from the table and proclaimed. He walked away from The Warblers table, leaving them all staring at him.

"Did Kurt just say he doesn't care about Blaine? I'm confused, what happened to Klaine?" Thad asked.

"Did Klaine break up?

Does this mean the world is ending? David says that it's a sign of the world ending" a much panicked Blake Lessing, a freshman and the youngest members of the Warblers asked.

"They aren't a couple and never were." Jeff told them. He stood up and pulled Nick along with him.

"They became a couple after the boyfriend application. Kurt sent Blaine one." Scott said.

"I knew Kurt wrote one but think about this. If they were together, wouldn't they be even more sickenly adorable than they are now. But instead Kurt spends his time doing homework and Blaine threw himself into the Warblers. Seriously guys, they aren't a couple." Jeff said as he followed Kurt all the while dragging a very apologetic Nick along with him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Page Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Kurt, open up." Kurt Hummel could hear Jeff say. He didn't really feel like speaking to anyone but he knew that Jeff was nothing if not persistent and wouldn't go away.

"Fine" He said as he got up from the bed to answer the door only to see both Jeff and Nick.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I only said it because I really thought you guys were together." Nick apologized.

"Nick, it's okay. You didn't know and anyways I'm fine." Kurt told him.

"Kurt, what happened with the application? Did you not send it?" Jeff asked.

"I sent it and he wrote back saying that we can only ever be friends." Kurt answered as tears fell down his face.

"Oh Kurt" Jeff said as he wrapped his arms around one of his dearest friends who was now hurting because another of his dearest but stupidest friends. He hated seeing anyone sad let alone his friends. He heard Nick excuse himself and leave the room. He would berate his boyfriend later for leaving a heartbroken friend.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Page Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Blaine, stop it. The song selection is perfect; there is nothing more to do for Regionals. Now, why don't you tell me exactly what's wrong because I've never seen you like this. You stay up all night, you rarely eat and your grades are terrible." Wes Montgomery, a Senior and head council member of the Warblers said.

"Yeah, I'm all for making the Warblers perfect but this is going too far." David Rivers, a Junior and Warbler council member agreed.

"I'm fine guys; I just really want to win this year. Is that too much to ask for?" Blaine answered.

"We've got this now why don't you go relax with Kurt?" David suggested.

"I can't." Blaine answered.

"Well then go make up with him. We need our soloist and only countertenor in fighting form for Regionals." Wes told him.

"Anderson, why did you do it? Why did you break his heart?" an upset Nick Duvall came barreling into the small dorm room.

"You didn't."

"You idiot. Why did you break up with him right before our competition? Wes said.

"They were never together. Our idiotic friend known as one Blaine Devon Anderson rejected Kurt's boyfriend application. Now, Kurt is in his room crying." Nick explained. Both Wes and David turned to look at the tear-ridden Blaine.

"I had to." Blaine explained.

"Why? He loves you and everyone already assumed you two were together anyway." Wes told him.

"I'm scared."

"Of what?" Nick asked.

"He's too good for me. He sings like an angel. He's so understanding, kind, and strong. I don't deserve him and I'm scared that he will find that out. I rejected him on Valentine's Day; I think this second time is unforgivable." Blaine answered.

"You're not the only one who's scared. I didn't tell my best friend that I loved him for 5 whole years." Nick told him.

"You want to talk about someone who's too good for you. What about the fact that my best friend has a perfect 4.0, and is already accepted into the pre-med program at Stanford and he's only a Junior? Also, there's the fact that I broke up with him twice because I was scared." Wes said.

"Wes, Are you an idiot? I have been in love with you since the first day we met. When you bossed me around and made me sing for you. Now, shut up and kiss me." David told him.

"Are you convinced now? Love is nothing if you fight for it. Now, are you really going to let Kurt walk away from you without even fighting for him. He's not going to wait forever. Someday, Kurt will fall in love with someone else and guess what; he won't be an idiot and reject him." Nick told him as he smiled at a still kissing Wes and David.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Page Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Everyone, Pay attention. For those of you who don't me; my name is Blaine Anderson and I'm an idiot. I rejected someone I love twice because I was scared. Well not anymore. Kurt Hummel, I love you and I will gladly be your boyfriend." Blaine stood up on the cafeteria table the next morning at breakfast and announced. He looked right at Kurt who was flanked on either side of Nick and Jeff. He got down from the table and came over to Kurt.

"Kurt, I'll do anything you want but please forgive me. I will fill out my own application and read it out loud. I will grovel. But please, say you'll give me a chance. I'm so sorry I let my fear overcloud my love for you. I adore you Kurt, you move me." Blaine told him as he got down on both of his knees and groveled.

"Blaine, stop that. I forgive you but promise me you won't break my heart. I honestly couldn't handle a 3rd rejection not from you." Kurt told him as he pulled a surprised Blaine to his feet and kissed him.

Thad Martin stood in the corner and smirked. This had worked out much better than he had planned. Klaine and Niff were officially together. Wes finally stopped being an idiot. Now, if only he could get Emma Roberts to answer his phone calls, emails, and letters.