Harry smiled up at the fourteen-year-older woman. She had just finished interviewing Harry's band, White Eskimo, consisting of Josh Clarke on guitar, Sam Greenwood on bass, Alex Lewis drums, and Harry as the lead singer. White Eskimo had originally been a wedding band, and a school dance band, then the band started booking clubs, and quickly became popular with producers. Once they had made a demo it had been shown to non other than Simon Cowel. He immediately became interested when he saw Harry, the rest of his band not mattering at all to him, but understood that Harry wouldn't continue with out his band mates. And then history was made, as it usually was when Simon was helping them out.

So Here Harry sat with the interviewer, and his girlfriend, Caroline Flack. She smiled sadly, but kindly at the young man, Harry Styles who was smiling the dopey smile he got whenever he was around Caroline. Harry didn't even notice Caroline's mood, her behavior, how her air had changed.

"Harry," Caroline began. She had brought Harry to her dressing room after the interview with his band, his band had been used to his disappearance, knowing Harry was in the woman's dressing room. He'd been inside it enough to make Harry anxious because of how many times they had involved themselves in the intimate pleasures inside of the room.

"Caroline," Harry responded, pursing his lips. He had fallen for the woman for many different reasons that it would but too long a list for him to just list in his head. One of the reasons he had fallen for the woman for how blunt she was, she would never beat around the bush with whatever she wanted. But at this moment, he was becoming anxious.

"Harold," Harry gulped at his full first name, "I think it's time we went our separate ways. We want different things in life right now. I want to get married and have children, and you're only eighteen, you have your whole life ahead of you. You don't need to be having children right now, especially since you know that I can't give birth, I don't want you having to have children until you're a proper age, and your career has died down."

Harry's green eyes bore into Caroline's eyes a small giggle slipping from his lips. It was a reaction he couldn't help during tense situations, and he was hoping Caroline was completely joking. But the woman continued to watch him, tilting her head and cocked up a perfectly groomed eyebrow. A small, desperate, frown formed on Harry's face, and looked down to his lap, biting hard on his lips.

"Alright… I… Understand… You want to settle down, and I still want to be out in the world, and mess around," Harry said releasing a shaky breath, gripping his pants.

"Harry…" Caroline sighed watching Harry try to work through the pain he was experiencing.

"What?" Harry whined out gripping his hair now, trying to keep himself under control until he was away from Caroline.

"Make sure to wear a condom, you're young, you're very fertile at this age, we don't want you ruining your career with an accident," Caroline chuckled standing up to hug Harry.

Harry stood up, but before the woman could hug him, he turned away from her and walked towards the door, opening it slowly.

"It's very considerate of you to break up with me after I've fallen in love with you," Harry growled, and slammed the door behind himself.

He trotted out of the studio quickly, gripping his dog tags through his shirt and buckled over to his knees on the sidewalk when he was free of the confinements of the building. He breathed out hard, wheezing out, trying to keep his emotions in check, he couldn't afford to break down now, not when he had almost the whole world watching his every move.

A loud ringing and vibrating in his pocket went off causing Harry to leap up from the ground. He shivered as he pulled his phone out, getting back up to his feet. He looked down at the caller ID and sighed out, putting it to his ear. It was his roommate Ed calling him. Obviously his band mates were off at a party or a club, or something of the sort, and didn't care what was really taking Harry so long.

"Hello?" Harry answered, still trying to keep composed.

"Harry!" Ed said excitedly, but heard Harry's tone of voice, "Are you alright? You sound horrid."

"Oh, thanks Ed. I'm fine. Caroline just dumped me," Harry croaked out looking up to watch the world. He watched pregnant women with their significant other, pregnant father's with their own significant others.

"Well, I know just the right cure!" Ed exclaimed excitedly, "We're going to a club, and we're going to find you some pussy!"

"It's like the entire bloody world is showing off what I could have been having with Caroline," Harry sighed out bitterly.

Ed sighed out, wishing that Harry would drop it, but he understood that Harry couldn't get over someone he had fallen in love with fully and then was dumped just the day after his realization.

"And what could you have had with Caroline that the whole world is mocking you with?" Ed humored Harry.

"Babies, marriage, settling down. That's what she wants, but she thinks because I'm only eighteen I'm too young to have that with her," Harry sighed out, rubbing his forehead, "I think she might have been cheating on me… I think."

"Harry… How could you have had children with her when she's not able to have kids?" Ed asked with a soft sigh.

"I can have kids Ed. I was whiling to give her kids. Ed I love her so much, I wanted to give her everything!" Harry sobbed out into the phone, leaning against the wall of the building trying to hide his tears.

"Harry, she did you a bloody favor! You are way too young to be carrying a child! You have your whole career ahead of you Harry, you can't even be thinking about trying to get pregnant. And if you do, you can't expect Caroline to want your baby, because obviously it wouldn't be from one of her eggs.

And what if she is cheating on you Harry? Then what? You got yourself pregnant for her and then she happens to be with someone else. She will not adopt your damn baby Harry. So you'll be stuck with me, and I don't want to raise your damned baby. So drop it. Forget about wanting to give her everything she wants, that's how you get stuck in her trap, alright?" Ed lectured into the phone, as he paced around their flat, "Alright?" Ed needed to have Harry answer him, or else he knew Harry would completely disregard everything he said.

"Alright!" Harry groaned out into the phone, tugging at his hair.

"Look… Harry… Come home and we'll get ourselves ready and go hit that club that just opened. I heard there's going to be super model's there," Ed said in an encouraging voice.

"Super models could be fun… With all the self hate sex that they have," Harry laughed stretching his body out, "What kind of club opens on a Wednesday? I can't believe you're dragging me to a club on a Wednesday, obviously you are very hopeful on me getting laid." At this point Harry started walking down the maze-like streets of London towards the flat that he shared with Ed.

"I don't know, the best kind of club?" Ed laughed, "And yes, you figured out my evil plot, I'm trying to get you laid."

"Alright, I'm back at the flat, bye," Harry huffed out with a laugh into the phone, ending the call.

Harry turned to look around the fast paced city. He stared at the different couples before finally going up the stairs of the apartment to his flat. His complex was squeezed in the middle of two larger buildings, right smack dab in the middle of London. Harry unlocked the door, and made his way through the flat, not thinking about calling out to Ed, or slamming the door shut to announce his arrival. Quickly, Harry went into his room dressing himself in a Ramones shirt, saggy black skinny jeans, and scuffed up shoes. He then sat on the couch in the living room waiting for Ed.

"Holy fuck! I didn't see you or hear you come in!" Ed screeched out, "Well… Looks like you're ready… Lets go!" Ed clapped his hands to encourage Harry to get up, but finally grabbed Harry's wrists, tugging the brunette up from the couch.

Harry laughed and followed Ed out of the flat. Harry let the man lead him through the streets of London, thinking that the club was blocks away, when in reality it was actually just down the street. The club had a group of paparazzi standing outside of it, snapping pictures of the celebrities that were let in. On the other side of the bouncer was a long line of good-looking men and women trying to get inside to get a taste of the good life.

Harry and Ed walked up to the bouncer, the bouncer had gauged who was let in by how many picture's were taken of the people trying to get in, and how much he had seen the people in magazines, on television, or otherwise. They were let in with out a fuss and walked onto the first story balcony. Harry went straight to the bar, ordering three drinks, having the first and second quickly before he started sipping on his third.

"Wow! Slow down Styles, we just got here!" Ed yelled over the music, laughing, ordering himself a drink.

"I just got dumped! I'm getting drunk had having meaningless sex with the first person that dances with me!" Harry yelled laughing, finishing his third drink and taking the two shot's Ed had bought for himself. "You're buying my drinks too by the way!" Harry laughed more, already sloshed beyond repair.

Harry moved down the stairs, gripping the railing as he went down, trying not to fall, or stumble, to the second floor. The second floor had a stage, and a dance floor. Around the edges were booths like on the first floor. The stage had three different DJ's working at once, working with each other to make the music as smooth as possible.

Harry jumped into the crowed and began writing with the bodies, dancing with the fast music as best as he could in his drunken state. He had women and men dancing around him, not that Harry minded, the perfect person would come and dance with him when it was time for Harry to get sexed up.

He felt someone press up against his body, obviously a male, since the chest against his back was flat, and the slightly hard member pressing against his ass, and the large hands gripping his too small hips. One of the male's hands began moving up his too long torso, playing with Harry's nipples, which in turned caused Harry to grind back against the man, starting their fore play dance.

Harry leaned back a bit more into the man, reaching his hand up to pull the man's head down over his shoulder slightly, pressing his lips against the other's, kissing him hard and sensually. His other hand gripped the male's hand that was on his hip. The dark skinned man ground into Harry's ass as encouragement to continue his sensual movements. The male was slightly unshaven, and his hair was up in a coif.

"Model?" Harry asked, panting out against the male's lips.

"Yes, and you're from White Eskimo?" The man replied rhetorically, continuing to rock his hips against Harry's, who was rocking back hard.

"Where shall we do this?" Harry asked against the man's lips.

"Flats? Mine is a couple blocks."

"Then we shall run to mine, it's down the street," Harry grunted against the model's lips.

The model pulled away from Harry, allowing their now buzzing bodies to calm themselves down for a moment. The model grabbed Harry's hand pulling him up the stairs and out of the club. Once they were released out into the cold London air, the paparazzi having disappeared since they planned on coming back when the club planned on closing. Harry continued the running, keeping his hand in the model's as he led him down the street to his flat.

The night sky and the dark shadows hid what the model really looked like, not that Harry minded, wanting meaningless sex, and if he knew who he was about to get plowed by it might make it more meaningful, and he would probably be haunted and shamed by remembering the faces.

He skidded to a stop when he reached his flat building, rushing up the slightly dark stairwell, to his flat door, unlocking it, a feet he didn't know how he accomplished due to his drunken state, and threw the door open, about to turn a light on when his mouth was captured by the model's.

The model had shut and locked the door, and was now leading Harry to the couch, kissing him senselessly. A small cry came from Harry as he fell over the arm of the couch, but crawled back until they were both on the couch lengthwise. They continued to kiss each other and rocked against each other.

Soon their clothes were flying off around the living room and the mystery man began preparing Harry for the on coming plow that they both knew would last for hours. The man didn't bother to put on a condom, although his own drunken state made him forget that he should have probably put one on.

It was one quick movement for the model, once he was satisfied with how spread out Harry was, and one loud cry from Harry as he felt himself being filled up, almost like he was being split in half. The couch began creaking under their weight as they began moving with each other. Each thrust causing Harry to be louder. The couch creaked, the floor creaked, and as the decibels of the noise of the couch and floor rose, so did their own moans, and the echo's throughout the flat.

The two boys continued down this path, not stopping to rest after one of them climaxed, or after they climaxed together during their sexcapades. They changed positions after every climax, changing how Harry was being plowed into. They continued these actions until very late into the night.

Once they climaxed together while Harry had been riding him, Harry's head fell to the model's shoulder, small pants and whines slipping from his mouth, his eyes barely staying open. This was the model's cue, and they both knew it, for him to leave. They both wanted to continue, but not only was Harry blacking out after every climax, but the model was trying not to fall asleep in the male's flat.

So, the model slid himself out of Harry, helping him lay down on the couch, tossing a blanket over him and began getting dressed. He found a card in his pocket and tossed it on Harry, not thinking about the fact that the singer might loose the card into the couch in his sleep. Harry waved weakly at him as he watched the tan skinned model leave, falling asleep with out a fuss.

"Oi! Wake up! I made you breakfast!" A familiar British voice yelled at a very naked Harry, the blanket had fallen off of him during the night, the card slipping under the couch.

"But first… put some damned clothes on, I hope you wore a condom, I told you I didn't want to be living with you if you had a baby."

"I'm not going to get pregnant," Harry grumbled out as he slowly woke up, stretching out his cracking joints, ignoring the stabbing pain in his lower back, and the pounding pain in his head.

"Well, Mr. Model thought to make sure you had enough seamen in you to make eight babies at once," Ed grunted throwing pajama pants at Harry.

"Did you have fun at least?" Ed handed Harry two different pills once he had pants on.

"Did I have fun? Oh my god!" Harry laughed as he popped the pills into his mouth, leaning back, still trying to ignore the constant pain, knowing it would go away in fifteen minutes.

"Are you really asking that? I had the hottest sex, hours and hours of it, in so many different positions! Of course I had some bloody fun, I'd have to be A-sexual to not have enjoyed it," Harry laughed slowly standing up with a wince and a groan, making his way to the kitchen.

"Did you happen to catch his name?" Harry asked over his shoulder as he found the breakfast on the stove.

"No, I just got home myself." Ed smirked.

"You dog… Then how'd you know he was a model?"

"Because I saw him, and no man looks like he does unless he's a pure blooded model."