CHAPTER 3: Dangerous Distractions

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Axel and Larxene had seemed to enter a tense ceasefire, at least for the moment. A couple uneventful days passed, and Larxene found herself yet again watching bitterly as Axel left laughing with his pals Roxas and Xion.

"What I wouldn't give to crush the dream team," she thought sourly. Sighing, she grabbed her bag and headed from her office as the three climbed into the elevator together. Larxene glared in their direction before she turned to her assistant.

"Namine, I'm leav-" she began, when she noticed the girl was not paying the slightest bit of attention to her, but rather staring avidly at the blonde young man behind the closing elevator doors.

"Namine.. Namine!" she yelled, causing the petite blonde to jump in her seat.

"Oh. Oh oh, yes, Larxene," she said, hurrying to her feet. "I'll get you that mocha latte."

Larxene grabbed the girl's arm as she passed, sighing and shaking her head.

"I didn't ask for a latte," she snapped, causing the blonde to blush. "I was just letting you know I was leaving for the day."

Namine nodded quietly, heading back to her seat shamefully. Larxene watched her, feeling the beginnings of a diabolical plot forming in her mind.

"Namine.. how would you like to come over for dinner?" Larxene asked smoothly, causing Namine to look up, surprised.

"Dinner? Tonight?" she asked, looking like she hoped this was a cruel joke. Larxene rolled her eyes.

"Yes, tonight. Be at this place by 8," she said, scribbling her address for the girl. "Bye, Namine."

She gave the girl a cat-like smirk as she sauntered away, leaving the poor girl looking quite pitiful and distraught.

Namine tentatively rang the doorbell of Larxene's place, listening to the chime as though it were the sound of her funeral. The door opened slowly, and Namine shivered as she waited until it revealed -

"You must be Namine!" a man with pink-brown hair greeted her excitedly. "Oh yes, you'll do nicely."

Namine gaped at him, having half a mind to turn around and escape while she had time before he clamped a hand tightly around her wrist and dragged her into the house.

"You have excellent cheekbones," Marluxia mused, studying her face under painful scrutiny. Namine swallowed hard as she clamped her hands tightly to the wooden chair beneath her, eyeing her boss standing over in the corner with her arms crossed.

"L-Larxene? I thought this was a dinner invitation.." she asked, feeling confused and flustered.

"Hmm? Oh yeah," Larxene said dismissively, grabbing a slice of pizza and throwing it on a plate for Namine, who sighed in resignation.

"Why did you really ask me to come?" she asked timidly. Marluxia continued to fuss over her as Larxene waved a hand impatiently.

"I saw the way you were oggling Roxas today," she said lightly, causing Namine to flush darkly. "I thought I'd give you the edge you need to make him notice you."

Namine bit her lip, seemingly caught between wanting to escape and wanting to see how this played out. To Larxene, that was victory enough.

"All right, Marluxia," she said, grinning. "Work your magic."

Marluxia, who liked like a child presented with a pile of gifts on Christmas, immediately ran to grab some of his latest designs.

"You seem very sweet and innocent," he said thoughtfully when he returned carrying a bundle of clothes and shoes. "We'll change that."

Larxene rolled her eyes, remembering too well how Marluxia had bribed her into wearing one of his clothing lines to work. That had sunk faster than a rock.

"Hurry up, Marluxia," she snapped, causing him to pout.

"You can't rush art!" he declared as Namine came back into the room, blushing profusely. Larxene gaped for a moment at the outfit, then shook her head exasperatedly.

"I call it Sugar and Spice," he said proudly as Larxene took in the almost completely exposed back on the seemingly conservative blouse, and the huge slit on the long pencil skirt.

"I call it 'Unemployed,'" Larxene said with a roll of her eyes. "Honestly, Marluxia, I don't know what your idea of professional business attire is."

"But that's so stuffy," he said, sticking his tongue at her. "Oh well, back to the drawing board."

It had been a long and grueling night, but in the end they had managed to transform Namine into a perfect specimen of the female form. Larxene nodded appreciatively as she and Namine walked into the office, the slender young blonde's body accentuated by an elegant white blouse and sleek black pencil skirt, her hair pulled up into a stylish knot. The only thing Marluxia would not budge on were the absurdly high heels, which he said would help to accentuate butt and bossom.

"Well, we certainly want him to notice her two b's," Larxene thought wryly as she slipped into her office to watch as Axel and Roxas stepped off the elevator.

"Namine!" Axel choked, giving the girl an appreciative look which did not go unnoticed by Larxene, much to her chagrin. Roxas seemed to have been struck dumb, his mouth slightly agap.

"Good morning, Axel, Roxas," Namine said mildly, giving an admirable performance as being politely disinterested in both of them. Axel cleared his throat slightly and gave a suggestive look to Roxas before heading into his office. Roxas seemed to alternate opening and closing his mouth before finally producing some words.

"Namine, you look.. nice," he said thickly, to which she gave a faint a smile.

"Thank you, Roxas," she said, refusing to look at him as though giving a clear indicator that she was only tolerating his presence out of courtesy. Larxene gave a grudging acknowledgment of respect; she didn't think the girl could play hard to get.

"S-So, I was thinking.. if you weren't busy sometime.." Roxas began, scratching the back of his neck. Namine moved around her desk, giving Roxas a sly smile.

"Sometime sounds good," she said, walking past him down the hall. Roxas watched her with a sigh while Larxene cackled wickedly from her office, the plan going more perfectly than imagined.

"Namine, you exceeded all my expectations!" she whispered victoriously as the young blonde strutted down the hallway - then wobbled and tripped over her heels, making a terrific crash to the ground. Roxas goggled at her before running to help, while Larxene dropped her head to her desk.


"So, they really had to send Namine to the hospital?" Marluxia asked sympathetically as they sat once more at the kitchen table. Larxene sighed and rubbed her temples.

"Yes, they wanted to check to make sure she had a full medical check, even though we were sure it was just a sprained ankle," she replied, taking a sip of her tea. "You and your damn heels."

Marluxia gave her a disapproving look before sliding his cup across the table.

"So, have you done any packing yet?" he asked, resting his elbows on the table. "The trip is coming up soon, right?"

Larxene bit her tongue as she thought about the accursed trip that decrepit old fossil Xehanort had forced them into.

"No, I'll get to it soon," she sighed, swirling the contents of her mug. "I have to worry about preparing for that charity ball thing with Luxord this weekend."

Marluxia's eyes lit up at the mention, and Larxene could see the question forming on his lips. The nerve of the man, after the disaster he had created today.

"Can I-?"


Nightshroud: I think the original idea of Larxene and Marluxia kidnapping Namine for a dastardly makeover was funnier in my head, but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway. I was inspired by the scenes from Chain of Memories, with Marluxia creepily looming over poor little Namine in her chair, with Larxene standing by to watch. So I took that and added a comedic approach. Sorry this chapter was a bit on the shorter side compared to the last two, but I digress. For a sneak peak, next chapter is going to be the Luxord date, and chapter 5 will be the start of the business trip and the crux of this story. Yes, the grand scheme of my wicked mind is coming into fruition. I hope you're all excited. ^^ Now be kind and drop a review for me.