Chapter 1

The Portal

Chase's POV

"Oh Chase, When are we going to reach the clearing? My feet are killing me!" Jinja complained.

"I'm with Jinja, It feel like we've been walking for days!" Bren complained And looked down at his aching feet.

"It's only been a couple of hours, Bren, and besides we're almost there." I said, "Oh and we'd better gather some firewood to." By the time we made it to the clearing we had enough firewood to last us all night.

"Finally we made it and just in time to, look the sun's going down," Dax said as he pointed to the setting sun.

"It truly is beautiful, isn't it?" Beyal said admiring the different colors in the sky.

"Yeah," Jinja said and stared at Beyal.

"Alright guys let's set up camp," I said and started to get are stuff out. By night fall we were all fast asleep by a roaring fire.

*****Amity Park School*********************************************

Danny's POV

I was at my locker in my school talking to my two best friends Sam and Tucker and the new girl Alex, who I recently found has ghost powers to and many other interesting powers to. We were talking about last nights pitiful attempt of a ghost attack by, guess who, the Box Ghost!

"HA! Easiest Ghost Ever!" Alex said as she grabbed a soda from the machine.

"Yeah I know! Might as well just drag him into the ghost zone instead of using the Fenton thermos!" I said as we all laughed.

"Hey, Alex, you never told us how you became half ghost," Sam said.

"Oh, I, uh don't really know how I got my ghost powers. They just came to me." Alex said slightly hesitantly, then the bell rang,"Oh! There's the bell better head to class, see you guys later!" Alex said and quickly ran down the hall.

"I wonder why she keeps avoiding that subject? In fact she avoids any subject about her powers or past," Tucker said noticing how she always found away around that question. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks as a blue mist came out of her mouth and mine. Alex phased through the ground while no one was looking and I ran to the bathroom.

$$$$$Outside of School$$$$$$

Alex's POV

"Hello prey," said Skulker as Danny Phantom (Danny Fenton) and Black Phantom (me) flew out of the school.

"Skulker!" Danny said and charged up an ecto blast.

"Whelp, Guess what I've decided to hunt you both down and use one of you as a nice little rug," Skulker said and shot a missile at Danny, who was so caught of guard by Skulkers remark that he didn't have time to put up a shield and he ended up flying through the air. I felt both disgusted and angry.

"Hey Skulker! First Eww and second LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I yelled and shot a huge light/ecto blast at him. He tried to side step it but the blast was so huge and powerful that it hit him full force and he was sent flying through the air! Then a weird looking portal opened up and he flew through it. I put my hands on my knees and started panting, but then I remembered something.

"Danny!" I thought and flew over to him."Are you ok?" I said out loud as he was getting up.

"Yeah, I think so." he said and then looked around,"Where's Skulker?"

"I'm not sure, one minute I blast him through the air and the next minute he flew through this weird portal thing," I said and pointed in the direction of the portal. He flew up there to take a closer look.

"It doesn't look like a ghost portal. If it was then it would have closed by now," he said and started circling the portal."In fact I've never seen anything like it."

"Where do you think it goes?" I asked completely forgetting about school.

"I don't know," he said and we stood in front of the portal, staring at it, when something blasted us through the portal!

~~~~Chase's camp site~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beyal's POV

I woke up with a start, because of a vision, about a boy with snow white hair and green eyes, he was wearing some kind of black and white jump suit and a girl with the same style except instead of white she had blue we were fighting them the only weird thing is they had no monsuno.

"If we were fighting them then they must be enemies," I thought. Then I heard Chase start to stir.

"Oh. Beyal? What are you doing up?" he asked as he sat up in his sleeping bag.

"I had another vision. What about you?" I asked and looked at him.

"Weird dream," He said and then the others woke up at the same time."Ok that was interesting." He threw some more wood into the fire.

"Why are you guys up?" Jinja asked and rubbed her eyes.

"The same reason we are all up," I said and looked at the stars.

"What do you mean?" Bren asked and stared at the little monk quizzically.

"What were your dreams like?" I said.

"Mine, was we were fighting some kids with white hair and no monsunos," Chase said. Jinja sat up straight.

"Mine was like that to," she said.

"Mine to!" Bren exclaimed.

"That was my vision," I said and we all looked at Dax.

"I only woke up cause Bren kicked me in the shoulder," Dax said and moving his arm around to rotate his shoulder.

"Yeah, he-he, sorry about that," Bren said and started rubbing his neck.

"Whatever," Dax said.

"Ok, so back to the dream," Chase said.

"Yes, I believe we all had the same vision," I said.

"Wait so that dream was actually a vision?" Jinga said.

"Yes and I believe it's going to happen very soon," I said. Chase looked at me.

"How soon?" he said. Then a weird looking portal opened up.

"I'd say right now," Dax said and looked at the portal that was now floating above the trees. Suddenly some stranger flew through the portal and landed in the forest.

"Come on guys lets see if he's ok!" Chase said and started to run in the direction where the stranger landed.

"Chase! Wait," Jinja called out and Chase stopped," we don't know this guy. He could be one from our vision."

"Yeah! Besides it looks like we've got more company!" Bren said pointing toward the portal. Chase looked at it as something came out and landed right in front of them. When the smoke cleared it revealed the two kids from their vision!


Authors note:

Hey! I'm new to so please be nice! I've written a couple of fanfics before just not on this website. Also if you want to know how Danny met Alex then ask me. I'm still working on the story but I can tell you where to find it!