Chapter 11 Say goodbye

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Chase's POV

"Vlad is-"

"Right here," a voice cut Jess off. We all turned and looked up. A guy with blue skin, red eyes, black hair that looked like it was horns, white suit, black gloves and boots, and fangs was floating there. He looked like a vampire.

"I take it you're Vlad?" I said with a cocky tone.

"I just said that," Vlad said annoyed. I smiled, secretly holding Locks core.

"Ah shut up ya fruitloop," Alex, Danny, Jess, Paxtron, and Toby said in unison.

"Does anyone else find that weird?" Bren asked. Dax nodded. I just shrugged.

"Would you stop calling me that!" Vlad said angrily.

"Nope," they said again. Okay maybe it is a little weird. Vlad sighed.

"You five really need a lesson in manners," he growled.

"And who's gonna give them to us? Some knock off vampire with a cat named after Danny's mom because you're to rich and snooty to move on with your life and stop trying to kill his dad and take his wife and ruin his life, not to mention stop going after my best friend?" Jess said, crossing her arms. Wow, she said a mouthful.

"For the record Jessica, I did not choose to look this way, and I bet you don't even know what a real vampire looks like! You're just some foolish little ignorant child that was rescued off the street by the little fox here. So why don't you petal your silly little comments somewhere that actually concerns you," Vlad said. All of the five seemed to grow nervous as he spoke. I can already tell this will get ugly.

Alex's POV

Oh boy, Vlad's in for it now.

"Oh no. one, stop calling me fox, two, you really shouldn't have said any of that," I said.

"No kidding," Paxtron said. Toby just hid and Danny took a step back. Jess's eye twitched.

"What did you say?" She said stalking forward. She looked like she was about to blow a fuse. To bad for Vlad. We began to count down.

"Three," me.

"Two," Paxtron.

"One," Jess growled. In a blur she was in front of Vlad, who was now on the ground with a bleeding cheek. Jess's eyes turned to an amber color. She hissed."No one talks to me like that Vlad! No one! And the last guy who did ended up in the ghost zone as an actual ghost!" She picked him up and threw him into a tree, then blurred over there an held him there. "You wanna join him?" Vlad gulped. He actually gulped! Ha! This is the best thing I've seen! I let a smile creep across my face as this happened. Her fangs showed. He's really in for it n- a missile hit the ground where Jess was and it kicked up dust to where I couldn't see.

"Jess!" I shouted and ran forward. "Turbo!" I made a yellow mini tornado clear the dust and smoke. Jess had her hand on the tree and was coughing. I ran to her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she answered and and looked up. "Look out!" She yelled and pushed me out of the way as another missile flew by. I landed on the ground with her beside me.

"Thanks For the save," I said. She nodded.

"You only prolonged the inevitable, prey," I recognized that voice.

"Skulker," I growled, turning and looking at him. "Do I even need to ask why you're here anymore?" Before he could answer a big white paw swatted him to the ground. I looked over and saw Lock there. I stood up and gave Lock a pat on the neck. "Nice job Lock." Lock grunted in reply. I turned, realizing Vlad was gone. Or that's what I thought. "Crugenut-Gah!" I suddenly felt a shock go through me. I fell to the ground once it was over, and turned to see what or who had down that. Of course it was Vlad, who was now standing there with the plasmius maximus. His cheek had already healed and he was smirking. I heard a second scream and looked over at Danny, who was in the same position I was, but skulker was holding a plasmius maximus. I looked back at Vlad with a growl.

"This version of the plasmius maximus will keep you from being ghosts for 48 hours, rendering you useless," he said. I smirked.

"So I can't access my ghost powers?" I asked innocently.


"Good!" I said with a scowl and socked him in the jaw. He flew in the tree from the power I put behind the punch. I smirked and cracked my knuckles, walking over to him slowly. Vlad just laughed and sunk into the ground.

"Another day little fox, another day," I heard him say and scowled more. I hate that guy. I looked at Danny. Skulker was gone.

"Great, now we can't access our powers. How are we going to fight Vlad?" Danny said with a huff.

"Well, you might not be able to without Spector, but I still can," I reminded, forming a ball of light in my hand.

"And you won't have to do it alone, either of you. Whatever Vlad wants with you guys he'll have to go through us to get," Chase said. our friends nodded in agreement. I looked over at Jess.

"You know we'll stick with you Alex," she said.

"Yeah! Lets beat that creep down!" Paxtron said cheerfully serious. Toby nodded with a smile. They all stood behind me and Danny for emphasis. I looked over to Ash. He brought out his monsuno core

"I know I just met you guys, but I'm willing to stand by you," he said, standing with the others. Danny and I looked at each other and smirked. Vlad might have Skulker, but we have our friends and there's nothing better than that. So look out Vlad-we're coming for you.

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