Chapter 5

Friends or foes? Part 1

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Chase's POV

I was having the weirdest dream. It was like I was reliving the Shriek Eklipes battle that took place 4 months ago, but Alex wouldn't listen to me and we didn't make it. I woke sweating, panting, and almost screaming. I got up and went for a walk to think about the dream.

"Why hadn't Alex listened to me and why am I having the dream now? I hadn't even thought about that since... Alex disappeared," I thought trying to make since of it. After a while of walking I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of crying. I started to walk faster now, trying to look for the source of the crying. Finally I found it and was shocked by what I saw. Black Phantom was sitting there crying and mumbling to her self.

"I can't believe that actually did that. *cry* I almost killed them! *cry* Me! The supposed to be hero," she said over and over. I watched quietly until a yellow ring appeared around her waist and started to separate. I moved to get a closer look, but accidentally stepped on a twig. She straightened up and the rings disappeared. She slowly turned around and I grabbed my monsuno, expecting a fight. To my surprise, as soon as she saw me her eyes widened and she turned and ran. I quickly ran after her until she disappeared. I looked around and scratched my head. I had no idea where she went, but then I heard a loud cracking sound behind me and whirled around. Something hit me in the head hard and I fell. I heard Blacks voice just before I blacked out. "Sorry Chase," is all she said then I gave in to the darkness that clouded my vision.

Alex's POV

After I went to bed I had a nightmare about the last time I was here. Chase was trying to get me, or to be more specific Shriek, to stop. I wouldn't listen and I delivered the killing blow. I woke up screaming my head off. I walked out of my makeshift tent and found Danny asleep against a rock. I rolled my eyes and changed into Black Phantom. I left our campsite to think. The nightmare seemed so real and I could have sworn someone else was there. Like I could feel their presence. After a while of walking and dwelling on the subject I had to sit down and just let out all the tears I was holding back.

"I can't believe that actually did that. *cry* I almost killed them! *cry* Me! The supposed to be hero," I said this over and over again until finally I couldn't stay in ghost form. I felt the familiar yellow rings start to pass over, but before they got far I heard a twig crack behind me. I straightened up and immediately stopped the rings from transforming me back to Alex Star. I slowly looked behind me and , to my horror, saw Chase holding his monsuno. I could tell my eyes got wide and I quickly got up and ran away. I knew he was following me so I became invisible. While he was looking for me I snuck around him and broke a branch of a tree causing it to make a loud crack sound. Chase whirled around and I hit him hard in the head with the branch. He fell and I felt so bad for hitting him, but I had to keep my cover. "Sorry Chase," I said and I ran back to my camp.

Jinja's POV

I woke up to a bad dream. It was about Chase getting hurt and I couldn't do a thing about it. I looked around and noticed Chase was gone.

"Guys Wake up! Chase is gone!" she yelled waking everyone up.

"Come on Jinja! He probably just went for a walk," Bren mumbled turning back over.

"Yeah Princess, he does that a lot. I'm sure little Suno's fine," Dax said before going back to sleep.

"I have a bad feeling that something happened to him. I'm gonna go look for him," I said.

"Jinja wait. If you are truly worried then I will go with you," Beyal said as he got up.

"Thanks Beyal. Come on," I said as I ran into the forest. He followed just a little bit slower. I was going to fast and didn't see the as root sticking out of the ground and I tripped. "Ow!" I yelled before noticing the set of footprints on the ground. "Hey Beyal I found some footprints." Beyal came and looked at the footprints.

"They appears to be fresh," he said.

"Do you think they're Chase's?" I asked.

"It is a possibility," he said and help me up.

"Thanks, now come on let's follow these footprints," I said and we started walking until we came to a spot where the leaves and dirt looked like they had been sat on. Then we found two different sets of footprints. "I wonder who else was here," I thought out loud.

"Jinja look! A broken tree branch!" Beyal yelled and I ran over to him.

"Your right and look, these are drag marks! I don't like where this is headed," I replied and we followed the drag marks. Eventually we reached a tree with Chase slumped against it.

"Chase!" I yelled and ran to him. "He's out cold and he has a bump the size of Kansas on the side of his head." I said after checking to see if he was ok. "Come on Beyal, grab his other arm." he did as he was instructed and together we dragged him back to camp.

"What the crag happened to Chase?"Bren asked when he saw us dragging Chase over.

"Man little Suno looks like he just took a hit!" Dax shouted.

"As far as we can tell, he did," I said as we laid him on a sleeping bag.

"Did you guys see what happened?" Bren asked.

"No we didn't, but we have a pretty good idea," I said and told them about the footprints and finding Chase slumped against a tree.

"Wow, so you think someone did this to Chase on purpose!" Bren almost yelled.

"Yes," I said.

"But why knock Chase out? I mean normally someone would do that to get their money or to kidnap them, but Chase still has his wallet and he's still here," Dax said.

"Dax has a point. Why knock Chase out for no reason?" Bren said confused.

"We'll just have to ask him when he wakes up," I replied. "in the mean time I'm going to get some sleep." I yawned and walked over to my sleeping bag. I

The Next Day

I woke up at about nine. I looked around to find everyone still asleep and Chase still K.O'd.

"Guys wake up! We need to make it to town to buy more supplies," I said after I stretched. When everyone, but Chase of course, was up we had breakfast.

"I don't think we can go in to town til Chase wakes up," Bren said. Just then Chase groaned, as if in response to Bren. We all rushed over to him and he opened his eyes. When I looked at his eyes I saw that they were unfocused.

"Jinja?" he said after he sat up and could focus.

"Chase! Your ok!" I said and I hugged him, then punched him in the shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for?" he asked while rubbing his shoulder.

"For scaring me," I answered.

"Okay? Do you know why I have a head ache the size of Michigan?" he asked putting a hand to his head.

"We were hoping you would remember," Bren said.

"All I remember is going for a walk then it gets kind of blurry." he replied and tried to get up, but he started to fall back down due to his head throbbing and dizzy. Bren and Dax caught him and made him sit back down.

"Take it easy Suno, you got a big bump on your head. It'd be better for you to stay sitting for a while," Dax said.

"Huh?" he asked.

"Just rest Chase, when your well enough to stand we'll go into town, get some provisions, and see if you have a concussion. Who knows maybe the trip will help you remember what happened before we found you," I said. He was going to protest, but then he realized I was right and nodded his head.

Alex's POV

I had run back to the campsite and woke up Danny. After telling him what happened I agreed to take the next watch and let him sleep. However at about four o'clock in the morning I dosed off. I woke up at about noon to Danny shaking me and had breakfast.

"That was good," I said after I ate.

"Yeah. So we heading into town now?" he asked. I hesitated because of my vision.

"Sure, just let me change into a disguise," I replied.

"Why?" he asked

"What if someone recognizes me or Chase is there," I really didn't want to face him after what happened last night.

"Okay, just hurry up," he said. I nodded and ran out of site. I soon found the perfect disguise and used my morphing power to change into it. I ran back and nearly gave Danny a heart attack ( no rhyme intended ).

"Wow nice disguise," he said.

"Thanks now let's go!" I said and we walked to town. I was a bit weary of going there because of my vision, but we needed food so I decided to keep a close eye out for trouble.

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