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Bella's date of birth: September 13th 1987

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July 8th 1992

The first time Emmett was exposed to the idea of sexual intercourse he was seven years old.

He and his younger sister, Bella, had been sent to the dreary town of Forks, Washington by their mother Renée to live with her ex-husband (and their father), Charlie Swan, for a few weeks. Renée was hardly the most responsible person, and even worse as a mother. Her flighty attitude and silly phases led to her making Emmett and Bella go visit their father almost half the year as she was never there to care for them. Emmett practically raised his sister.

Dear old Dad had gone fishing for the day, dropping him and Bella off at the Clearwaters' house, down on the Indian Reservation in La Push. Harry Clearwater's wife, Sue, was left to take care of her daughter and son, along with Charlie's. Emmett had wandered away from where Bella was making funny faces at the two-year-old Seth, eventually finding himself outside in the garden. Leah was there, happily playing with her dolls.

He sat down opposite her, looking on with interest. Bella didn't like to play with dolls – she said they were far too girly. Emmett wasn't really sure what girls did with the dolls, so when Leah suddenly held out the male doll for him to play as, he frowned.

"What am I supposed to do?" he asked her.

She stared at him, her six-year-old face one of aghast. She then pointedly took the doll back and held her female one up next to it. Giving him another strange look, she pushed them together, making kissing noises.

He almost recoiled. "Ew! You make them have sex?"

The little girl giggled. "That's not sex, silly. That's just kissing." She leaned up and pecked him on the cheek chastely. "See."

His body was frozen. Leah giggled again and got up, dolls in hand, then ran back into the house. Emmett tried to understand what had happened. Under his breath, he muttered to himself. "If that's only kissing, then what's sex?"

The sound of Sue calling out ("Lunch, kids!") made him stand up. He went to the kitchen and sat down beside his four-year-old sister, ruffling her hair as he did. She scrunched up her face adorably and then grinned at him. After the children had eaten and Sue was clearing everything away, Emmett shyly tapped her on the back. She turned around.

"What's the matter, dear?" she smiled kindly.

He shuffled around. "Um, I was wondering what sex is."

Her eyes widened. "What in heaven's name for?"

Without replying, he shrugged, looking down at the floor. Sue sighed and made him sit down again. Perching herself across from him, she began in calm, steady tones. "Well, when a man and a woman – or two of the same gender – love each other very much, they join together physically. Sometimes, when that happens, a baby is formed."

"They're connected?" he asked, disgusted. "Like, they share skin and stuff… forever?"

She stifled a laugh. "No, no, honey. They don't actually join together. They just…" she trailed off, not really sure how to explain. "All right, well, you know how you have a" – she struggled to remember what her friend had mentioned when talking about his horrific time of informing his children why they had different parts – "dinky?"

He nodded. "My pee-pee area."

Sue grinned at the names Charlie had told his kids. "Yes, that. Well, your dad must have told you that boys and girls have different kinds of 'pee-pee areas', right?"

He nodded again. "Bellsy has a flower."

"That's right," she laughed. "As you grow older, you will get certain feelings which will be a result of something called hormones. You will start looking at girls – or perhaps boys – differently. Having sex is a way of showing that emotion."

"But, what is it exactly?" he pushed.

She bit her lip before deciding to just go with the truth. "Sexual intercourse is when, if done with someone of the other gender, a boy puts his dinky into a girl's flower."

There was silence for a few moments as Emmett tried to digest that. Not long after, he exclaimed with a snicker, "That's weird." He then got up and went off to find his little sister.

Behind him, Sue sagged back into her chair with a look of relief.