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Emmet dropped his sister off at school stiffly, still frustrated from his interaction with Renée, but upon noticing Bella's worry, he softened and reached over to touch her jaw. She jerked away immediately, her eyes darting around the parking lot to see if anyone saw. He hid his frown and coaxed her gaze back to him.

"Bells, it's okay," he soothed.

She shook her head stubbornly. "Mom knows something."

Ignoring that fact that he himself had said they could keep their relationship a secret, his tone was bitter when he replied. "So what? It's not like she'll care."

Bella looked at him with surprise. "Of course she'll care. She's our mother!"

"She's no mother of mine," he muttered under his breath, but then he saw how upset she was beginning to look and sighed. "Sorry." He pulled her towards him and encased her in his large arms. She struggled lightly and he kept her against him. "It's fine, Bells. Siblings hug, especially us. No one's gonna say anything."

Brows furrowed, she nodded and stopped reluctantly.

"Look, if Renée says anything then we'll deal with it, okay?" he suggested. "All we can do right now is try not to be obvious. We don't know for sure that she suspects something."


"Fine?" he repeated, watching her face intently. She looked down. "Bella, you don't sound very happy. Are you… having second thoughts?"

She was silent for long enough to make him anxious. Trying to hold down his desperation, he kissed her head and gripped her tightly. "Come on, Bellsy. We're good together. You know we are. Don't leave me," he pleaded.

Biting her lip, she glanced up at his soulful blue eyes and, after a moment, nodded. "I won't. I'm sorry. It's just… this is why I didn't want us to be together. Why we shouldn't be together."

"Nothing should stand in the way of love, Bells," he told her softly.

They looked at each other for a moment and then she smiled a little and kissed his cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too," he smiled back, relieved that the discussion seemed to be over.

She said goodbye and made her way into school, waving once before she disappeared from his view. He sat there for a while, thinking, and eventually made himself go to work with his mind made up: If anyone tried to break them up, then he would stop them. Even if that someone was their mother.

Bella was accosted by Angela as soon as she entered the school and she let the other girl's chatter act as background noise. Despite her concerns in the car, her panties were still damp from seeing Emmett as her strong protector against Renée's domineering behaviour. She shifted uncomfortably throughout her lessons, watching the clock eagerly as it counted down to lunch.

Whilst everyone rushed to the cafeteria, she told Angela she needed to do something in the library and watched her best friend leave down the hall. Once everyone had scattered, she darted into the girls' bathroom and locked herself inside a stall upon seeing no one around.

Letting out a deep breath, she sat on the toilet lid and lowered her panties to her knees. Her flower had been aching for so long… Normally she blushed at the thought of doing anything so provocative on school grounds, but this itch just wouldn't go away.

She trailed a hand down over her inner thighs, caressing the sensitive skin gently, before her fingertips brushed her flower petals. She sighed and lent her back against the wall behind her. A finger traced up and down her pink folds, collecting moisture and circling around her swollen nub.

Biting her lip, she dipped a finger inside herself and began massaging her wet walls, building up the pressure in her abdomen. Her other hand stroked over the hard tips of her nipples through the shirt she wore, teasing them, pinching them. Another finger rubbed her button and she groaned quietly, her hips starting to roll upwards into her ministrations.

She had been so wound up that it didn't take her long to cum, and when she did, she breathed heavy and thought of Emmett, his bulging muscles, his kind eyes, his mischievous lips, his thick member. She fell over the edge of ecstasy almost silently, her eyes closed, just staying in that position for a while until she heard a couple of girls enter the bathroom, gossiping about boys.

Quickly and quietly, she cleaned herself up and made sure there was no evidence of what she'd just done before flushing the toilet and leaving the stall to wash her hands. Her hair obscured her face and she kept her posture as closed in as possible so as not to bring any attention to herself. It seemed to work. The girls barely passed her a glance, nattering on about some party.

She had just dried her hands off when she heard her brother's name and paused to listen.

"God, I bet his cock is huge," one girl was practically moaning. "What I wouldn't do to have him plough into me. Fuck me, he's so hot."

The other girl agreed whole-heartedly, fantasising a night in Emmett Swan's bed, and smirking to herself, Bella left the bathroom.

Emmy is mine and so is his dick, she thought possessively, too smug to even care about her uncharacteristic profanity.

By the time he picked her up from school she was smiling brightly and wouldn't tell him why when he asked. She only blushed and smiled wider. They decided to go about their evenings as usual, not wanting to arouse Renée's suspicions—though she was busy with Phil and ignored the two of them—so Emmett invited some friends over and Bella stayed in her room, reading.

Every now and then, she would think about what happened in the girls' bathroom and blush again, but then a smile would creep upon her lips and subdue any leftover embarrassment. Nothing had ever made her so girlishly giddy before and she decided that maybe her relationship with Em was a good thing after all.