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"Ok, you can come in now!" the cheery blonde teacher said. A girl with short, chestnut colored hair walked in, with big, but bored looking brown eyes. She slowly stopped next to the teacher. "This is Sakura Mikan. She has the fire Alice, but cannot use it a lot, so please don't ask her about it." She timidly looked over the whole classroom for anyone that stood out. She saw a boy in the back, with deep black, messy hair, and piercing crimson eyes. Except, the piercing eyes weren't all that piercing. They looked… kind. And he was smiling. "Go sit next to Natsume over there in the back. Eh, Natsume, wave your hand so she knows where you are!" the boy with black hair and piercing eyes raised it in midair and shook it. The teacher bent over a bit towards her. "See?" he said with an overly cheery smile. "Now go over there. By the way, I'm Narumi-sensei." He gave Mikan a small push and she missed her step a bit. She turned around and gave him a soul-piercing glance to the side.

"Don't touch me…" she said, then walked through the walkway slowly. The stare gave Narumi-sensei shudders. As she walked some people stared at her. She found this incredibly annoying so she started burning there stuff. A girl with green colored eyes and short, dark green hair that was curled at the ends shot out of her seat and slammed her hands on the table then darted a point in her direction. "Hey! I thought she couldn't use her Alice!" she raged to the point that cat ears grew out of her head. Narumi-sensei laid his hands out in front of him.

"C-Calm down, Shouda-san… It also depends on how much power she uses in her Alice. In this case, it wasn't a lot…" his voice started to fade. He watched Mikan sit next to Natsume and look blandly at the front of the class. "But Sakura-san, you really shouldn't light other people's things on fire…" Mikan shot him another piercing gaze and he stepped back. He noticed many students started laughing, and some were getting scared. He looked around the room to see if anything was lit on fire. Except he then noticed the students were looking at him, not the room. He looked at his clothes. Nothing. Except after a few seconds, he felt his head getting very hot. He touched his hair and burnt his hand. "Sakuraa!" he yelled. She just blinked. He then started panicking and asked for water or an extinguisher.

Mikan didn't care at all. She laid back in her seat and put her legs up on the table. She crossed her legs so that no one would try to look up her skirt. She eyed the stupid teacher making a huge fuss over the small flame on his head. She was disrupted by the amusement when the crimson-eyed boy leaned forward to meet with her eyes.

"Hi! I'm Hyuuga Natsume!" he said with a smile. Mikan just barely nodded at him. She clasped her hands on her stomach and just continued watching the clumsy teacher. Natsume leaned back to reveal a sand blonde boy with clear blue eyes that was holding a white bunny. Natsume showed a hand to the blonde boy, then turned back to Mikan. "This is my best friend Ruka!" Ruka smiled and Mikan just showed him a quick glance with no emotion. Ruka just rested back in his seat.

"Umm, I'll be right back!" said Narumi-sensei with a nervous smile then rushed out the door. When he was gone, he suddenly popped back up. " I forgot! Iinchou, take care of the class!" and he finally left.

"U-Uh, yes…" a boy with brownish-blonde hair and glasses said warily. He folded his hands together nervously and went by a girl with an emotionless expression and short, black hair working on an invention. "Can you help me?" he asked nervously.

"He just went to rinse his head of the flame. He'll be back in a few seconds so calm down." She didn't look up from her invention.

"Ok, I'm sorry Hotaru-chan. It's just that I feel that the new girl is a trouble-maker and…" his voice trailed off when he saw Mikan glaring at him. He knew the look interpreted the sort of, 'stop talking about me or I'll burn you' sort of look. He looked away and started asking random questions to the emotionless girl known as Hotaru with a nervous smile, trying not to look at the threatening Mikan.

Mikan P.O.V.

Damn, what is with these people? They're so annoying. And what's with this hyped up kid next to me. It's like he's trying to get my attention. Damn, be a man, stupid kid. And what's with this weird ass teacher that's freakin' touchin' me. Dude lay off. The annoying red-eyed kid leans forward to face me again, and I watch him.

"You know… you shouldn't be laying back like that… some pervert might try to look at your underwear." He said glancing down. I shook my leg a bit. I shrug then close my eyes and lay back.

"Tch. Well aren't you doing being the pervert right now?" I said, shaking my leg a bit out of habit.

"Uh-eh what?" he said backing away.

"Damn, I'm not ignorant. Of course I could see you look down." I open my eyes then kick my legs off the table and sit normally. I turn and smack him across the face. "Pervert." His hair sways to the left and he was obviously awe-struck. I turn back around and go to my original position, with my eyes also closed. I was curious on the response he would give me.

"Wh-what? Who do you think you are, slapping me in the face?" he yelled.

Narumi-sensei came back in with his head slightly wet and his blouse with water stains on it. The class got quiet. I still stayed in my same, relaxed position.

"And who do you think you are looking up my skirt?" I said calmly and quietly. I heard some gasps. People were definitely turning to face this way. Of course, it's just a guess. "You know, you should really stop being such a pervert." Haha, I got him. That'll teach him to look up my skirt again.

"Ehh… Natsume? Is everything all right…?" Narumi asked warily.

Natsume stutters a bit. "U-Uh, y-yes!"

"Well then! Let's start class!" the teacher said. I think I hear Natsume growl at me. I peek my eye open and see him looking very embarrassed and frustrated.

"What's your problem?" I hear him bark up. He's shaking his leg. As if he's nervous. "You think you're so special. Why don't you stop trying to act all high and mighty, and stop being so snotty. You're not the only one here." He says with a mean tone to his voice. My eyes shoot open. I raise my head up a bit and look over at him.

"Shut up. You're so annoying. You don't know anything about me and yet you dare to open your mouth at me. Hmp." I lay my head back down and close my eyes. "Shameless, ugly boy." I muttered. He doesn't say anything after that.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Sakura-san needs a partner!" he claps his hands together then looks around the room. "Anyone volunteer…?" he scans the room then stops abruptly. "Oh! Natsume-kun, you would be a good partner for Sakura-san!"

No. I do not want this annoying brat as my partner. Whatever a partner does. He seems to be in awe, while as angry as I am, I just sigh and click my tongue to cover my disapproval. I don't wanna make a huge scene. I hear the brat just sigh angrily. I would've expected him to make some sort of big fight with the teacher.

"As a partner, you will guide her around the school. For starters, you will show her where each of her classes are, where her room is, and so on. Maybe over the weekend you two could spend time together at Central Town!" he cheered. Spend time together? Disgusting way to put it. Sounds like I'm going on a date with this jerk. Ew.

:~After Class~:

I walk out of class while the idiot behind me is babbling something about technical classes or latent…

"So do you know what class you're in?" he asked me straight-faced. Earlier the teachers told me something about me being in the dangerous class. I'm guessing that's what he's talking about.

"Earlier, the teachers told me something about a dangerous class…" I shrugged. For one, I don't like taking much, and second, I don't like him so I don't feel like talking to him. But it's strange. He talks as if nothing really happened. I just completely embarrassed him; not that I regret it; and he talks like nothing happened.

I looked at his face and it became a bit upset. Like disappointed. What, was there something wrong with it? Well, I have to say, the word 'dangerous' doesn't make it sound like the nicest class.

"D-Dangerous…?" he asked warily. I nod nonchalantly. "O-Ok, uh, follow me." we walked out of the classroom. Past each door, he looked at each golden door signs' label. Just then, a question pops into my mind.

"Hey." I say sternly. He turns his head halfway with a bland face then turns back.

"Hm." He asked.

"What's your Alice?" I asked directly. There was some silence before he spoke up.

"Why should I tell you?" he said boringly. I roll my eyes.

"We're both Alices. The people you shouldn't tell your Alice to are enemies and non-Alices. Simple."I said straightforwardly. He makes a long sigh.

"I have the nullification Alice-." He hesitated. It sounded like he was going to say another one. I wonder why he didn't tell me. If he would have told me.

"Do you have another Alice?" I asked. He doesn't respond.

"I… might tell you that another time. Right now you're kind of… unpredictable." He turned to a left hallway and started to slow down.

Unpredictable? What does that mean?

He stopped at the first door in the hallway and waved me towards it. "This is it." He gestured me towards it.

"Ok." I slowly walk towards the door.

"By the way, from what I've heard, you probably don't wanna make the teacher on your bad side." He leaned against the wall. I nodded again and I reached for the handle. "And when you're done and need help with finding anything, my class is the second room in the hallway over there." He pointed to the hallway next to ours. I nodded again for the thousandth time these five minutes. "Ok, later… Polka dots." He said devilishly and started to walk towards his class. What. The. Hell. I held the knob and it started to shake a bit and turn red from the heat out of my hand.

"If you ever..." I grit through my teeth. He also stops walking and faces me. "Call me polka dots again…" the knob was shaking even more and turning redder as I grasped it harder. I look over at him with a half-turned head and glare at him. "I will burn every single hair on your body off…" I shake the knob so hard it starts to make rattling noises. He just laughs sarcastically and continues walking.

"I'd like to see you try!" he waved. "Don't you remember?" he turns around to face me with a smirk. "I have the nullification Alice." He smiles again devilishly and walks away towards his class.

UGH! I HATE HIM! I shake the knob very hard, and it gets heated so much that I leave a hand print on it and smoke comes out of it. I groan loudly and just wait outside the door. Damn… they'll probably have me pay for it… As I contemplate outside the door, it opens.

A tall man with shaggy black hair, various large rings covering his fingers, a white mask and wearing all black opens the door. With the least satisfied face. I really couldn't help but stare. At least I did it with a bland face so I don't exactly look weird. He eyes me head to toe.

"You must be Sakura Mikan." I just nod. "You could have just walked in, instead of rattling the knob annoyingly." I just blink and he sighs, obviously irritated. "Welcome to the dangerous class." He steps aside and I slowly enter and just stare at the whole class. I hear the door shut and hear his haunting voice right by my ear. "You will pay for the door knob," Crap. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice. "Except you will pay for it with your body." I watch him walk away from me and he just turns around and smirks at me.

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