Chapter One- It Started

It started out as a normal day. A normal day that the 15 year old blond adapted to; wake up at 8.30, check every room in the house, wash face, have breakfast with Jack...

Routine's bad. Alex understands that but as the months have gone on since the Desmond McCain adventures, Alex is starting accept that he's paranoid. Nobody's going to come after him- if anybody was to kill him in his house whilst he's sleeping, he wouldn't have the ability to check the rooms they'd be hiding in afterwards.

But Alex can't get rid of his memories- he's learnt that nothing is what it actually seems in the world of espionage; anybody could very well be hiding in the rooms for different reasons than to justkill him: doesn't mean their not evil. It makes him feel better that if something is wrong- he could have tried preventing it by searching the house.

This morning, he was just washing his face when he heard a weird movement- like keys jigglying off jeans and Jack's walking isn't so heavily calm. And she doesn't wear keys. Let alone in her own house. He took that all in a second, not bothering to wait to really think about whats going on- and just jumped to conclusions, fearing the worse.

Heart pumping loud and exploding at his neck, he opened his eyes- despite the water- and grabbed the first thing he reached for; mouthwash. This was something he had asked from Smithers only two weeks ago. He didn't care that he wasn't ordered to the 'Bank', he could easily persuade anybody. And at this moment Alex could have cried with gratitude because that mouthwash is actually what Smithers gave him. Nobody would expect it- if he shook it really hard, opened, and aimed- the similar form to acid would hit its target. It wouldn't kill or deeply harm the opponent, but it would give them some small form of a burn and it would hurt enough to buy him time.

Blinking against the small sting in his eyes, he stumbled backwards away from the door, slamming into the tall basket for laundary use. He continued to shake the bottle. The male at the door reacted, gasping, putting his hands up and stumbling to the side so he was less in the way. He exclaimed something, but in Alex's panic he didn't pay attention.

Then, slowly, his shaking of the mouth wash weapon slower, he started panting from adrenaline. The boy at the door waited patiently: letting out a huge sigh eventually.

"Lucky you are," Alex said, not keeping eye contact, still feeling the adrenaline in him and feeling embarrassed about it. "I thought you killed Jack- ready for me," Alex huffed out, putting the bottle back on its spot on the bench. "It's from Smithers." He looked up at the guest, "I'm really glad I didn't use it on you."

Tom Harris nodded, "that's..."

Alex shrugged, "I never knew you used keys... Your dad's always home, so you wouldn't need..."

Tom's grin went back onto his face, understanding Alex's motives, and said, "I got a job! I mean... So I get the keys! Cause... Well, they said I have to wake up early and open the store- but I finish at 1 in the afternoon so that's okay. I would give up the first week if I had to wake up at 5 and then leave late in the night!"

Alex wiped his face on a towel and slapped his friend's shoulder lightly, grinning. "Well done, Tom! Is it... just for this holidays?"

"I can't have it during school, Al... It cuts into majority of the school hours." There was a pause. "Or maybe... that's not a bad idea..."

Alex laughed at Tom's humour, "I think we should celebrate this rare occasion."

Tom nodded excitedly, "I know what I want- and your gonna have to do it for me!" Tom's face scrunched up when he realized he worded that statement wrong. "Oh, ew... ew..."

Alex laughed again, "relax Tom... I haven't had breakfast yet; so I'm assuming Jack let you in?"

Tom stared at Alex, "no; a solider did!"

Alex rolled his eyes, walking to the kitchen. Jack was already making breakfast. She smiled at the two boys, saying, "you're having breakfast too."

Tom opened his mouth to reject when Jack took out three plates and Alex smiled his evil smile. Tom sighed- despite how happy he was.

Alex didn't know what he wanted to do. It's been a week into the holidays, so far- and if he was honest, he wasnt used to the feeling of boredom. He's gotten used to the adrenaline and hype from his missions- there was never a moment that he could waste, and although he'll never want to go onto another mission for as long as he lives, and he hated the fear and threat of the overall mission, being used- he loves the fact that he helped people. He doesn't consider himself a patriot, but it feels good to know that there are families enjoying dinner together because of him.

But going back to normal, wont ever be easy. After facing crocodiles and sharks and bombs, something like games aren't as involving and intense anymore. It seems all too peaceful... or mocking. Alex normally meets up with Tom- goes for walks- anything he could do.

So, his mouth literally dropped when after breakfast, Tom suggested what he wanted Alex to do to help him celebrate his first job.

For the past month, Tom's gotten obsessed with the Internet. Alex goes on the Internet a lot himself, more than he used to- but not obsessed- like Tom.

What feels like a life time ago, he used to use the Internet mainly for school work and sometimes games. Now he's using it for games and his own research. Just last night he spent two hours just reading about world war II. He remembered vaguely that last year at school his year was learning on it. Alex didn't have the chance too- and although history class used to bore him, now he's intrigued over it now.

Tom hardly ever uses his mobile but when he does, he's messaging everybody on Facebook. Tom uses Facebook, Twitter- everything! Tom had always been the social one. Alex prefers the privacy, he hates the thought that there's so much judgement on him if he'd get a twitter or Facebook. Even if he'd get an account and wouldn't do anything- he'd be judged on that!

"Please, please, please..." Tom continued, grinning like a madmen.

Alex blinked, stunned into silence of his own on Tom's random request. He didn't need to turn around to see what Jack was doing in the kitchen- laughing over the dishes at the sink.

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