Chapter Two- Sign Up

Finally, he took a deep breath, seconds away from laughing, when he said, "Tom... Don't you think that my account... To make a Facebook account would make it painfully easier for somebody across the world, who'd want revenge- to get me?"

Tom shook his head. To which Alex sighed.

It can't be that bad, he assumed. Besides... He's already decided what he was and wasn't going to put on his account.

He has a laptop in his room. Tom knows this as Alex is dragged behind him, only stopping in his room to enter the room and turn on the computer. To which Alex abruptly presses a button on the side. With a serious look at Tom's startled face, he says, "be careful, why don't you? Did you want a red smelly paint whipped on your face?" Tom didn't reply, to which Alex expected, but he still added, "well... it would sting."

As the laptop turns on- normally, this time- Tom's face starts to get serious. Alex watches his friend warily- worried about what he had agreed to do since it gave Tom this serious face. Alex might have well accepted to go into some beauty pageant competition for all he knows and Tom was already considering what colour dress would fix Alex's complexion. Of course, that's stupid, Alex thinks as he tries not to laugh. It's impossible for him not to know what Facebook actually is.

He's about to open his mouth to break the silence, when Tom beats him to it. "What other cool gadgets do you have, Alex?" he looks around the room like he's never seen it before. "It's awesome! I want some..."

Alex's face cracks into a smile when he realizes that's why Tom was so serious.

He can't blame him- Alex, himself, loves gadgets. He has already promised himself that he'll get Tom one. Smithers' wouldn't mind- in fact, he'd love it! Before it was too late, Alex closed his mouth not to tell Tom. That way he would surprise Tom in some way that would amuse Alex first... even if it was to Tom's extent, because in the end, Tom would be happy to officially have a gadget of his own.

And then all too quickly- the laptop loaded, with Tom already double clicking on the internet server and typing in; f... a...c...e...b...o...o...k... . c...o...m.

Alex rubbed his face in half-hearted amusement, "You're online everyday- how are you such a slow typer?"

Tom glared at Alex- and somehow, it was almost as good as Wolf's. Perhaps I'm getting sentimental, Alex decided, trying to answer his weird behaviour in decisions this morning. Thinking about the comparison of Wolf and Tom, Alex grinned. Finally he grabbed his laptop and sat on the bed with Tom sitting on his wheely chair, in front of the desk, next to the bed. He spun around cheerfully to be side on side with the bed to watch whatever Alex was doing.

"God, Tom," Alex muttered, starting to regret it all, staring at the screen.

Tom attempted to pull a straight face and in a completely different voice to Alex's, he said, "I'm Alex Rider- and I'm so scared of commitment I'll grow up with a hundred and fifty two cats and parrots that'll talk in a language I made up in the shower and never have a facebook account!"

Alex laughed and added in, "happily!"

Right on the home page for Facebook; Alex Rider can sign up. It all seems to easy, Alex thought wryly. He wrote 'Al' as his first name and 'Rider' as his last name. He swallowed, ready to hear Tom's outburst at 'why on earth would you not put your first name?', when Tom was staring at the screen with a calm face. Tom nodded at Alex, with a small smile, understanding- almost like telling Alex he could proceed.

"Your email," Tom read out loud, almost impatiently with a hint of 'Tom-ness' to it. Alex started biting his thumb's nail, obviously thinking hard about something. Tom waited patiently, however, watching his friend's face- knowing already the paranoid state it was calculating in.

Finally Alex lifted his arms up, "fine!" he yelled at nobody in particular. As Tom continued to stare, it became aware to him that Alex was making a new Hotmail account. Tom didn't ask- he already knew why and Alex was half-heartedly grateful for it. Once he made the new email account, he wrote into the rectangle white box; 'desperatecause...' Tom laughed at the name; realising it was half aimed at him.

Alex rubbed his forehead, thinking of a password, when Tom mumbled, 'Password's password' and started laughing, eventually Alex joined in.

Then, finally; he clicked Sign Up.

Tom insisted on having some weird cartoon face that looked half insane and half constipated for his display picture... whilst Alex was completely disturbed by it. So, despite his inner-conscience, Alex used the newest photo of himself from his laptop. He was alone in the photo- which Alex wasn't sure was a good or bad thing, but Tom didn't comment on it.

"So, you could upload wall photos about anything- really- but-"

"I am not uploading any photos," Alex muttered.

Tom rolled his eyes at his friend. It's going to be a long day, the boy thought. Meanwhile, Alex was thinking the same thing.

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