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"Mama!" A tiny voice called. The woman addressed as "Mama" turned her head to see a tiny figure walk towards her.

"What is it, Akito?" she asked as she bent down so she could level with the dark blue-haired, honey-colored eyes boy's height.

"How did you and Papa meet?" the curious child asked.

The pink-haired woman smiled as she thought of how they first met. And also at the fact that her son already wanted to know how his parents first met…

Well, she thought. I guess almost every child wants to know how their parents met at a certain age in their life.

"Come over here on the couch," she said to her son as she stood up and walked over to the couch. Akito, four years old, followed right behind her.

The pink-haired woman, known as Amu Tsukiyomi, remembered that it was feeding time for her younger child. She said to her son, "Akito, you wait here. I'm going to go get Miu." As she was heading towards the stairs, she heard Akito say, "Okay, Mama!"

She went in the baby room and picked up one-year-old Miu out of her crib. Pink-haired, dark blue-colored eyes Miu started to wail and Amu tried to calm her down. She went back downstairs and sat on the couch.

As Amu lifted her shirt up so she could breastfeed her baby, she asked Akito, "So you want to know how your father and I met?" Akito nodded eagerly.

"Very well," Amu said. She tried to think of how to explain this to a four-year-old for a minute. "Well, for starters, it was the same day my first Shugo Chara hatched. I was about twelve, and your father was about seventeen."

"Mama, what's a Shugo Chara?" Akito interrupted.

Amu smiled as she remembered her four Guardian Characters, who were no longer with her. "Shugo Chara's are like little fairies. They represent on who you want to be."

Akito, wide-eyed, asked, "Will I get one too?" Amu laughed and said, "Yes, you probably will someday. You just have to recognize who you want to be first."

"You said first Shugo Chara, does that mean you have more?" Akito asked, forgetting about the original story.

Amu smiled and said, "Yes, I had four of them. Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia. Most people have one or two, but I was special, so I had three at first, then the fourth egg came along later. I had the privilege of owning the Humpty Lock."

"What's a Humpty Lock?" the curious child asked.

"The Humpty Lock is a lock that enables you to Character Transform," Amu answered.

"What's Character Transform?" he asked.

Amu laughed and said, "Akito, weren't we on another story before? I'll tell you all about it later, okay?"

Akito, although slightly disappointed, nodded.

Amu adjusted her breast and thought for a moment. "Now where was I? Oh yes, it was on the same day my first Shugo Chara, Ran, hatched. I was about twelve and your father was about seventeen. At that time, he was part of a bad organization called Easter. That thieving cat tried to steal my other two eggs that haven't hatched yet. I tried to get them back by reaching my hand over his shoulder, and my face got close to his. The eggs somehow fell from his hand and I jumped to catch them. I did, but I was falling. Ran told me to believe in myself to fly. I did, and something extraordinarily happened; I somehow caused myself to Character Transform with Ran! Immediately I was dressed in a pink short tank-top, a pink mini-skirt, pink tennis shoes, pink socks that reached my shin, a pink sun-visor, a ribbon around my neck, and a heart where my hairband used to be to complete it."

Akito sat there amazed. "What happened next?"

Amu spent nearly thirty minutes explaining how her and her husband met before she heard a very familiar voice say, "I'm home!"

Amu turned her head towards a dark blue-haired man coming towards her with a violin case over his shoulder. "Welcome back," she replied. "I was just explaining to Akito how we met."

"Oh, is that so? I remember that very well. You were so cute back then," he smirked.

Amu, who still hasn't completely gotten over her stubborn character, retorted, "Yeah, and you were so perverted."

"Were?" Ikuto Tsukiyomi questioned, bending over Amu as he licked both of her ears and lightly touched her breasts, one still being occupied by Miu. Then he gently kissed and licked her lips before he pulled back, smirked, and said, "Aren't I still perverted, Amu-koi?"

Amu blushed brightly and stammered, "I-Ikuto, Akito is still watching…" as she turned her gaze to her son, who stared back at her. She turned back to Ikuto and retorted, "I wouldn't want him to become perverted like you, or worse!"

Ikuto smirked again, and while turning to his mini-clone, contently stated, "He probably won't because he's probably thinking that what we did was gross, right, Akito?"

Akito nodded and exclaimed, "I would never do that!" Then, he scrambled from the couch and went upstairs to play in his room.

Ikuto looked in the direction Akito went and said, "I can't believe he's already four years old…" he smiled and sat down on the couch next to Amu.

"Yeah…" Amu smiled, half-forgetting the embarrassing scene that happened just now. "I was a little surprised when he asked how we met."

Ikuto smirked. "Heh. He's at that age," he turned to look at Amu. "Those days are still fresh in my mind, you know," he smiled gently. "I'm glad I met you."

Amu blushed and slowly turned her head to look at Ikuto, whose eyes were glowing with – what seemed to Amu, anyways – love.

"I'm glad I met you, too," she said softly and cuddled against him. Ikuto responded by wrapping his arms around her, closing his eyes as he kissed her hair.

Amu lay there in Ikuto's arms, taking in his warmth and scent as she recalled the memories of her and Ikuto: how they first met, the time when he stayed at Amu's house, his confession to her, her first kiss, his proposal, their marriage, their first child…she smiled more and more as she thought of each of those memories, and her love for Ikuto grew by each second. Without realizing it, she said, "I love you, Ikuto."

Ikuto, who was a little surprised by Amu's sudden outburst, replied, "I love you, too, Amu. I always will. I promise to protect you and our children." He tilted her head up so that he could see her and leaned in for a kiss.

Amu's heart fluttered as Ikuto placed his lips on hers. She took in the warmth, softness, and meaning of the kiss. Ikuto kissed her with love, and she could really feel it. Amu kissed him back, wanting to move deeper into the kiss. Ikuto seemed to understand as he put one hand behind her head and the other hand behind her back and deepened the kiss.

They finally pulled back, taking short breaths. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled, reading the message in their eyes that said, "I love you."

Amu sat back in the couch, and, after pondering for a few moments, said, "By the way, Ikuto… I went to the doctor earlier today because I was feeling kinda funny over the past few days, and…" Amu looked at Ikuto, excitement dancing in her eyes, "I'm pregnant again," she smiled.

Ikuto's eyes twinkled and said, "I'll be looking forward to our new child," he smiled and put his arm around Amu.

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