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Also, this chapter takes place one year later after the last one. Akito is 5, Miu is 2, and the new baby is 9 months old. The current month is in February. Enjoy!

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"Wow, good job, Kiku!" Amu exclaimed.

Kiku, the new baby, now nine months old, giggled with delight as she stood on her two legs with the coffee table as her support.

Ikuto watched the dark blue-haired, dark blue-eyed baby from the couch. "She's not even a year old and she can already stand!" He smiled contentedly.

Amu looked at Ikuto, smiled, and stated, "Yeah, she's a fighter. I wonder what kind of Shugo Chara she'll have."

"I think we're both wanting to know what Shugo Chara's our children will have," he agreed as he watched Akito and Miu, who were standing nearby, also watching their baby sister.

Akito asked Amu, "Mama, how old was I when I stood up?"

Amu thought for a moment and replied, "I think you were about a year old."

"Miu was a year old, too, wasn't she?" Akito spoke for Miu, whose vocabulary wasn't as good as her brother's.

Amu nodded and said, "Why, yes, I believe she was. Shortly after I told your father I was pregnant again."

Akito looked at Kiku and wondered out loud, "Then why is Kiku standing even though she's nine months old?"

Amu smiled and said, "All babies are different, Akito. Some stand before they're a year old, and some stand much later."

"But why?" Akito inquired.

"Well, what do you think? Wouldn't it be boring if everyone was the same?" Amu reasoned.

Akito thought about that for a moment and didn't reply for a while. Miu was also pondering on what her mother said. Even though she can't speak as well as her brother yet, she can understand words pretty well.

Ikuto smiled at the two pondering children and said, "Well, Amu, I think you gave them something that's too hard to ponder for their age."

Amu rolled her eyes at Ikuto. He chuckled.

Kiku looked at Akito and Miu, giggled, got down on the floor, and crawled over to the still-pondering children. She looked up into their faces, giggled, sat down on the floor, and copied their thinking poses. Amu and Ikuto laughed.

"How cute!" Amu exclaimed. "Akito, Miu, look at Kiku! She's copying your faces!"

Akito and Miu stopped thinking for the moment and looked at Kiku. Miu giggled and said, "Funny Kiku."

Akito looked at Amu and asked, "Why is she copying us?"

Amu replied, "Babies do that because they're learning how to communicate and how to make facial expressions. You often mimicked me and Papa from time to time when you were a baby. Even now, you still do it," she smiled. "Miu also mimics us sometimes, but I think she mostly mimics you," she laughed.

Akito looked puzzled for a moment, then his face lit up as if he suddenly got what Amu was saying. "Yeah, I see Miu copy me a lot. It's kind of annoying, though," he glanced at Miu, who giggled at his response.

Miu turned away to play with Kiku. Meanwhile, Amu pulled Akito aside to have a private talk with him. "Akito, I want you to do me a big favor. Are you listening?" Akito nodded, looking serious. He liked doing his mother favors. Amu continued, "Well, me and your Papa are busy a lot of times, and sometimes we don't watch you and your sisters as much as we should. Could you do me a favor by watching your sisters to see that they don't get into any trouble? Oh, and also, don't turn out like your father, the pervert he is with girls."

Akito was about to reply when Amu felt someone breathe into her ear, "I heard that." Ikuto suddenly appeared behind Amu and licked her right ear. Akito stared at them as Ikuto kissed Amu on the lips and touched her breasts lightly before wrapping his arms behind Amu, closed his eyes, and purred through her hair, "You're so mean. I'm not a pervert with all girls, only you."

Amu's eyebrow twitched on her blushing face as she slowly uttered, "I-ku-to…!" She turned around and gave him a don't-touch-me glare and Ikuto backed off, chuckling.

Amu gave an exasperated sigh before turning back to Akito with a smiling face. "So you won't turn out like your father, right?"

Akito nodded and said determinedly, "I'll never be like that. And Mama, I promise to be a good big brother when you aren't around to watch them. But I have one question."

"What is it?" Amu urged Akito.

Akito looked like he was reconsidering the question he was about to ask, but changed his mind. "How are babies made?"

Amu and Ikuto looked at each other and smiled. Amu turned back to Akito and said, "Maybe we'll tell you when you're older."

Me: Phew! Finally done! I didn't expect to write the second chapter so soon because I didn't really have a plot in mind. I guess the plot unfolded on its own.

Amu: So how did you come up with "Kiku"?

Me: The two k's are from "Ikuto", the "i" is from "Ikuto", and the "u" is from "Ikuto" and "Amu". Kiku has four letters which is between 3 and 5 (Amu and Ikuto). Kiku has more letters in her father's name because she looks like her father (with the dark blue eyes and hair).

Ikuto: *smirk* Maybe she'll be the one to turn out perverted instead.

Amu: No way! Girls aren't perverts like boys!

Ikuto: *looks at Amu, smirking* Really, Amu-koi?

Amu: *stuttering and stammering*

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