A 100-chapter drabble series that I'm doing for the "Challenges from the Homestead" challenge. Each chapter is exactly one hundred words and they'll all be focusing on Jamie. The drabbles will connect to each other but there won't be a super definitive plotline. It'll mostly just be be whatever I feel like writing at the moment.

Anyways, this is a story where Jamie is female. I honestly always thought s/he was a girl and so it surprised me when I found out Jamie was actually perceived as a boy more often in fanfiction! My brother married her on his game (then of course found it that that ended the game and was understandably upset), and so I always just assumed s/he was a girl. S/he is a very unique character, being that his/her gender switches depending on the gender of the main character. Seeing how Jamie can be either gender, I feel both versions deserve representation in the fandom. So I've decided to stick with Female Jamie as my own headcanon.

Will this story ship Adam and Jamie? Yes, probably, but pretty subtly. I'm not a huge romancer and I prefer my romances to simmer rather than blaze. Anywho, comment if you enjoy or if you see something that can be improved. I always appreciate the feedback.

I don't own Harvest Moon.

I don't need help.

I don't need friends.

And I don't need your sympathy, or anyone else's.

I work alone. I find everything I need with the plow in my hands and the sun on my back. I won't be made a fool of like my mother. She staked everything on the good nature of others, and in return it cost her life. I learnt an important lesson from her.

Most don't care for my company. That suits me well. People only care when it's convenient. And anyone who says otherwise is naive or an idiot. Likely they are both.