Anna's eyes slowly fluttered open, her throat felt sore after that smoke. Suddenly, a four year old with a black magic marker and large, blue hair appeared over her. "Hold on, stop squirming, you squirm a lot in your sleep, let me finish my signature so you'll get better." He said, and then he placed the magic marker on her head and finished writing his signature. "Black star…." Anna said. Black star looked down, just as he was met with a punch to the face. He flew off the bed, and slid across the newly waxed floor until he crashed into the wall.

Anna started laughing, and then black star flipped himself and landed on his feet. Anna quickly grabbed a mirror and held it up to her face. She quickly rubbed the signature off with her sleeve. "Black star, you idiot….." she stopped, and looked closer at the mirror. She gasped. Her long hair had been burned, now her blonde hair was mid neck length now. "My hair…" she said as she felt it.

Then, it hit her. The realizations that her parents were dead washed over her like a wave of cold agony; she dropped the mirror, and fell back onto the pillow. "Oh god….." she said. "Hey, you okay?" black star said. "NO! Of course I'm not okay, my parents are dead, and I'll never get to see them again!" she yelled as tears rolled down her face. She grabbed the mirror and threw it at the wall right as Miss Nygus walked in. "oh my!" she said, startled by the mirror breaking a foot away from her face. She looked over at Anna and she said "oh! You're awake, and how are you feeling?" "Terrible" Anna replied, and where is miss medusa?" "Nurse Medusa is away on personal matters right now, but I am filling in for her" Nygus replied.

Nygus looked over at black star and gave him a stern look. "Fine, fine! I'll leave" black star said, and then he left. "Anna, I am so, so sorry that we couldn't get there in time, you're parents were very good people" she said, grasping Anna's hand. Anna pulled away, and turned away from Nygus. "No, don't, it's my fault. I've been training, I could have stopped her, but I froze up, if only I had been stronger, I could have stopped her" Anna said. "No, don't blame yourself, if you had tried, then that witch would have killed you as well" Nygus said. "Yeah whatever, can you just leave me alone?" Anna said, still with her back to Nygus. "Very well, just call me if you need anything" she said, and then she walked over to the door, opened it, and left.

Tears rolled down young Anna's face. "If only I had been a little stronger… if only…" she whispered to herself as she drifted off into sleep.