Bleep, Bleep, Blee-

Anna quickly sat up, and rammed her fist into what she thought was her alarm clock and heard it clatter to the ground. She stretched her arms and yawned loudly, her eyes still closed. She reached her hands up to her head to brush her hair out of her face, when she felt something warm trickle down her face. Her eyes shot open, and she looked at her hand, which had multiple cuts with a tiny piece of glass lodged in her hand. Startled, she fell out of her bed and fell onto the floor, she took a deep breath, and ripped the glass out. She reached out and grabbed a roll of bandages and wrapped them around her wound. She grabbed the rail of her bed to stand up, when she realized she couldn't, her legs were too weak, she lifted herself up with her arms and got herself on two legs, which wobbled violently. She was about to lift herself into bed when she said "hey, I don't have a bed rail" she looked around the room, and saw she was in the infirmary, and the thing she hit was the monitor which now had a large Anna-shaped fist hole in it, and she was in a hospital gown. She suddenly got dizzy, and sat down on the bed, her legs flooding with feeling. She took a deep breath, and sighed. "What the hell happened?" she said. She stood up, her legs still a little wobbly, and realized she was higher. She looked down, and saw she was taller, and older.

She ran to the door and threw it up, and ran out. She ran into a hallway, and looked both way, and ran to the right. She ran down a corner, and slammed right into a girl. They both flew down, and Anna started to get up. "Oh my god I'm so sorry-"the girl started to say as she was getting up, then she saw Anna's face. Maka's face turned white, her mouth opened, but she was speechless. "Maka?" Anna said. "What the hell is going on? And why do you look so much older?" "Anna?" Maka said. "Yeah, why are you looking at me like that? You only saw me a week ago!" Anna said. Then, Anna's eyes widened, and she rubbed her neck. "My voice! It's so different!" she said. "Anna, is that really you?" Maka asked, still shocked. "Yes of course it's me! What happened? Why was I in the infirmary?" she asked. "Anna, what's the last thing you remember?" Maka asked slowly. "I was at the witch castle, and, there was this bright light and then I was falling and then, darkness." Anna said.

Then Anna noticed what Maka had been carrying, it was a balloon that said "happy birthday" on it, and she was carrying a cake. "Um, is that vanilla?" she said. Maka nodded, and then she said. "Anna, you've been asleep, for a while, c'mon, let's get back to the room, you do know hospital gowns don't have backsides, right?" Anna's eyes widened and she grabbed the back and tried to cover herself. "c'mon, let's get back to the room, before any boys see you and get a nosebleed" Maka said, smiling. They then walked back to the room and shut the door. Maka looked around, and saw the broken monitor. "I guess that's what woke me up" Anna said. "I thought it was my alarm clock" then suddenly, the door opened and a boy walked in, saw Anna, and passed out immediately. He had jet black hair and three white stripes in his hair. "Kid? is that you?" Anna said. He was still knocked out, so they lifted him into a chair.

A glass of cold water splashed into kid's face, forcing him awake. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Anna and Maka. "Wha- wha- what the fuck?" he said. "How are you…?" "I woke up, what happened how long has it been!" Anna asked. "And whose birthday is it?" "Anna, you were in a coma, the explosion from the tower hurled you off, and you've been in a coma for four years!" Anna's eyes widened. She sat down on the bed. "That explains a lot" she said. "I'm having trouble processing this." "Oh, and by the way" Maka said, turning around and grabbing the cake and then placing it on Anna's lap. "Happy birthday!" she said. "It's…. it's my birthday?" Anna asked. "Yep, it's your fourteenth." Kid replied. "Aww guys, thanks so much!" Anna said. "So, what's changed?" "Nothing much, a few kids have come and gone, this and that," Maka said. "Wait a minute..." Anna said, before taking a bite out of her cake. She suddenly got angry and stood up. "Sid and lord death have some serious explaining to do." She said, and then she stormed out the door. She then opened the door and came back in and said "I need to change, can you guys get me some clothes?" "Well, there are some clothes in that drawer, I always bought new ones in case you woke up" Maka said, pointing to the drawer. "Great! Now leave, I gotta change, and just stay out in the hallway, don't go anywhere or say anything" Anna said. They nodded, and left the room. Four minutes later, Anna stormed out, and kid and Maka looked at each other, and then followed her.

She stormed through the hallways, which were luckily empty, because everyone was at class. She stomped over to the death room and kicked open the doors and ran in, with kid and Maka following her. She walked in, and Sid and lord death were conversing, not noticing her. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing!" Anna shouted, scaring them both. "Anna? What are you-, when did you wake up?" Sid said. "Just now and why didn't you tell me you were tracking the witch who killed my parents! And what happened back there?" she said. Lord death and Sid looked at each other, and lord death said "well, the witch self destructed, and apparently killed herself, we have no evidence to suggest otherwise, and if she did survive, she's fallen off the map! And we didn't tell you because we didn't want you to get hurt or get involved" "well, you did a fine job of that!" Anna said. "And, now that I'm fourteen, I get to enroll and get a weapon and go on missions, right?" "yes, but it will take a while for Nygus and nurse medusa to release you, you just woke up from a coma, it could take weeks, maybe months until you're out." Lord death said. "and you're not done with your training, I still have a few more sessions with you, now that it's been four years and there may be things you've forgotten and you're body hasn't trained in a long time, and stein still needs to teach you the soul wavelength thing." Sid said. "Fine, but we are not done with this conversation!" Anna said, as she turned and stormed out the door, Maka and kid right behind her.

After the door had shut, lord death and Sid stood there in silence, when lord death said "she's scary" Sid nodded. "Alert the teachers that Anna is back, especially medusa and Nygus." Lord death said. Sid nodded again, and then walked over to the door, opened it, and left.