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Summary: The story is set in 2007 during the events of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (not sure if that's the right year but since that's when the book came out that's what I'm using); right after Harry, Ron, and Hermione escape the bank by riding a dragon. Ciel has been a demon for about 118 years. In the anime he became a demon in 1889 when he was 13 years old.

I'm going to try my best to stay true to the characters and events, but my first responsibility is to my story and the people that will one day read it. For that reason I may end up taking some liberties and making things a little more OC than would otherwise be the case. So, if you run across something that seems a little bit too OC or OE, don't complain. I warned you. No one's forcing you to read this. However, If you spot errors of spelling, missing words, thing that could be added in or taken out, and such that would improve the story, I'd like to hear it. If you like it I'd like to hear that too. Please review.

Just a reminder incase it later comes up. Sebastian usually calls Ciel: My Lord, bocchan, or Young Master.

Bocchan means Young Master in Japanese. I'm not sure if that's spelled right, but I'd like you all (for the sake of argument) to pretend that it is.



Demons, Horcruxes, And Harry


Chapter 1


(Ciel's Point Of View:)

Thinking about the past was not something that Ciel Phantomhive liked to do. In fact he spent more time then he would ever willingly admit to to NOT thinking about the past, every single day. Some days were more successful than others. Unfortunately this wasn't one of those days.

The problem was that his past was what shaped him into his current self. Every day of his existence he was reminded of that, and of what he lost.

His family.

His childhood.

His home.

His humanity.

It was nicely ironic that the one person who gave him any sense of peace was a demon he would have willingly given his life and soul to. A demon he knew wished, in silence, for his death. But that was impossible now.

Ciel still looked like a short 13 year old boy with dark navy blue-gray hair, fair porcelain skin, his left eye usually hidden by a black eye-patch to cover the mark of his demonic contract (a purple pentagram inside a jagged circle), while the other eye was a bright sapphire blue. However he was no longer human. He was a demon. He'd been a demon for about 118 years.

Since he was forced to live forever he'd had no choice but to get used to his new life as a demon, and found that he quite liked it a lot. He was faster, stronger, more graceful, and more powerful than he could have ever hoped to be as a human. It was great to never again have to worry about being a weak and helpless child at the non-existent mercy of enemies. The only ones stronger than himself were other supernatural's (demons, angels, Shinnigami's), and if he ever had trouble with them his butler and constant companion, Sebastian, would protect him.

Which brought him right back to his earlier thoughts.

After everything they'd been through together, he owed the elder demon a debt that he could never repay. It wasn't even his fault.

His honor and pride had pushed him to do his best to fulfil his obligation to the contract. The moment Ciel achieved his revenge Sebastian was to eat his soul. He'd even ordered Sebastian to do it, and to serve him as his butler until he'd eaten every last piece of his soul. He'd never expected to get turned into a demon, thus trapping Sebastian at his side forever as his butler.

He could just imagine the mocking look in Sebastian's red eyes, the annoying smirk that would curl those thin lips of his up, if Ciel ever tried to apologize. What happened back then wasn't his fault, so he shouldn't have to. Besides, his pride would never let him.

Ciel absolutely HATED admitting, even to himself, just how much the tall black clad, black haired demon butler meant to him. It was sickening how much he looked forward to seeing that pale face and hearing that smooth velvet voice. How alone he felt when Sebastian wasn't around.

Ciel would never tell him how much he cared. The irritating fiend would never let him hear the end of it if he did. But Ciel couldn't stop himself from thinking about it. It was why, every once in a while, he would try to think of something "nice" he could do for his butler. Some small way to thank him for all he had done, and to make up for not being able to give the demon his soul or return his freedom.

It was why he'd allowed Sebastian to have 3 pet cats.

Ciel wasn't allergic to cats anymore, now that he was a demon. But he still hated the selfish little creatures. Not that he was jealous of the attention Sebastian so willingly fawned upon them. No, it wasn't that. Not at all. It really wasn't.

Ciel just happened to like dogs better. Really. Any other reason would be stupid and childish. Ciel was not a child. For Hell's sake he was 131 years old!



At the moment Ciel was lost in thought while sitting at his desk in the study of his secluded two story lake-house. He had a stack of papers to go through for the Funtom Company that needed his personal attention.

Being a demon didn't stop paperwork from being necessary, or boring.

Sebastian came in with the tea trolley. He elegantly poured some tea into a delicate little tea cup and set it on the desk. Ciel picked up the cup and inhaled the lovely fragrance.

"An Earl Gray-Jasmine blend, correct." he stated.

"Yes, My Lord," was the reply.

This was one of their comfortable, pointless, yet habitual routines. As a demon, Ciel could only enjoy the fragrance of food or drink. All human food tasted like ash to him now, and all beverages might as well be air.

However, Afternoon tea was an old habit from his human life and he could still enjoy the delicious scent.

Ciel gazed contemplatively at Sebastian, recalling how bored he was and his earlier thoughts. Perhaps now would be a good time for both of them to take a little break from their work. He set down the cup and said, in his usual commanding tone:

"Sebastian, we're going for a walk."


"…My Lord?"


He always enjoyed startling Sebastian. Finding ways to break that calm, sometimes smilingly, blank expression the butler always wore was one of his favorite games. He doubted he would ever tire of it.


"Young Master, these are important papers for your company. It would not do to slack off." Sebastian said. "Besides, there is still much for me to do and I do not wish to through off my schedule."


Unfortunately it never lasted long. Damn him! He always regains his composure so quickly. If I'd blinked I would have missed it. He wears that expression like a mask.

Of course I let none of my irritation show. As a Noble and a Phantomhive I learned a long time ago how to make my face like a mask as well, only showing what I wanted others to see. Right now I was wearing my haughty arrogant expression. It's always been my favorite and most comfortable look, or as they say in these modern times, my 'default' look.

"Sebastian, I'm sure the papers can wait a while longer. I'm even more certain that the house will not collapse into rubble if you take a break away from it for an afternoon."

I gave him a mischievous smirk.

"Unless of course you have utterly failed as my butler…?"


"Of course not, My Lord."


"Then I see no problems." Heh, he can't argue now. "Come, let us walk along the lake and forget our responsibilities for a while."

"Very well, Young Master, I'll get your coat."



It was cool, but not cold outside. Other than a slight breeze, the day was still. Not wanting to get any mud on their shoes, the two demons kept their distance from the lake-shore as they walked. Ciel walked quietly with Sebastian only a step behind, enjoying the peace and solitude. He breathed in the fresh clean air and relished the gentle sounds of the lake kissing the shore.

He felt his earlier irritation fade, and a covert glance showed that even Sebastian seemed to have relaxed a little. He almost felt like smiling.

Far off, he saw a bird in flight and idly asked Sebastian what type it was.

The older demon looked in the indicated direction and stiffened in momentary surprise.

"My Lord, that is not a bird."

"Don't be silly. It's certainly not a plane."

"No, My Lord, It is not a bird or a plane." He replied, never taking his eyes from the unexpected sight.

"Then what is it?"

"A dragon."


The butler continued speaking, ignoring his Master's look of stunned disbelief.

"It is most unusual to see one now-a-days as they are not at all common. Also, there are no indigenous dragons living in the area."


"…And you're sure that that is a dragon?"

"Positive, My Lord."


The two had stopped walking and were now simply watching the approaching creature.

Ciel was really excited. He'd always believed that dragons were imaginary beasts like unicorns and griffins. When he was little his mother would read him stories of fantastical adventures, full of magic, knights, wizards, and wondrous animals. Even though he had known that such things didn't exist, Ciel had always wished that they had. Well, he was certainly looking at one now.

Ciel grinned. He was actually looking at a real dragon. The dragon's size was becoming more apparent as it flew closer. My GOD! It's as big as a house! His next thought was I'm so glad I got out of the house today. I would have missed this if I hadn't. Then he frowned as something else occurred to him.

"Sebastian, should we worry about the safety of our house?"


The butler smiled his sparkly trust-me-I'm-wonderful-and-capable smile.

"There is no need for concern, bocchan. It is probably just thirsty, however if it does decide to make a nuisance of itself I shall make it leave."



The dragon began to circle the lake, descending lower and lower with each pass. The two demons could see 3 people were clinging onto its back. On the fourth pass the passengers jumped from the dragon and into the water below. By the fifth pass, the dragon's former passengers had managed to surface and begun heading to the nearest shore; meanwhile, the dragon came to a clumsy landing on the opposite lakeside and greedily drank its fill of water before once more taking to the sky and disappearing.

The demons moved in unobtrusively closer to where the dragon riders (2 boys and 1 girl in their mid-to-late teens) had finally scrambled on to land, panting in exhaustion.

They watched, un-noticed, as the 3 pulled out elegant sticks, chanted a few brief words, and were suddenly dry.

Ciel whispered quietly, "Sebastian, what are they?"

"Bocchan, they are wizards"



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