The sun was just rising on the cozy diner in Kinglands, Georgia. The diner was famous for its waffles. The Waffle House was an institute in Georgia since the 1950s. The yellow and black sign had set mouths drooling for decades. Even at 6AM on a Sunday the Restaurant was packed with customers. Angry Bird Craig was manning the grill with his usual finesse. The regular customers respected his skill with an omelet. An Angry Bird Craig omelet was light and fluffy with a golden crispness around the edges. The regular customers knew his shifts and were sure to drop by for one of his delightful delicacies not to mention the patented Angry Bird humor. Craig was easily recognized by the red Angry Bird baseball cap he always wore. However, all this was lost on the tall, long haired patron huddled over his laptop in a corner booth ignoring the organized chaos of the Waffle House's Sunday morning breakfast rush.

The door to the Waffle House opened for the tall sandy brown haired green eyed man. The female and a few of the male customers admired his sweet ass as he strutted through the restaurant with confidence. Those bow legs and plush lips putting dirty thoughts into their heads. "Hi ya Dean!" Angry Bird Craig called out from the grill. Dean returned the greeting with a cheeky smile and a manly head nod. "Yo, Bird man what's up." "Same old same old." Angry Bird said as he flipped a cheese omelet with one hand while placing a plate of two poached eggs on toast on the divider under the order tag. He yelled out to the waitress "order up Adam & Eve on a raft for Customer Service table five." Angry Bird Craig laughed out loud when he saw how fast Dean jerked his head around to table five to see the two beautiful blonde babes in low cut tops. "Nice one Angry Bird." The ladies were confused but returned Dean's smile. "Dean you know diner lingo," Angry Bird said with a smile in his voice. "I know all the codes for gorgeous ladies." Dean replied sending a wink to the ladies who now understood that "customer service" was diner speak for an attractive table.

Dean walked up to Sam in the corner booth, a smirk still playing on his lips. What he saw at Sam's booth made his smirk widen. Sam's head was buried in his laptop while the well endowed waitress filled his coffee mug trying very hard to get his attention off the laptop and on her cleavage. But his geeky little brother wasn't paying any attention and didn't even lift his head as muttered a polite thank you. The waitress huffed a little in disgust until her eyes landed on Dean. Once again the 1000 watt smile and the impressive cleavage made an appearance. However, this time they were both fully enjoyed by a delighted Dean. "Hi sexy. Welcome back. Can I grab you a menu?" Daisy said a low smoky voice. "Daisy you can grab anything you want," came Dean's quick reply. Daisy winked and grabbed his ass as she walked off to get his menu. Dean was watching her hips sway as she walked away. The loud clearing of a throat brought Dean's attention back to Sam just in time to catch Sam's eye roll.

"Dude, how does everyone in this restaurant know you? We've only been in town 3 days!" Sam said, irritation lacing his voice. "What can I say Sammy? People love me" Dean said with joy. "Don't call me Sammy." "Whatever." Dean said sliding into the booth. "So what's got you so distracted you don't notice the waitress pouring her breasts into your coffee" Sam looked at Dean completely confused. "Who did what?"

At that moment Daisy came back with Dean's menu. Dean glanced at it briefly and asked Daisy. "So what's good?" Daisy leaned in a whispered in his ear "me" licking his ear on the way up. Dean's genuine smile lit up the room, while Sam looked on in disgust at the blatant display. "I'll bet! I need to eat first to I can perform at my best. Can I have the two eggs Wreck 'em with a side of pig and a cup of Joe?" "Do you want Heart Attack on a Rack with that? I highly recommend it," Daisy said. "That sounds excellent and also an Eve with a Lid thank you, beautiful." Daisy glowed at the compliment bouncing back to the grill ignoring a customer trying to get her attention for a coffee refill.

"I'm totally in," Dean said like an excited 8 year old with a new toy. Sam stared at him with a completely blank look, "dude what the hell did you just order?"

Dean grinned "What's the problem? College boy can't understand english?" Enjoying finally knowing something that Sammy didn't. Just because Dean wanted to see that bitch face, he added. "Hey Sammy you think she will let me lick gravy off her nipple." "Dude seriously I'm trying to eat," Sam said throwing down his fork and revealing bitch face number 13. 13 was Dean's favorite of Sam's bitch faces. There just something about the way Sam's lips pushed into his mouth in disgust while the left dimple showed a bit and his eyes were narrowed in exasperation. Dean just shrugged while secretly laughing at how easy Sam was to mess with. "Fine! Don't tell me what you ordered I don't care. Can we please talk about this new case I found?" "Ah, do we have to leave Georgia already? I really like it here," Dean whined. "Yes, a guy died of scurvy on the Freedom of the Seas. That kind of takes priority over you getting laid." "Did you just say scurvy? And what the heck is the Freedom of the Seas?" "A very big Cruise ship leaving out of Orlando, Florida today at 1PM." "Wait are you saying we're going on a cruise?"

Dean could feel his excitement growing at the prospect. He was 12 years old the first time he saw the Atlantic Ocean and he loved it instantly. His dad had driven the Impala on the Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach being one of the only beaches in the USA that allowed vehicles to drive right on the sand. John had parked on the beach at dusk and John, Dean and Sam ate dinner as the sun set over the ocean. Dean enjoyed the sight of the Impala, always his baby, gleaming in contrast against the soft white sand. Something about the salted ocean air, mixed with the smell of his dad's leather jacket, and the sand under his bare feet put Dean at peace. Sammy had loved it too; he built an elaborate sand castle in the waning sunlight and named it Buckingham Palace ever the geek even at 8 years old.

Going on a trip by ship was twenty times better then in a death trap of an airplane. Man was not meant to fly. It was against nature. Lisa had a picture of her and Ben on a Caribbean Cruise. They swam with the stingrays and Dean was amazed at how crystal clear the ocean in Grand Cayman looked. He always wanted to see water that blue and perfect in person. "Please, Please Sammy tell me we are going on a cruise to Grand Cayman." Sam turned surprised eyes on Dean; what the heck did Dean know about Grand Cayman Sam wondered. He said slowly, "yes we have a hunt on the Freedom of the Seas and the cruise stops in George Town, Grand Cayman. But we probably won't leave the ship as we'll be focusing on the thing that caused someone to get scurvy and die during the course of a seven day cruise."

Dean's retort was cut off by the arrival of the food. Dean's scrambled eggs, side of bacon, biscuit and gravy, double crust apple pie and coffee were served with a flourish by a smiling Daisy. If it were possible Daisy's blouse had even more buttons undone revealing the top of her lacey black bra with hot pink trim. Even Sam couldn't miss the display this time. "Anything else sexy?" She purred, pleased that now she had both men's attention on her Fredrick's of Hollywood bra. That bra had cost a pretty penny, why not show it off? It was a present to herself after divorcing her controlling husband. After 8 years of having all her behavior monitored and directed by that evil man, she was glad to be a free spirit who enjoyed men for the amusement they could provide with no ties. Dean looked like he could provide her hours of wicked amusement. Daisy was pleased by his reply of "Just your number." She quickly countered with "I can do you one better. I get off in 30 minutes. How about I show you the inside of my apartment?"

Just as Dean was going to answer he would love to see anything she wanted to show him, Sam cut in "Dean we have to head down to Orlando for our cruise." Dean didn't hear Sam, too enthralled by Daisy's bra. "Dean" Sam waited. Still no reply. "Dean" he yelled in Dean's ear. "What?" Dean's said taking his eyes from Daisy. "We have to go on this cruise. It's a hundred n' eighty miles and we have to stop for clothes before leaving." "Daisy sweetheart I can meet you after your shift, but I only have a couple of hours." Even better Daisy thought and stated, "I only need a couple of hours; my place is about 10 minutes from here. You can let your brother have the car for shopping and I'll get you back to the hotel by about 9AM. That should give you plenty of time to catch your boat." "It's not a boat it's a ship," came Sam's irritated reply. "Every ship is a boat, but not every boat is a ship" was Daisy's quick retort much to Dean's amusement and Sam's embarrassment.

"That sounds perfect, we don't need two people to go Wal-Mart shopping," Dean agreed easily ignoring bitch face number 5. Sam's "no way I'm letting you do that" bitch face number 5 was definitely not Dean's favorite. "Sounds great, enjoy your breakfast boys," She winked at Dean and went to take another order.

"Seriously Dean you're leaving me to clothes shop at Wal-Mart, while you go get laid? How is that fair?" "How much shopping is there really? Plus we leave here at 10:AM at the latest so we'll make it to Orlando way before 1PM. Please Sam it's been so long since I had some in the sack fun. My last chick was the Amazon. I need to get laid before my balls turn permanently blue." Dean tried to give Sam the puppy dog eyes which must have worked, because Sam huffed and held his hand out of the Impala's keys. "Thank you Sam you're the greatest." "Greatest sucker you mean. Be sure she isn't a monster this time please and no later then 9:30 AM Dean. I mean it I don't want to miss the ship. And you can pay the bill." Sam said standing up and heading towards the door. Missing Dean's huge smile as he stuffed his face with eggs and apple pie.

Sam got to the Wal-mart parking lot that was jam packed with cars. Sam parked way off in the parking lot away from the other cars that looked like rejects from Bobby's salvage yard. No way would Sam risk the Impala next to one of those junkers. As Sam entered the store he bumped his head on the corner of a low hanging yellow smiley face Wal-Mart sign. Rubbing his forehead as his eyes watered from the sharp pain, he wiped the bit of blood on his pants. Seriously, he had fought and killed 6 vampires last night with Dean; but less then five minutes in Wal-Mart and already he got injured. He grabbed the only shopping cart and of course it had a bad wheel that made the thing want to veer left into the display of Cracker Jack popcorn boxes. Sam was surprised they still made Cracker Jacks so he grabbed a box vowing he wouldn't share it with Dean. Sam easily found board shorts, dress pants and button down dress shirts for the dining room. His biggest challenge was finding a pair of swim trunks that fit right for his long legs. Most of the trunks came way above the knee and looked silly. Sam wasn't picky, he couldn't afford to be with his budget, but sometimes being 6'4 was a real pain in the ass.

Looking at his watch he noticed it was already 9:30. Damn that went by fast! He wondered if there was some kind of Wal-Mart dimension that made time fly. Sam grabbed another pair of swim trunks really hoping these would fit. As he lifted the trunks another article of clothing caught his eye and he laughed a truly evil and delighted laugh. "Please be Dean's size." Sam said out loud. A female shopper with a small child heard the evil laugh, saw what he was holding and the blood on his forehead. Her eyes got huge and she rushed her child away from him like he was a serial killer. Sam didn't care because yup this was Dean's size. He tossed the article of clothing into the cart with glee and went back to the dressing room to try on his 6th pair of swim trunks. Thankfully, these fit perfectly and the shopping was completed. A light-hearted Sam left Wal-Mart making the long trek across the parking lot back to the Impala.

Sam arrived back at the hotel at 10:00 shocked at how long he took. Luckily Dean was there just getting dressed after taking a shower. Frankly, Sam was relieved. He didn't want to drive three hours in the Impala with Dean's Daisy sex stink on him. "Hey Sammy, what took so long? What the heck happened to your head?" Sam resisted the urge to throw the Wal-mart bag at Dean's head. They check out of the hotel and headed off to Orlando for their first view of the Freedom of the Seas.