Chapter 3

August 21, 2020


As days turned into weeks, I found myself settling in to life at Mount Horizon High School. Though the other kids complained about the food, the beds and everything else they could think of, I found the place to be better than most of the places I had stayed.

At Mom's house and Dad's luxury apartment, the bed had been comfortable but I didn't feel safe sleeping there. At mom's, I never knew when I would have a nightly visitor and at dad's I just didn't trust him. The food had also been good but good food was not enough to keep me in a place that I didn't feel safe for long.

Out on the street, I never knew where I would be staying night to night and never knew when I would be able to eat again. The food I would try to swallow without tasting because if I tasted it I would be likely to throw up.

Some people will tell you that they keep ending up in prison because it's the best set up that they have. There you have shelter, a bed and free food. Horizon was like that for me. I could run away, end up on the streets and survive without anybody finding me but I stayed. Why ruin a good thing, right?

As I did settle in, a couple of new cliffhanger's came and Janet left. The first of these new Cliffhangers was Juliet, or princess. She and I got along like oil and water. The other new Cliffhanger was Scott, an athlete who was just my type. A couple weeks later than Scott, Daisy arrived.

These Cliffhangers (Scott, Daisy, Auggie, Juliet and Ezra) and I became like a family. Some of us fought constantly but we could rely on each other. That is why you know them as your Aunts and Uncles. You once questioned me how they were related to us when none of us really looked alike. The answer is that, while you cannot chose whom your blood family is, you can chose who your heart's family is. I hope you learn the lesson quicker than I did.

You may now be questioning how Peter and Sophie fit in to our family. Thus far, I've only mentioned Hannah.

Well, soon after Daisy arrived Hannah quite and move back to wherever she was from. Sophie came after that and soon became the cliffhanger's counselor.

At that point I still didn't trust anyone so things got a little bit interesting for a while.