"NO. NO .NO."
"But you promised..."
"Yes,I did...last time,you distracted me and swayed my determination by that same pouting expression of yours ...and those tears...but this time you wont ."
"We had a deal..."
"Damn the deal. For the thousandth time I am telling you Isabella, I am not having sex with you until and unless you are an immortal"Edward's tone was not discussing it, he just gave his decision.
Those words brought tears in Bella's eyes...tears that those brown eyes were trying desperately to hide to many, it may seem those tears were the result of unfulfiled desire ,no...those tears were triggered by a feeling or rejection and insecurity.
"Bella...love...you know, your security is my chief concern."Edward's soft tone rang in Bella's ear but she continued to cry.
"Bella, please it hurts me to see you crying...please."
"You are breaking your promise"Bella sobbed in Edward's shirt.
"Promise!You were tempting me at that time...I almost lost my senses back then.I did not make that promise in a cohorent mind, so that hardly counts."Edward's tone was a bit aggitated, he knew he was breaking a promise."You think I don't want you in that way?You are wrong.I am a man afterall and for me you are the most beautiful woman on this Earth but Bella,please,you have to see how risky it is. You know I LOVE YOU"
"No you don't"
"You said I can ask for anything and you will give are a liar and you don't love me"Bella was trying desperately to say something...anything that would change Edward's mind.
"Bella!"He just growled."I'll give you anything except this.I'll give my life for you.I'll and already have killed for me anything and see if I hesitate to give you if you have any other weird and irrational wishes. Tell me...I'll fulfil it, except that"
"Am I so ugly that you prefer dying for me than having sex with me?"
"ENOUGH ISABELLA MARIE SWAN!"His voice seemed muderously angry.
She kept on crying and he made no further move to console an irrational silly girl.