Bella's anxious eyes scanned Alice's emotionless face again and again. Her jaw was set, showing annoyance but Bella could find a different muted humour in her topaz if she was excited for something.

Bella was so deep in her thought that she did not realize where she was until Alice opened the door for her. She must had expected to see the Cullen's house in front of her for she was shocked to find herself in front of her school. or ex-school.

She was CONFUSED. She could not understand which options of her could be appropriately carried out in a school. None, she thought.

"What are we doing here Alice?"

"Right now we both are standing."

Bella didn't appreciate the joke so Alice continued, "We are waiting for Edward."

"I mean, why are we here?"

''To complete your so-called challenge."

Bella was in no mood for riddles, she gave Alice an exasperated look, but before she could say anything more, she saw Edward.

His gestures were casual. Surprisingly, he was laughing. He was enjoying himself with a bunch of juniors. Bella's eyes narrowed with suspicion.

"Bella come with me."Alice said as Edward from the far corner of the parking lot started to move towards them. He was not alone. He had an almost fifteen year boy with him.

"Hey Alice! Nice that you brought Bella hear."Edward said in a friendly way.

Something is fishy, Bella thought.

"Meet Jackie Biers. Riley's younger brother. You all remember Riley biers right? Our very old friend."Edward said.

"OH yeah!" Alice pretended to remember, "Sorry to hear about your brother, Jackie. Has there been any news."

"Nope" Jackie replied in a low voice.

By this point Bella was completely bewildered. She glanced from face to face, trying to make out what's going on.

"What is the matter Bella? Why are you so quiet? Greet Jake at least." Edward said in a too innocent voice, which made Bella more uneasy and sceptical, but she replied, "Hi Jake!". She again sensed something wrong. As if she was missing something vital.

"Hi Bella!" Jackie a.k.a Jake replied.

"Nice meeting you brother" Edward said giving him a wrapped box and then suddenly he leaned down and kissed the top of his head in a brotherly manner.

"Bye Ed. Bye guys."He waved and went happily.

"What was that?"Bella asked folding her arms.

"In the box? An I-pod. He always wanted one."Edward replied too innocently.

"No. What was all that about. I thought we are here because..."Bella did not finish, so, Alice said," To fulfil the challenge. And he just did that."

"I choose option two - "kiss Jake''. His name was Jake and I just kissed him."Edward's smirk was pronounced in his face.

Bella was just too shocked to reply coherently. "He is just a kid! That was just a peck!"Bella was not sure what she was saying.

"Exactly! He is a YOUNG BOY and I can only give him a brotherly peck." his smirk was more pronounced and Alice could not help laughing.

"But that was not Jacob. Jacob Black! That's not..." Bella's voice rose two octaves and she was clearly flustered.

Edward took the chit from his pocket and held it in front, "YOU FORGOT TO BE SPECIFIC."