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Bubblegum wringed her hands as she ventured thurther into the nightosphere. The air was humid, and stank of sweat and blood. She heard the angry swears of the disgusting canniballistic pig-like demons below her. Bubblegumgum shrank back.

She also wondered why she was in here, too. Bubblegum was a princess, and a princess should be safe off in her castle, not in a dingy underworld. Seriously.

Bubblegum walked across a bridge that was once a spine of some huge beast, then jumped on platforms from tops of skulls. Normally she was be unconcious because of fear at this point, but something was driving Bubblegum foreward. Marceline.

A few weeks ago the pink princess received a letter, that was one a journal entry, by the looks of it. Once Bubblegum read that accursed letter, her realization of the vampire changed. Drastically.

Bubblegum needed to talk to Marceline about this, because a topic like this shouldn't be left undiscussed! Meaning, she gave me that note on the day she left for two-year reign of the Nightosphere. Bubblegum thought with a kick to a nearby purple pebble.

As a skull wobbled underneath her feet, Bubblegum suddenly realised something. Why am I going down here? It's prolly one of her stupid pranks again, like always. So why? Why! Because she probably sent the same letter to everyone in Ooo to pick fun at you! Do you know what happens to lesbian queens!

The monarch groaned as a war raged between her consience and her heart. Again, the taboo topic of Marceline always caused this. Bubblegum continued her trek down a steep slope, that smelled of ganache and wet dog.

She could also feel the air beginning to feel hot, packed together and smelly. Peering through the smoke that ribboned throughout the rather large cavern, Bubblegum saw red demons and skeletions waiting in a huge line.

"I wonder what they're waiting for?" She wondered to herself aloud.

"Me," A obviously female voice whispered in her ear. Jumping, The monarch take the flight or fight challenge, her mind full of ideas to save herself. But when she saw the Vampire Queen herself, the stubborn voice in her throat died insantly.

"Marce-Marceline?" Bubblegum gasped hoarsely, and stumbled backwards, only to hit a wall

"In the undead flesh!" Marceline laughed, then sobered and continued. "and why did a little princess thing like you wander down here? Mission for conquest? Search and destroy?"

"No! Er... Marceline! We need to talk about..." Bubblegum fished in her pocket for a minute, then grabbed the thin sheet of notebook paper. "this!"

At the sight of the sheet the Vampire Queen paled considerably, despite the fact she was as pale as could be. "Oh... er, that."

"Yeah, Marceline! And why was it sent the day before you went down here? Lemme' guess, to hide?"

The vamp groaned. "God, do I have to sum it up. You know why,"

Bubblegum blinked officially stumped. A prank! Oh boy, was I stupid. She sent me that because she- Shut up Bonnibell!

The candy princess sighed. Might as well play it safe. " A prank?"

Marceline slapped her face in annoyance. "No, Bonnibell, it's cause I have the hots for you! You're totally the opposite of what i'd naturally perfer, but you know, opposites attract, and stuff..."

Bubblegum gaped. Why was she being so open? "It is not okay to like girls!"

Marceline scoffed, and shook her head. "And you don't?"

The pink girl growled angrily. "You don't know anything about me!"

Marceline laughed, and did a somersault in the air. "What? That you pay more attention to my breasts then to Finn's muscles? And how about when the Leaf Prince asked you to marry him? You were dating for three months. But no, you just wanted to be close to his sister, whom you spent more time with. And let's not forget him finding you and his lil' sis in the closet; aka seven minutes in heaven,"

Bubblegum glared at her. "Those are accusiations," She replied tensely, the air thick with anger and unspoken words.

She scoffed. "Yeah right, Bonnibell!"

The princess continued to glare, but said nothing. This is because, those words that flung from Marceline's mouth once again confused her insult conveyor belt. Yes, they were in the closet, and it was one kiss, and Bubblegum was wonderous, and his sister was kind and understanding.

"We are getting off track. What makes you so sure that it's going to be alright? That I will forget in two years? You are wrong, Marceline, to think that liking girls is okay, because it's not. If they find out, they send you to a facility to turn you straight again!"

The vampire queen stopped in mid-somersault to look Bubblegum, her fangs poking through her grin. "What? You gonna tattle, Bonnibell? I'd like to see you try! After all, nearly the whole land of Ooo knows how much you enjoy avoiding me, and to get me embarressed. This is going to be one of your little tricks, right? Plus, who can take down a vampire queen? And who can just read a piece of paper, and believe it?"

Flabbergasted, Bubblegum reeled back. "Then why claim your feelings for me?"

Marceline smirked mysteriously, and began to take to the sky. "Y'know, this reminds me of a soap opera when I was a kid," she reminesced. "Classic Romeo and Juliet. I'm just waiting for you to be undead, then we can truly be together. No fake."

Ugh, she changes her moods like a madman sometimes. Bonnibell wondered what this not-so-cryptic message meant. "Then we can't be together Marceline. Because when I decide to die, i'm giving up all my DNA to a new-and-improved Goliad so she can rule the kingdom."

The words made both the girls sad. One mentally, and one physically.

"Yeah... another life," Marceline mumbled.

"Come on, we'll both be safe. I'd be renounced off my throne. You'd be killed or banished." Bubblegum murmered sadly.

Turning away, Bubblegum began the trek home, expecting Marceline to go the opposite way. Instead, Marceline grabbed Bubblegum, and kissed her full on the lips.

At this unexpected turn of events, the princess opened her mouth in a gasp, making a easy gateway entrance for Marceline's tongue. A few minutes passed, with a stunned pink girl with pleasure-able shivers going down her spine, and a pale girl making do with what she got.

Strange emotions bubbled within Bubblegum. The sudden desire to kiss her back, and the need to just stand still and hope she's done. But before she could act on any of these choices, Marceline parted from her.

"Erm, so yeah, gotta fly," and without even looking back, took to the steamy crimson sky of the huge cavern. Bubblegum was left there standing like an idiot.

Blinking, she quietly touched her lips. Suddenly treason didn't seem so bad.

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