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Marceline's hands shook as she read the paper. "What the FUCK, PB!"

Her mind tried to wrap around the idea that Bubblegum, after personally telling the vampire that she was not gay in any way shape or form, had a sudden change of heart about her sexuality. In pink ink.

What was more hysterical (with a tad more tears then laughter,) that after Marceline sent her a letter, and now Bubblegum sent one. We're like frickin' pen pals.

Marceline groaned in annoyance. I need to get into the pink baguette's head - maybe not, considering all that math stuff she does.

But most importantly, why tell her? Was Bubblegum thinking like: well if i'm a dyke, I must tell my fellow dyke, and hell, maybe start a gay club.

The vampire queen rolled her eyes at the thought. She bgan to reread to letter, eyes scanning over every pink letter, every long word she almost didn't know, and lastly, Bubblegum's signed name.

Marceline flopped backward on the bed, and tossed the letter next to her. Strange, phantom feelings washed over her. They weren't real, of course, only remains of feelings she had when she was alive. And as cliche as it sounds, her feelings for Bubblegum felt fucking real, and for a while she felt angry and confused.

Sexuality wasn't a problem for her, neither was telling them to the world. But her feelings for the candy monarch were next to useless compared to the said girl's empire. They could never happen.

And... if we did get together, one day, even though she'll live for a long, long while (four times longer then the lifeline of Finn), she'll die. I don't even want her to die.

That would be bad. Another damn reason Bubblegum would use against this relationship. Also, Marceline felt fucking weird about "let's talk about our feelings time" that the princess would sometimes force upon them if Jake, Finn, herself, "that redsucker", and Lumpy Space Princess.

At the nickname Marceline would wink at Bubblegum and whispered "Any hidden redness needed to be sucked out of you, PB? How about that strap playing peek-a-boo out of the neckline of your dress?"

Victoriously, that caused infinite discomfort and a glare, with a hind of a fuschia blush. As she fixes her crimson bra strap, tucking it back in the neckline. "I hope you are joking, Marceline," She had murmered eyes anywhere but meeting the vampire's.

That was a fun day.

The vampire smiled at the memory. Even though it wasn't her typical flirting ways (you know, a little scary face here, a little blood there, and a couple of kisses) but at least she got a reaction other then disappointment.

Disappointment. Lie. Rejection.

"Wait a minute!" Marceline growled, face contorting into a vicious face. Bubblegum lied. That night after when a tear actually escaped my eye, and those phantom hurt feelings intruding my no-man's land... FUCK, NOW I FEEL ANGRY!

"T-that candy-CUNT. T-t-that prussy-princess lied," She screeched, all the while slightly embarressed about her delayed reaction. Marceline kicked a nearby dresser, cracking it, the mirror on top shattering and splashing across the vampire's face.

"Hell's going to play. I bet she's taking a try at joking. Playing with my emotions... And I bet when I see her, she'll be feeling up that Prince's sister!"

She bit on her lip as another wave of inmortal rage passed through her. Why did Bubblegum do this? She didn't seem to be the type... To end her a fucking letter after rejection... Marceline laughed bitterly.

A sane side tried to improvise. Maybe she just realised it, and needed to tell you but didn't know how. I think you didn't think about this rationally. Come on Marceline.

-But was ignored. After all, it was only sometimes she listened to her more... human side. The demon persona had nearly consumed her, but the little bit of human kept her grounded, from breaking the oath to drink the red out of inanimate objects. But whatever. She was angry, and hell was gonna pay.

"She can't toy with the vampire queen, she can't, she can't, she CAN'T! She may be a well-loved princess, but i'm a motherfucking well-feared QUEEN!" She bitches, saying whatever popped into her head, not giving a damn about who heard it or didn't.

Marceline kicked all the furniture in her 'bedroom', ripped all the fabric (except her clothes, of course), hit the walls. Then, still unsatisfyed with the destruction, she grabbed her axe-bass, and slashed apart the remains of all the furniture into oblivion.

Shaking, she finished the furniture and began to smack the musical weapon against the walls and ceiling, trails of rubble and a occasionall drip of lava spewing around her.

"Why? What the cabbage?! GLOB! After all that fucking time I waited, and I even gave her my t-shirt, and... STUFF!"

Marceline continued to slash around her room, eyes red and yellow, hair slicked back. She didn't know why she was doing this, how could she be so set off? But Bubblegum toyed with me, rejecting me, telling me she's hetero, and now she's gay? I don't UNDERSTAND! AND IT MAKES ME GLOPPIN' MAD!

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