Hey guys! What's up?Here is the beginning of my PrimxRory story!They are all not as poor as in the books and their is no hunger games. I am also going 2 begin an SYOT so be on the lookout! :D Love you all to bits

Disclaimer: If u think I am Suzanne Collins please go run in to a giant babushka, I did not write the hunger games even if I wish I had :D

Prim's POV

The old hairbrush runs freely through my hair letting it fall down against my shoulders. Katniss at eighteen years of age, stands behind me carefully watching my golden locks.

"What?" I ask her touching her olive skin.

"Your just not that little twelve year old anymore..." Katniss says shaking her head slightly.

"And...you aren't that big sixteen year old anymore..." I mock giggling.

"Your still my little duck!" Katniss says sliding a clip into my hair.

"Quack, quack..." I teas

"Katniss, PRIM!" Our mother calls from the hallway. Katniss turns back to me.

"Very funny!" She scoffs, I stick my tongue out at her and straighten my shirt. We make our way to our mother's irritated voice.

"Prim...Your going to be late for school..." Mothers says shooing me out the door. She hands us each a cloth filled with our lunch.

"You going to hunt?" I ask my elder sister tying to look her in the eye as we walk towards my school.

"Probably...Maybe with Gale, I'll probably meet up with Peeta later." Katniss said turning a light shade of pink.

"Ooooh, Hows the boyfriend?" I ask referring to Peeta.

"Shut up!" Katniss says. We go our separate ways: She to the woods, me to my best friend.

I wave when I see the figure lounging on the wall. He jumps down and lands lightly beside me.

"Whats up, Best friend?" I ask teasingly. He smiles causing mine to emerge. His grey eyes bear into mine.

"Nothing much...Lilia and James will come soon." He says suddenly a bit nervous. I think he noticed the sudden tension. I couldn't help my feelings for my best friend Rory. They just spilled out one day I was talking to my other best friend Lilia. Rory is just so...so...so Unattainable. I mean he is our best friend but he is also higher in the social chain then us. Much higher. I think about this as I lean back admiring the curve of his chin and the way his hair flipped perfectly to the side.

"Prim...Prim?" Rory asks slightly laughing while waving a hand in front of my face.

"Yah?" I ask suddenly embarrassed that I got caught staring at him. He chuckles.

"They are a no show...lets get going." He says the way to the courtyard in front of our school. I glare at the back of his brunette head.. Why do you have to be so precious? I ask myself. Even if we were to be together, I doubt he would ever actually love me. I love the way, that he smiles: A little lopsided, head cocked to one side. he falls back into step with me.

"How are Peeta and Katniss?" Rory asks tightening his grip on his lunch.

"Good!" I say cheerfully. He chuckles then his face fades into a frown. "What's wrong?" I ask him stopping in my tracks.

"Nothing..." Rory says looking miserable.

'Whatevs..." I say opening the slightly open door. I sit down in my seat and Rory slides in next to me.

"Like math?" He asks opening his textbook and scribbling in thin long handwriting.

sure... I scribble back once the lesson began. He muffles a laugh and faces away from me.

Look at Brycen... He says his eyebrows rising. I turn around and almost snort when I see Brycen rubbing his chubby belly. I wave at Lilia, who is across from us.

I dont want to know what is going on. I write looking up to see his expression. He wiggles his eyebrows at me.

After school we head to the normal little kiosk store. I buy a small chocolate bar and he buys a small coke...We take turns taking bites.

"Take you home?" He asks. I nod smiling through my teeth.