Hey guys! I think this is going to be a pretty short story, Just until Prim and Rory are a couple because I rlly want to start another SYOT so here goes...Oh and Love all of you! Thanks for the wonderfull support.

Prim's POV

James holds the school door open for me and I nod as if saying thanks. I take his arm again once in the hallway.

"I'm so excited!" Lillia squeels.

"Me too," I say giving her a side ways glance. Her face is all red and her block hair is tied up in an elegant knot on the top of her head. We push the second set of doors open and the noice blasts us bakwards. Lillia and her date lose themselves in the crowd.

"Wannna dance?" James asks dragging me onto the dance floor. Just as we reach the middle a slow song begins. I search the room franticly for Rory not even noticing James's hands on my hips. Rory stands awkwardly by the punch darting his eyes from person to person. I wave over James's back and he waves back now smiling. My eyes shift to Jame's hands on my hips and I atomatically blush knowing Rory was still watching.

"I'm tired can we go sit down?" James asks after the song ends. I nod and let him lead me to a stand-up table. Leaning down on the table I glanc back at where Rory previously was. "I'll be right back," James says heading off to the oppsite side of the room. After awhile I feel like going over there. I am the only one not on the dance florr besids him his friends and Rory.

"You don't seem like your having fun," Lillia whispers. I swivel around frightened.

"Oh, I'm having the time of my life!" I say putting on a smile and straightening up.

"Sure," She says eyeing Rory across the room. "Has he come over here?" She asks me.

"Not that I know of.." I say trying to hide my bad mood. She slaps me softly on the arm.

"Go over there." She says slightly pushing me in his direction.

"No, you go." I say trying to get her amrs off of me. A slow song turns on and Lillia's date comes to retreive her. I look at James then turn my head because I feel someone watching me. Rory's face looks pained. I grin for some reason and take a sip of my punch.

"Hey Prim," A soft voice says behind me. I turn around.

"Oh, Hi Rory," I say softly. He holds out his hand.

"Do you want to dance?" I want to jump up and down, run a mile, scream until I can't anymore but instead I nod my head and take his outrsretched hand. He leads me onto the dance floor and stops next to Lillia and her date. She wiggles her eyebrows at me. I roll my eyes. Rory places his strong hands on my small waist, and holds me at arms length. I sigh inside, he was just being nice. As the song goes on he holds me closer and coser. I smile into his shoulder and link my hands behind his neck. I would pay a million dollars to do this every day.

"Me too," He says. For a second I thought I said that out loud but then I notice he is talking to Lillia. I exhale not even noticing that I was holding my breath. Song plays after song almost never ending. After awhile Lillia and her date go to a small table and I suggest this to Rory. He agrees and we talk for awhile. I wish he would kiss me as I stare into his grey eyes.

"What is your favorite thing, Rory?" I ask taking a seat beside him.

"Ice cream..." He says smiling. "Especially chocolate raspberry truffle, Its so...so perfect." He lays a hand on mine. "Prim...Your my chocolate raspberry truffle." He says his grey eyes dancing. I gulp.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask

"It means your...Perfect." He says meeting my lips with his. I pull away biting my lip.

"What was that?" A loud voice yells beside us.

"Do you need us to explain what a kiss is?" Rory asks annoyed that we were interrupted. I poke his arm because James stands behind Rory's chair glaring at him. "Let's take this outside." Rory says dragging us both out the door.

"You know how much I like her." James yells his face turning red. Rory puts a protective arm around me that sends chills down my back.

"Yah but you weren't paying attention to her," Rory says tightening his grip around my shoulders.

"So...You know I really like her." Jame yells. I flinch and I know Rory can tell.

"Yah, Well, Maybe I like her too." Rory shreiks. We all freeze waiting for someone to do something. James glares at Rory then at me.

"Do you like him?" James asks his voice softening.

"Yes," I say shyly looking at Rory. James sighs and then troops back inside. Rory stands there exhaling in the air. When he breathes a thin puff of air appears. He pulls me close to him so that our noses are touching.

"Did you mean that?" I ask.

"Mean what?"

"You like me?" I ask. He smiles then touches his lips with mine. Neither of us pull away for several seconds. I worry that he thinks I am a bad kisser. I pull away finnaly gasping for air. We stand theri noses touching, gazing into eachothers eyes forever.