Chapter 1

I had a dream when I was younger, which resulted in the Pharaoh fighting a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and nearly dying. Somehow I found that thrilling, so my imagination went wild, and that story spiraled into this.

So yeah, this story has been in my head for over 5 years, and now it is a hugely jumbled mess. I have decided it is finally time for me to decipher it and translate it into words.

The title took me hours to think of. Then I finally remembered that the song "Believe In" by Skwib was perfect for Ati and Atem, and I took the title from that!

Oh, as for more of an explanation, I am expecting a lot of romance in later chapters. I have most of the story planned out, and my pairings cannot be swayed (for the most part). There will be no (or very little, depending) yaoi. I have not planned on any, but if I get requests then I might throw something in. As of now, I have many chapters finished, and there is hardly any romance yet. The first big chunk of the story is focused on family. Oh, and have no fear (or please don't be sad, depending on who you are), there will be no incest whatsoever. Also, before I forget, there will be a brief visit to the Pokemon world, but the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters will meet no one from Pokemon excluding one creature. I will not be mixing worlds, in that sense. Some future powers of certain people might look very familiar, though. Also, if I ever get around it it, this saga had spiraled into a Pokemon journey with Ash and co., as well as a trip to the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Seeing as how this was created many years ago, I will need to update a lot of events in my head. But if I get to it, there might be a sequel (or two).

Anyway, here we are! This chapter is in Yugi's POV, but future ones will not be.

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I had a twin when I was younger. She was fun and lively, and looked just like me, except her hair was pointed down while mine points up. She was really cute, and half the guys in my class liked her. Unlike me, she was popular, but she was completely unaware of that fact. She always stayed by my side, and she was best friends with Tea. Back then, the three of us were inseparable.

But one day, she disappeared. I couldn't find her anywhere. I was worried sick. I remember running to my mom, crying.

"Mommy, where's Yuki? Where's Yuki?" I whined frantically.

"Sweetie, calm down," she said. I always found her voice so soothing. "Yuki… Yuki is gone."

At first this didn't register. "Where, Mommy? Where did she go?"

She frowned, and her eyes became shiny. "I don't know, sweetie. I don't know."

I just stared up at her for a moment, expecting more. It couldn't be that simple, could it?

When I realized she wasn't going to say anything else, I started crying again. "No! I want Yuki, Mommy! We have to find her! Yuki!" I called, tears running down my face. I was tugging at her skirt, trying to pull her with me. I had to find my sister.

"Yugi, stop that!" she yelled. She had never screamed at me before. I let go immediately, my face scrunching up with fear and sadness. Then I turned and ran up to my bedroom, ignoring her calls, and sobbed.

It has been six years since Yuki went missing. It has been three years since my mother died. It has been one year since I solved the Millennium Puzzle. And it has been not even a day since I last woke up crying, wishing for Yuki's return.


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