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Chapter 33

As the eyes of any nearby citizens watched Taichi run, Yuki fought to stand upright through all of her shock. Her mind was muddled, and she just wanted to fall to the ground, cry, and then go to sleep. As she began to do so, she heard a voice and felt a strong pair of arms surround her.

"Yuki!" Ati yelled as Yami ran up to catch their confused and exhausted friend.

"Yami? Ati?" Yuki asked. "Why are you here?"

The twins looked at her sadly. "Tea heard you had a date today, so she wanted to check on you," Yami responded.

"I'm glad we did, since it turned out like this," Ati added.

Yuki merely looked at them as Joey, Tristan, Tea, and Yugi caught up.

"Yuki, are you alright?" Yugi asked his sister.

She smiled gently at him. "Just a bit surprised." She turned to Tea. "Tea, is it true? What he said about Ryo?"

Tea frowned. "I honestly don't have a clue. Why don't you ask Ryo yourself? He can give you an honest answer."

Yuki smiled for real this time. She stood up, removing the pressure form Yami's arms, and said cheerfully, "I'll do that!"

The others, except for one, smiled at her. Noticing this, Ati commented, "Tea? Something bothering you?"

Tea folded one arm across her stomach, reaching for the other elbow, and laughed halfheartedly. "Well, I'm a bit worried."

Ati squinted her eyes a bit. "Why?"

"Well… I'm worried about Taichi."

Tristan spoke up, "Why are you worried about that jerk?"

"Did you see what he did to Yuki?" Joey added.

Tea looked down. "I know, but…"

Yuki stepped forward, reaching a hand out to her friend's shoulder. "Tea, it's okay. I'm worried, too."

"Yeah…" Yugi said.

Ati commented, "And he looked pretty upset."

Yami added, "He felt pretty upset."

The others looked at him oddly. "Dude," Ati said, "Careful what you say." As Yami's confused gaze met hers, she added, "Nothing, it just sounded awkward, is all."

As Yami continued to question his sister, the others watched on, amused.


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