A few days later, Parker took the chance and sneaked out of the house one afternoon, not putting on his shoes. He was about a mile away from the house before he heard the sound of footsteps. Parker hid behind a tree and looked, whoever or whatever it was (it was downwind of him, so he wasn't sure). It was sunny out, so he'd sparkle if he walked toward it. The person (and it was a person) that came into view had bright red hair. Parker got out of hiding and walked toward him.


The man looked at him, a look of disbelief mingled with relief on his face. "Parker? What the hell is going on? Where were you?" He started walking toward Parker. "And... Uh, why are you glittering? ...And what happened to your eyes?"

Parker, now that Raymond was so close, was trying to ignore how Raymond smelled so sweet. "I got turned into a vampire." Raymond burst out laughing. "I'm serious, Raymond. And it's worrying me because you smell delicious."

Raymond continued to laugh, doubled over, tears streaming down his face. Parker frowned, but let Raymond continue. He tried to ignore the venom welling in his mouth (he was told something in passing about his saliva becoming venom that could transform people) at Raymond's scent.

When Raymond stopped laughing, he wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "That has got to be the worst excuse I've ever heard. Seriously, though, where the hell were you? The BSAA started calling me up, asking me where the fuck you were, thinking that maybe, because you and I are 'pals,'" Raymond snorted with a slight bit of derision. "-That I would know where you were. After I told them that you weren't with me, they told me you were dead." Raymond grabbed Parker's shirt by the collar, glaring at him. "Why the hell did you disappear like that? That's not like you at all!"

"Raymond..." Parker put his hand on Raymond's cheek, looking him in the eyes. "I'm serious. I was out investigating and got mauled by a bear. Some doctor and his granddaughter, who are both a part of this family of vampires, brought me back to their place and transformed me. I've been there ever since, trying not to go insane, because the vampires almost never do anything of importance, from what I can tell."

"You're freezing." Raymond glanced to Parker's hand for a moment, then back to Parker's eyes. He let go of the grip he had on Parker's shirt.

"Yeah, I know. And there's werewolves or something running around here. They've been trying to find out what's going on as well, because it's their job. The only one of them that hasn't wanted to rip me apart told me that it smells like a vampire of some sort, but they can't quite track the trail for some reason."

Raymond stared at him. "I... Uh, how?"

Parker swallowed the venom. "Do you think I know? I came out here to look for BOWs and ended up wanting to kill people and drink blood myself..." Parker gave him an extremely worried look. "Look, Raymond, I just need you to listen and to trust me." Parker took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

"You're not kidding...?"

Parker pulled Raymond into a hug. "No. All I know is I need to get as far away from there as possible and you need to come with."


"Because, well, I'm worried about how they'll take this whole affair. I get the impression that they don't particularly like humans, even if they don't kill people. And they're... rather homophobic and I think they only tolerate me due to being a vampire like them." Parker listened. There was something rustling, but the pattern of footsteps sounded like an animal of some sort.

"Are they the ones killing those people? And how would they know about-?" Raymond frowned. "Did you tell them that you and I-?"

"There's some weird thing about vampire eye color that indicates whether or not you eat people. And one of them can somehow read minds. Don't ask me how. Some sort of crap about special abilities... Well, somehow, he found out about some of my inclinations and, well..." Parker noticed that Raymond was much warmer than he was. He buried his head in Raymond's shoulder. Probably another bad idea, in retrospect, given his wanting to drain Raymond's blood, but he wanted this sort of contact.

"Parker, let up!" Raymond squirmed in Parker's grasp, butting his head against Parker's.

Parker let go of Raymond. "Sorry about that."

Raymond rubbed along his forehead with one hand and chest with the other. "Dammit, you're much stronger than you used to be."

"Sorry, I, uh... I missed you." Parker still heard that rustling in the underbrush again. He frowned and looked around. A gray blur bolted out and stopped, a large light gray werewolf. "Leah."

The wolf quickly transformed back into a young woman. Raymond blinked. "Uh, so, wait, she's a werewolf?"

"Shapeshifter. The true werewolves only transform at night during a full moon," Leah said. She held out her hand, giving a quick worried glance to Parker. "Leah Clearwater."

Raymond took her hand, still slightly in a daze. "Raymond Vester."

"So, why are you here?"
"I came looking for him. Partially has to do with work, though. I'm supposed to investigate the deaths and disappearances, including his," Raymond said, nodding toward Parker. "Though, I suppose it has to do with the vampires in the area? Wait, have you been eating people, Parker?" Raymond's eyes widened.

"No, just deer," Parker said, giving him a worried look.

Leah said, "Okay, okay... Uh, look, I'm gonna lead you back out of the forest and you need to get far away from here. Unfortunately, Parker's going to have to stay." Both of them gave her glares. "Well, look... Jacob's the Alpha in the pack. He's forcing me to keep him here, Vester, and I can't fight it."

"Why do I have to stay here?" and "Why does he have to stay?" were both said at the same time.

"Don't know. Something about the little half-vampire saying that Parker needs to stay here. Probably so she can have him be her weird uncle or something." Leah rolled her eyes. "And Nessie gets whatever she asks for."

"Weird? I'm the only sane vampire there!" Parker said. He growled again, then shook himself. It was strange, making those sorts of animalistic noises whenever he was angry.

Leah sighed. "When dealing with the Cullens, normal is bad, if you haven't noticed. Are you stupid?"

"We ended up in a confrontation with someone who tried to kill me, yet he still trusted her and ended up getting shot because of it," Raymond said. A bit of his normal, somewhat snarky demeanor was returning, from what Parker could tell. Parker stood there for a moment, without a response.

"Okay, good to know that he's dumber than a brick sometimes. Anyway, I run pretty fast, so you're gonna have to carry him, Parker. Unless we're going the slow way, but that leaves us a bit open to the Cullens or either of the wolf packs finding us more easily."

"Let's just walk," Parker said. "Spending a bit of time together would be nice," he continued, glancing at Raymond.

"What do you think, Raymond?"

"...How much can you fight that control? At all? Could you maybe try to misinterpret your orders?" Raymond said. He frowned.

"No. I can't. The Alpha's word is law for shapeshifters and the only time it can ever be fought if one is considered of a higher-ranked lineage, which I'm not."

There was a rustle in the underbrush and something landed on top of Parker, pushing him down. Parker smacked it across the face with a resounding crack, it letting go of him. A few birds, startled by the noise, flew up into the air, squawking. He blinked. It was a sand colored werewolf, a bit slighter than the others.

"Seth, what are you doing?" Leah said.

His tail wagged back and forth, the wolf quickly turning back to human form. "Uh, hi, Leah."

"My younger brother, Seth, you two." Leah put her hand to her forehead. "Look, I know. Through the mental connection, I heard. Please don't try to suck up and act like you're tolerant when you join in the stupid bullshit the others do."

"Leah, what are you talking about?" Seth laughed, it having a light, nervous tone from what Parker could hear. Parker and Raymond exchanged glances and looked back and forth between Leah and Seth.

"You know damn well what I mean."

"It's kinda weird that he's just able to control himself, okay?" Seth said, eying Parker warily.

"...In what way?" Leah said.

Seth frowned. "Sis, don't you remember what happened with the newborn army several years ago?"

"Yes, I remember," Leah said. "Bella was able to control herself just fine and they didn't confine her after they found out. Don't see how this is any different. Hell, he's weaker than the average vampire, anyway, so, if he did try anything, he's easier to contain and kill." She was scowling now, shaking in place.

"Well, and, uh, he's..."


Raymond glanced to Parker. He grabbed Parker's hand and headed down the path he'd come, Parker following him. As they walked away, Parker could still hear Leah and Seth talking (more like arguing). "Parker..."

"All of them look like they're in their late teens and very early twenties. It's creepy." Parker felt as though he was going to be sick. He shuddered.

"Parker, you're really starting to worry me."

"...How come?"

"I mean, you're... You're acting strange, okay? What happened at that place?"

"Cabin fever?" Parker noticed the sound of something ripping apart and a few snarls and snaps back. He glanced around, listening around them for anything that could pop up. "All I want to do is get as far away from here as possible..." Parker stopped. "I run faster now, just point me in the right direction and we'll go."

Raymond glanced back at him. "So, what you're going to carry me now? That's..." He chuckled and looked at Parker. "Well, uh..." He scratched the back of his head and looked at Parker.

There was yet another rustle in the underbrush. Parker braced himself and looked around. It seemed as if the only time that happened was when it wasn't just an animal. Well, whatever it was, it had a heartbeat. It was hard to tell with Raymond near him, though, how fast it was beating. A large russet wolf jumped down on top of Parker. He squirmed under its' grasp, ignoring the pain that it landing on him had caused and how the squirming did almost nothing. "Tu genero di cagna!"

A shot rang out, then another. The wolf's blood dripped down on Parker, it letting up on him and turning to where Raymond was. It growled. Parker scrambled up. The wolf was slowly walking toward Raymond. "Raymond, put the gun away."

There was a high pitched giggle. The hairs on the back of Parker's neck stood up and he glanced around. That little girl, Renesmee (how was it pronounced, again? he wondered), was there, her dress light blue and flowing. She, unlike himself or the other vampires, seemed to have a sort of glow or halo in the sun. If it weren't for the eerily adult look in her eyes, he would have compared her to a tiny angel.

Raymond looked back and forth between the little girl and the wolf, Parker coming to attention to what's going on. The wolf turned back into his human form, crossing his arms. The bullet wounds that Raymond had given him were healing up very quickly.

"Why did you do that?" Jacob said, his voice quiet.

Parker walked over to Raymond's side again. As much as he hated Jacob, he figured that angering a werewolf prone to exploding in fur and claws was a bad idea, especially around a human, regardless of the toughness of said human. "Look, he's new to all of this. He's a friend of mine and-"

"Jacob," Renesmee piped up. Her voice was sweet, overly so, and it sent chills up Parker's spine. She walked over and touched Jacob's hand. Jacob nodded.

"Come on, you two. Back to the house."

"What?" both Parker and Raymond said simultaneously.

"You're coming to stay with the Cullens," Jacob said.

Parker blinked. He and Raymond exchanged a glance.


"Tu genero di cagna": You son of a bitch.

-The Sleep-Deprived Writer