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In front a building in Liocott Island...

There stood an orange-spiked hair boy, looking at an invitation card on his hand. On the card was written, Dear Atsuya Fubuki. You are invited as one of the main stars of Inazuma Japan's super show! And there were some lines after it.After he finished reading he just mumbled, "What sort of nonsense is this? Well just one way to find out..." He was just going to enter the building when he heard something.

Behind him, he heard a girl's voice, "What show is this?" she seemed to be talking to herself. He turned to see a dark blue, wavy, shoulder-length haired girl, also holding the same kind of invitation. "Wait, you're... Kidou's sister Haruna, aren't you? So, you're also invited in this whatever-show it is?" She looked at the invitation card on his hand, "I guess so..."

"Excuse me. Is this the place where the Inazuma Japan show is held?" There came a soft small voice. Haruna and Atsuya looked at the voice owner, a girl with long brown-hair, tied in two braids. "You're Yuuka, Gouenji-kun's little sister right?" Haruna said cheerfully. "Uh, yes... Ah! You're Kidou-senpai's younger sister..." Yuuka answered happily. "Yup. I'm Haruna Otonashi." She answered. "So this is Gouenji-kun's little sister... I've never met you before though I often pick up my onii-chan at school..." Atsuya looked at the little girl. "And you're... Fubuki-senpai brother, right! Though I've never met you too, I can tell that because your faces are identical!" She giggled. "Not that same really..." He sighed. "Hey, let's go inside! They must've been waiting us." Haruna told them.

They walked inside and found themselves in front of a door of a big convention room. There was a big banner in front of it, with "Welcome to Inazuma Japan's Super Show!"written on it. Instead entering the big door, they entered a small door a few meters from the first one, as the card had instructed.

As the three, Atsuya, Yuuka and Haruna entered, they found a medium-sized room full of Inazuma Japan members. "Heyy, you guys are here! Come on!" Mamoru exclaimed upon seeing them. All people in the room now looked at the three. "Yuuka! You made it safe here!" Shuuya rose from his seat and walked to her. "Haruna! You've arrived finally!" Yuuto walked to her. "Atsuya! Thank goodness you arrived at time." Shirou also walked to his brother.

"Well..." The three answered, "Now can you all tell us WHAT is this all about?" "Oh!" Mamoru came to talk again. "We, Inazuma Japan members, are going to have a super show..." "We knew it! We asked what show!" The three shouted in unison. "Aw, shut up! Let Endou speak!" Ryuugo came to speak. "You shut up, Baldy! Not talking to you." Atsuya snapped. "Atsuya!" Shirou glared at his brother, "What did I told you about speaking manners!" "Yeah... Yeah..." Atsuya answered lightly. "Haaah, sorry Someoka. That's my brother..." Shirou apologized at the fuming Ryuugo. "Fine..." He seemed to calm down.

"Now back about the question..." Hiroto explained. "We're having a Super Show with a theme... 'Which Is The Best Big Brother?'" Mamoru shouted cheerfully. "And the hosts are... Ichirouta Kazemaru..." Ichirouta announced excitedly. "…and Ryuuji Midorikawa!" Ryuuji continued excitedly too.

"What?" Shouts came from the mouths of Atsuya, Yuuka and Haruna, then they jawdropped and dumbfounded. Atsuya recovered first from the shock-state, "How can you all arrange this whole show without telling a word to us?" He shouted. "Yeah! We didn't even practice!" Haruna panicked. "How can we perform well!" Yuuka also panicked.

"That's the point!" Mamoru exclaimed. "In this show, you three will argue about who's the best big brother; Kidou, Gouenji or Fubuki! So argue spontaneously! That'll be much better!" He explained interestingly. While three mentioned just held a I-cannot-do-anything-against-them face. "This show came from the brilliant idea of Mamoru Endou!" he shouted proudly.

"This is a mad idea." Akio groaned at the corner of the room. "But, Endou kept insisting that the show was a great idea..." Jirou sighed from next to him. The two Teikoku formers also jawdropped when they heard about the so-great-show Mamoru proposed.

"Well did you guys find another idea?" Kurimatsu demanded. "Captain's idea is great!" Kabeyama also supported the show. "Well I think this show will be entertaining… Ne, Ryuuji?" Ichirouta looked at the other host. "Of course, Ichirouta! Especially we are the hosts!" Ryuuji answered cheerfully. "Huh? Since when did they call each other using front names…?" Yuuya asked. "Well we as the hosts must be good friends, aren't we Ichirouta?" Ryuuji patted Ichirouta's back. "Sure do!" He patted Ryuuji back harder. "Doesn't make sense…" Akio sighed once more… These crazy morons… He must've thought.

"Hahaha... Why are you all arguing? Aren't Atsuya, Haruna and Yuuka are the ones supposed to be arguing? Hahaha..." A cheerful voice of Jousuke calmed the tension of the crowd. "Oh yeah... Ahahaha…" Yuuki chuckled.

"But how did you guys end up making shows? I don't think all of you are doing it for fun, while there's soccer to play..." Haruna inquired suspiciously. "Two days ago… The FFI Organization that told all FFI participating teams to find money since they're short of cash after their building burned." Aki began the explanation. "Well of course the teams refused, but the FFI didn't have choice and the teams knew that too." Natsumi continued. "So everybody decided to pick one team with a lottery. That team got to find a way to earn money..." Fuyuka answered with a sigh. "And of course... Endou-senpai must've 'won' the lottery... And Inazuma Japan has to find money for the FFI? The show is today? We're doing it without any practice?" Yuuka sighed.

"And you guys asked our help without even saying a word?" Atsuya protested. "Well, Atsuya, we were told by Endou to not to tell you guys... Other teammates too..." Shirou tried to calm his brother. "That's true... And since no one proposed a better idea... Or rather a crazier idea…" Shuuya nodded. "We had to agree with Endou's idea." Yuuto sighed. "About no practice, Yuuka-chan, we've told you this is a spontaneous argument!" Mamoru answered.

"…" The three younger siblings cannot say a thing. But they must've thought this, THAT CRAZY CAPTAIN!

"Hey, I just remembered something…" Yuuya suddenly talked. "Yeah Kogure?" Mamoru looked at him. "I think it's not just the three that are a big brother or has one…" "Oh yeah… Kabeyama and Hijikata here is a big brother too…" Haruna answered. "And Toramaru has a big sister too right?" Fuyuka recalled.

"EH?" Mamoru as the Director (?) of the Show gasped. "Why didn't you guys tell meee?" He shouted. "So… You forgot?" Shuuya sweatdropped. "He has short-term memory, I guess…" Yuuto also sweatdropped. "And that's our captain~" Shirou said with big smile. "So what shall we do…? That means the show wasn't a competition to decide the best big brothers of Inazuma Japan?" Mamoru looked sorrow.

"Uhm, that's fine Endou-senpai. My onee-san must be busy helping my okaa-san at our family's restaurant. I don't think she can come here…" Toramaru reassured the captain. "And my brother… I guess he'll always be looking up for me no matter everyone said… He could be very stubborn…" Heigoro also said. "At my case… Er, I have many little brothers and sisters, so can you ask them one by one? They could disturb the show instead… So don't worry about it." Raiden smiled.

"What a relief… Thank you guys…" Mamoru said in relief.

Not long, Yuuka, Atsuya and Haruna was peeping at big room from the backstage, caring the best not be looked. "Gee… There are so many audiences!" Haruna gasped. "Waah~ I'm getting nervous…" Little Yuuka said. "Gah! There's nothing to be afraid of! It's just a show." Atsuya answered. "Yeah, but…"

"Hello, the show stars! Get here first please!" Mamoru whispered. "Yeah…" The three answered. Mamoru gathered all members and showed them a paper with his scrambled handwritings:

Job Description:

Producer and Director: Mamoru Endou

Primary Hosts: Ryuuji Midorikawa and Ichirouta Kazemaru

Show supervisor: Hiroto Kiyama, Akio Fudou, and Jirou Sakuma

Secondary Hosts: Yuuki Tachimukai and Jousuke Tsunami (Performing just in case something happened to the Primary Hosts)

Show stars: Atsuya Fubuki, Haruna Outonashi, and Yuuka Gouenji

Guest stars: Shirou Fubuki, Yuuto Kidou, and Shuuya Gouenji

Tools Section: Ryuugo Someoka, Hijikata Raiden and Heigoro Kabeyama

Consume Section: Natsumi Raimon, Fuyuka Kudou, Kino Aki, and Kakeru Megane

Helpers: Everyone that is not involved in jobs above, or as to say the etceras.

And here's the reaction after they read the Job Description:

"Why do I have to be the supervisor?" Akio said lazily. "So that the stage will always be in control, Fudou." Yuuto said. "Yep! I trust you three as the supervisors!" Mamoru said eagerly. "Whatever…"

"So me and Tsunami-san are serving as hosts if anything were to happen with Kazemaru-san and Midorikawa-san?" Yuuki asked. "Yup! I guess Tachimukai and Tsunami can be great hosts too!" Mamoru said in high confident. "Well thanks Captain!" Jousuke said cheerfully.

"What does Tool Section do?" Ryuugo rubbed his head in a confused manner. "You are in responsible of the tools used in the stage, like mikes, speakers, and so on…" Mamoru explained. "So you choose members that have big strong body in case something heavy is needed? Like podiums?" Shuuya asked. "Exactly!" Mamoru answered. Shuuya was only thinking, At least our captain used logic this time… So the Captain wasn't choosing Someoka over his bald head. Bwahahaha!" Atsuya laughed hard. "Atsuya…" Shirou glared icily again at him.

"And the helpers?" Toramaru who wasn't chosen automatically got the 'Helpers' predicate. "You guys are to help when requested! Perhaps by the Consume Section?" Mamoru answered.

"And when will Consume Section get to work?" Kakeru said while shifting his glasses. "The Consume Section is in responsible of food and drinks for the Inazuma Japan members and the audiences!" "What?" Natsumi widened her eyes. "This will be a long show, Natsumi! We cannot let the audiences starve while watching our show!" Mamoru looked very dedicated. "Do you know the estimate number of the audiences?" Fuyuka asked. "The FFI said the tickets to our show are sold out hard! They have sold above a hundred!" Mamoru said proudly. "WHAT?" Haruna was shocked too. "For a accidental show like this, that is quite a number…" Shirou said in awe. "And we have to distribute the snacks to the audiences on break times?" Aki asked. "Exactly!" … The managers are dumfounded, and thought the same thing, We need help! Natsumi then looked at the Helpers, "We request help to the Helpers to help us distribute the snacks to the audiences at breaktimes." "Eh?" Kurimatsu asked. "Yes?" Aki insisted. "Okay…" Kurimatsu gave up. "Good then." Fuyuka smiled.

"Wait, what does Director and Producer do?" Atsuya asked Mamoru. "Oh! I as the Captain of Inazuma Japan and Director of the Show, will specifically held control and in charge of you all!" He said proudly When did Endou learn words like that? Inazuma Japan thought among themselves. "Okay then… I thought you was going to do nothing." Atsuya said.

"One more thing, Endou…" Yuuto suddenly asked. "Who thought up all these show? Is it really you?" "Well of course Kidou! Why'd you ask?" Mamoru was puzzled. "It's just not like Endou… To think up all these detailed." Shuuya answered too. "I thought it all day and night since we were asked to collect donations! Making a show like this is one of my dreams!" He clenched his right fist and flung them above, his eyes sparkling in excitement. "So… This is dream come true, Captain? Well, working hard to achieve dreams… That's just like Endou!" Shirou cheerfully said.

"Now everyone, get it?" Mamoru inquired.

"Okay!" Everyone shouted in unison. "And now… Let's get on with the show!" "YEAHH!" Everyone shouted. "Hey, shut up! The audience can hear us!" Yuuto reminded them. "Oops…"

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