Chapter Two: The Show Begins!

On the set time, the audiences entered the big convention room. Many of them are FFI's participating teams, like Korea's Fire Dragon, England's Knights of the Queen, America's Unicorn and other teams like Neo Japan. Teams came from far and wide to see the show from Inazuma Japan. "Fuh, I wonder will Inazuma Japan make a good show? With that mad captain…" Haruya teased as he picked a seat. "Should be entertaining enough…" Fusuke answered as he sat next to Haruya. "Let's just sit back and enjoy the show from the mortals…" Terumi said as he sat beside them.

Suddenly, the bright room darkened. CLICK! "Eh? What's this?" Audiences started to whisper among themselves.

Then four tubes from the margins of the stage sprouted smokes that covered the whole stage. POOF! POOF! POOF! POOF!

Suddenly, two figures were elevated slowly from the stage floor, and appeared on the fogged stage. RRR! GRUGG! But their appearances are still vague among the smoke.

Then many spotlights turned on and played around the room in scrambled direction. After the two figures were steady and standing properly on the stage… "Okay minna! We are ready now!" A voice said. "Sorry to keep you all waiting!" Another voice said.

Then all the spotlights parted two and focused on the two figures, which showed to be Kazemaru Ichirouta and Midorikawa Ryuuji! Both of them were wearing black tuxedos after a white long-sleeved shirt and black ties. They also brought a mike each. And each of them also bought a mini-speaker on their ears. All audiences clapped their hands to see the start of the show.

"Okay minna! Welcome to Inazuma Japan's Super Show!" Ichirouta shouted to the audiences. "Our theme today is Who Is The Best Big Brother?" Ryuuji shouted too.

"Eh? That's Ryuuji?" Osamu said in shock. "Is he… the host?" Hitomiko was also shocked. "At least Kazemaru isn't copying my loose hairstyle after he copied my hair colour." Edgar commented.

"I guess most of you must've known me already! But let us introuduce ourselves please! I'm Ichirouta Kazemaru! The defender for Inazuma Japan! I'm serving as one of the hosts today!" Ichirouta cheerfully introduced himself. "And I'm Ryuuji Midorikawa!" Ryuuji held the mike in front of his face. "I will be serving as a host too today! Well, I guess some of you must've known me as Inazuma Japan's midfielder!"

"Before you were sent back because of your injuries…" Ichirouta teased at him. "Like you're never injured yourself?" Ryuuji teased back. "But I was never put out of the Inazuma Japan team…" Ichirouta grinned. "What about the time you had to go the hospital after fighting the Genesis?" Ryuuji wasn't giving up.

But before they can say another word… "Now will you two cut this up and start the show!" Akio, that was supervising them from the backstage using the CCTV monitor, shouted at them. He shouted in high note at their microphones, causing the two jumped at shock, and shocked the audiences as well as Hiroto's voice was heard throughout the room.

"Go-gomen Fudou…" The two gasped. "So get on with the show." He turned off the communication and smirked. This turned out to be fun after all… "Fudou, supervising is needed but shouting is prohibitied." Jirou turned at him. "Don't shout like that again!"

"Ahem, let's continue the show! First, let's welcome our guest stars!" Ichirouta stretched his right hand to the direction of the back middle of the stage. "Three top players from Inazuma Japan!" Ryuuji followed using his left hand.

Spotlights played around the room again, then they parted three, shining upon the three figures of the guest stars that entered the stage.

At the front was the boy with platinum colored hair, pointing above. Followed by a light brown, dread-locked hair boy. And the last, there came a silver, spiky hair boy. The three were wearing Inazuma Japan's jersey, the blue and white colored one, with a lighting symbol on the shoulder. Except for the second boy, he was also wearing a goggle and a red cape. The three stood side by side between Ichirouta and Ryuuji.

"Please give applause..." Ichirouta started. "…For our guest stars!" Ryuuji finished. And hand-clapping can be heard from all the room.

"Now introduce yourselves please..." Ichirouta asked. "Do we need to? I guess most of them must have known us..." Shuuya whispered to him. "Of course! Most is different from all, Gouenji. Introducing the stars is our job!" Ichirouta explained. "Ssh, Hiroto! Three mikes please?" Ryuuji whispered to Hiroto via microphone.


"Mikes for the guests? Sure, coming up!" Hiroto looked at Hijikata. "Can you bring three mikes to our hosts please?" "Sure do!" Hijikata grabbed three mikes and head to the stage.


Hijikata ran to the stage and handed each one to the guest stars. "Here you go! Have fun!" "Arigatou, Hijikata-san." He then head back to the back stage."

"I'm Gouenji Shuuya. Today I'll be one of the guest stars. Yoroshiku." Shuuya introduced himself shortly. "Gouenji here, is well-known as one of Inazuma Japan's ace striker! The flame striker!" Ichirouta proudly said. "Waaah! That's Gouenji-kun!" "Gouenji-san!" "He's soo cool!" Fangirls of Gouenji were getting wild.

"What? Fangirls ARE here?" Gouenji said in a shocked face at Ichirouta. "Well yeah! Fans won't miss their idols' show right?" "I thought there's gonna be more teams than the fans? Those fans are at least five hundred!" Kidou said in disbelief. "Oh, I just remembered. Yeah, most of the 100 ticket buyers are FFI teams. Then when Inazuma Japan's fans heard about this show, they forcedthe FFI organization to sell more tickets!" Ryuuji said happily. "And... The FFI sold more tickets than ever?" Shirou guessed. "Bingo! The FFI Organization sold 1000 tickets! Ten times the sold-out than the first selling!" Ichirouta screamed excitedly. "WHAT?" The three gasped in shock.

Sure enough, fangirls' numbers were MUCH bigger than the teams. They were wearing shocking shirts with shocking writings like, "We Love Gouenji!" or "Fans of Fubuki!" or "Kidou is the Best!". Not only their fans, they were also "Super Host: Ichirouta" and "Our Great Host Ryuuji!" And so many more…

"And next..." Ichirouta said, before fangirls gone wilder, since now shouting can be heard throughout the big convention room.

"Kidou Yuuto. I'm also one of the guest stars. Yoroshiku." Yuuto also introduced himself shortly. "Kidou is acknowledged as The Genius Game Maker of Inazuma Japan! Frightened all over the world for his genius!" Ryuuji announced. "Kidou-sann!" Fans also shouted for the game-maker. "You're the best big brother!" Fangirls-again. Noo! Scary! There's so many of them!Kidou thought.

"And last..." Ryuuji welcoming the last guest star.

"My name is Fubuki Shirou. Nice to meet you all-again, for some people. Yoroshiku~" Shirou introduced himself calmly and ended it with a smile. "Fubuki here is also an ace striker other than Gouenji. Known as the ice striker! Plus, he can also play well as a defender!"

And fangirls of Shirou-perhaps are the largest in number; shouted excitedly upon seeing him. "Fubuki-san!" "Fubuki-kun!" "We love you!"


From there, the rest of Inazuma Japan were watching the show from a big monitor.
"Hey, why aren't I said as an ace striker?" Someoka protested. "Cause you're not! Bwahahaha!" Atsuya laughed out loud. Haha, there's no Shirou nii-chan here to glare me! He thought slyly. "Atsuya... Don't start fights please... Fubuki had told me to remind you while he's gone..." Hiroto came to talk and glared fiery at him in Shirou's place. What? Now it's Hiroto-san? Atsuya gasped. "O-okay, Hiroto-san..." He gulped. He's scary too!

-At the stage-

"That's Gouenji, Kidou and Fubuki. So they are our guest stars today..." Mark watched. "So who are the main stars?" Dylan asked. "I think I know who they are..." Ichinose answered secretively. "Yes!" Domon nodded his head.

"Now... Let's welcome..." Ichirouta started to shout again. "Our star shows!" Ryuuji finished the sentence.

Once more, the wall at back of the stage parted two, and huge amount of smoke emerged from inside. Audiences (especially fangirls) gave applauses for the main stars.

Spotlights played again, jotted at the three main stars as they walked. Another three figures also came out, walking out one by one. First was a two braided hair girl, followed by a girl with glasses on her head, and last a boy whose face was similar to Shirou. The three then walked to their brothers.

"And here, are the stars of our show today!" Ichirouta welcomed the three. "Introductions, please! Please give the mike to them." Ryuuji reminded.

Yuuto, Shuuya and Shirou handed the mikes. "Let's start from the girl next to Shuuya!" Ichirouta pointed to Yuuka. "O-onii-chan... There are so many people..." She whispered and shivered. Shuuya patted the girl's head and smiled, "It's okay, I'll talk to them." Shuuya's fangirls shouted upon seeing the scene, "Aww, Shuuya-kun is so sweet!"

He took the mike from Yuuka, "This is my little sister Gouenji Yuuka. She will be one of the main stars today." He introduced her.

And the fans were wilder, "Gouenji-kun's sister is sooo kawaii!" "Of course, that's plausible!" "I'd like to be her sister-in-law!" "Me too!" While Shuuya's reaction: Noooo!

"Ahem, next please!" Ichirouta cut in.

Haruna, that was next to Yuuto began to talk, "Hello! My name is Haruna Otounashi! Kidou nii-chan is my older brother! I'm also one of Inazuma Japan's managers! Nice to meet you all!" She gave a big smile.

"Duh, my Haruna is so cute today!" Jirou whispered to himself. "What did you say, Pirate?" Akio glared at him upon hearing the words. "I said Haruna's cute! What's so wrong with that Mohawk Boy!" "You said she's YOURS? She's mine you know Pirate Boy!"

"Haruna is not a possession, especially by you both!" Suddenly Yuuto's icy angry voice cut their conversation (or rather argumentation). They DIDN'T to turn the communication off! Everyone on the stage: hosts, guest stars and show stars are using the microphones, and everyone on the room were listening to Akio and Jirou's debate. "Eh? Kidou? How can you-Fudou! Didn't you turn the communication off?" "Me? We were told to always put the communication on Dumb Pirate!"

-Back at the stage-

"Now shut up! We have a show to do! Well I'm not done with you both yet! Meet me after the show!" Yuuto said in an icy piercing voice.

While Haruna... Of course her face was getting red-going the same color as Haruya's hair.

While the audience...

"Eh? What's with Haruna?" Audiences began to chatter. "Wahahaha Burn, it seems Otonashi has imitated your hair on her face!" Fusuke laughed like mad. "Shut up ice-head! At least there's someone using my hair-color!" Haruya shouted back. "Correction here: not only Otonashi's, Kidou's face is also getting red." Chae Chan Soo corrected. "But still, the god's hair-color and hair-style are the best." Terumi said as he swung his long, blond hair.

And back to the stage...
Yup, Chae Chan Soo was right. Upon hearing Akio and Jirou's 'confessions', and seeing Haruna blushing crazily, Yuuto was getting scarlet in face. Those two... Just see what will I do to them...

While on the stage, the people are getting quite confused. We've gotta hide what's really going on! All of them thought.

"Er, Haruna? You're blushing! I guess you're nervous in the stage?" Ichirouta tried to conceal the real reason she was. Haruna, understanding what he really meant, answered, "Uh, yeah! Th-this is my first time in a big stage like this... I'm quite embarrassed."

Audiences were commenting, "Aww, she's just nervous! So kawaii!" Saved!

"And back to the introductions! And the last.." Ryuuji announced. "Yeah, I'm Fubuki Atsuya. Fubuki Shirou's younger twin brother..."

While Shirou's fangirls... "Kyaaa Fubuki has a younger twin!" "He's cute too!" "Now I like both Fubuki!" "And I like to marry them both!"

"Nii-chan, these fans of yours are bothersome..." Atsuya whispered and sighed. "Now they're not only my fans, they are yours too!" Shirou whispered back, smiling at the frowned boy.

"And that's it! We've introduced you all to the guest stars and main stars!" Ichirouta announced. "Let's get on to the competition!" Ryuuji continued.

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