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"Ringgg!" The school bell sang at Hakuren Junior High. And not long after that every student has positioned themselves in their desks. Followed by morning prayers and then exchanging greets commanded by the Class Captain.

But there was something out of ordinary in class 2-1... After Fubuki Shirou the Class Captain had commanded the students, the teacher then proceed to announce something from the front middle of the class, "Class, today you'll have a new classmate. Please make her comfortable here. Come in Kudou."

All eyes stared at the lavender haired girl that entered the class. She then stood beside the teacher. "You can introduce yourself now." He said. "My name is Fuyuka Kudou. Nice to meet you all." She said calmly then smiled. "Okay Kudou, you can sit down on a vast seat next to Zaizen." "Thank you Sir."

The girl called Zaizen Touko waved at her and showed her the empty seat. She walked at the seat, and sat down. Then she thanked the girl next to her, "Thank you, Zaizen-san." "Don't mention it! Just call me Touko! Can I call you Fuyuka instead?" She said cheerfully. "S-sure Touko-san... Thanks again." Touko nodded her head.

"Okay class, now it's time for English. Open your textbook page 53! We'll study Past Continuous Tense!" The teacher said. And thus begin Fuyuka Kudou's days at Hakuren Junior High.

- Breaktime -

"Hey, Fuyu-chan! Where are you from?" Touko asked her. "I'm from Tokyo..." "Wow! I was from there too!" "Eh..?"

"Well, the prime minister's daughter can go everywhere right?" Said a tan-skin girl with blue-wavy hair. "Oh, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Urabe Rika. Nice to meet you, Fuyuka-san!" The girl said. "Nice to meet you too... Ah, about the prime minister's daughter..." "Oh yeah, you don't know about it? Touko here is the only daughter of Japan's Prime Minister Zaizen!" "Oh... I just realized it. So-sorry..." "Don't panic Fuyu-chan! Well, I'm quite bored living in a metropolitan city like Tokyo, so I decided to move here! Well since this is a boarding school I don't worry much!"

"Oh, and that reminds me, Fuyuka-san, where is your room?" Rika asked. "O-oh yeah, I haven't been told. I guess I should ask the teacher after school..." Fuyuka answered. "Well why don't you share the room with us! It's gonna be fun, right Rika?" "Yeah! You seem to be a nice girl! Well, a room can consist of three until four people, so adding one more should make it perfect!" "Really? Thank you Touko-san and Rika-san!" Fuyuka exclaimed. "The room number is 204, in Girls' Dormitory, of course." Touko said. "I see..." "And since you're new, we'll be your tour guides at this school!" "Wow! Thanks!" "Come on then!" Rika and Touko dragged Fuyuka outside.

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