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Normal POV:

"Huaahm~" Fuyuka yawned as she woke up. 5 o'clock, the clock said. But the school starts at eight, so there's still much time to get ready.

She turned to see Touko was preparing her uniform, and greeted, "Ohayou, Touko-san! You're early." "Ohayou, Fuyu-chan! Well I usually wake up at these times when I was still in Tokyo… Habits don't go away easily." She smiled.

And when Fuyuka turned to Rika… She was still asleep.

"Don't bother it. Rika will wake at the right time." Touko sighed. "Too right, I'd say…"

"Er… Do you mean she'll wake up at six or seven?" Fuyuka asked.

"Sometimes worse, once she woke up at seven thirty!" Touko said with a pressure on the last two words.

"Whaa? Didn't you wake her up?" Fuyuka was shocked.

"Of course I did! But…" Touko started to tell the story.

*Flashback on*

A morning at the Dormitory, few months ago…

06.00 am:

Touko has awaken from her sleep at least an hour ago, and had been preparing for school, but Rika was still in dreamland. "Maybe I ought to take a bath first." Touko got her bathing stuffs and left the room.

06.30 am:

Touko was back from taking a bath, and found Rika was… still asleep. "Wha? She's not up yet? Usually she's already up at this time…" Touko was bewildered. "Well, maybe she didn't sleep well due to dreaming Ichinose… But she must wake up!" She walked to Rika's bed and tried to wake her up.

07.00 am:

Rika was still tucked under her blanket, asleep. Touko, on the other hand, had been waking her up for half an hour.

"Rika! Wake up! We're getting late!" Touko was shaking Rika.

"Not now, Ichinose darling! I'm still sleepy…" Rika answered as she pulled her blanket higher.

"Rika! I'm not Ichinose! Get up Rika! We're getting late!" Touko kept shouting.

The process continued for another half an hour…

07.30 am:

"Rika! This is it! If you're not waking up I'm going to use force and I won't be responsible for what's happening next!" Touko shouted at the top of her lungs. "Ungghhh…" Rika just grunted.

"You asked for it!" Touko quickly grabbed a bucket of COLD water. She pulled Rika's blanket forcefully and splashed it onto her!

"Waahh!" Rika jumped out of her wet bed with wet body and pajamas. She was also shivering. Note that Hokkaido has low temperature.

"Finally you're awake! You know, I've been waking you up for an hour! Get going now!" Touko had lost her patient.

"Y-yes, Miss Zaizen!" Rika ran to the wardrobe to take her clothes.

07.57 am:

"Aren't you ready yet?" Touko shouted from the room's door. Rika was still combing her hair. "Just a minute!" Rika shouted back. "A minute? Hey, it's three minutes to bell!" Touko looked at the clock in panic.

*End of Flashback*

Fuyuka gaped at Touko. "So, did you make it to school in time?" Fuyuka asked nervously, thinking what would happen.

"We reached school exactly at eight. We ran at top speed the whole way to school. And as we reached class, the bell rang." Touko ended her story.

"Rika-san is a heavy sleeper, then?" Fuyuka asked.

"Hey, I'm not that heavy sleeper you know!" A new voice cut in.

"Oh, you're awake, Rika! Hey, you usually wake up at six! What happened to you?" Touko asked sinisterly as she folded her hands.

"I just happened to hear somebody is talking about me." Rika jumped out of her bed. "Ohayou, Fuyuka-san and Touko!"

"Wow, you're all ears, aren't you, even in sleep?" Touko jeered. "Then why do I need ONE HOUR to wake you up?" she then looked to Fuyuka. "So, Fuyuka-san, talking about Rika should be one of our morning routines starting today! Look how early Rika wakes up today!" Touko laughed. Fuyuka too.

But Rika was frowning. "Find another way to wake up me up. Oh well… Now, let's get ready for school?"

-Love Under The Snow of Hokkaido-

Minutes later...

"Hey, Touko-san, Rika-san, can I ask your opinions?" Fuyuka asked to her two companions. They were waiting in the line for breakfast. Yep, all three already had a bath early.

"Yeah, sure?" Touko turned to the questioner. Rika was too absorbed in observing the still-quite-quiet dining room.

"Yesterday I was asked to fill some papers... One of them was for the extracurricular... Which do you think is interesting?" Fuyuka asked.

"Well, I and Touko attend Cooking Club!" Suddenly Rika exclaimed. Fuyuka and Touko looked at her with the same question on mind; So she was listening all the time?

"I don't really know what to attend here... So yeah, finally I followed Rika." She shrugged.

"Cooking Class..." Fuyuka contemplated that.

"I love cooking especially Japanese snacks! I'll make you some Okonomiyaki if you'd like, Fuyuka!" Rika said excitingly.

"Wow..." Fuyuka said in amazement. "You can cook an Okonomiyaki?"

"Rika's mother owns a well-known traditional Japanese restaurant in Osaka." Touko explained to her.

"So that's plausible." Fuyuka smiled.

"Yeah, Rika's cookings are good! Hey, maybe you can use that to attract some boys." Touko winked.

"Darling~! I heard Darling Ichinose can cook too!" Rika squealed.

"O-okay. So would you like to join us in Cooking Class, Fuyuka-chan?" Touko offered quickly before Rika would talk really looong about 'Darling' Ichinose.

"It's going to be fun with the three of us!" Rika exclaimed.

"Hmm... My cooking skills aren't that good..." Fuyuka said awkwardly.

"So that's why you should practice here!" Touko gave a big smile. "Frankly, I can't cook..." She whispered to Fuyuka.

"I heard that." Rika said, rolling her eyes. "So?" She asked.

"If you two said so... Well I don't see any harm in trying." She smiled. "So, okay!" She laughed. "Yoroshiku~!"

"Yoroshiku!" Touko and Rika said together.

"Uhm, Misses, your orders please?" An annoyed voice said in front of them. "You're extending the line if you don't order."

Rika, Touko and Fuyuka gasped and glanced back to see a line of annoyed faces. They've been so focused on chatting that they didn't realize they're already in the front line! The lady on duty must've waited impatiently while they were chatting!

"Go-gomenasai..." They said with awkward smiles.

-Love Under The Snow of Hokkaido-

Breaktime that day...

"Yeah breaktime! I'm so boooored with Math!" Rika stretched her arms lazily.

"Ahhh this cold day is just making things worse..." Touko sighed.

"Ahahaha..." Fuyuka chuckled softly at her two tired-sleepy-looking friends and continued writing. She was filling the extracurricular form, finally deciding to enter the Cooking Club together with Rika and Touko. Besides she wasn't really interested in sports or anything related physical activities, she thought it would be more exciting to be with her two close friends for now.

"Done!" Fuyuka put her pen down. "Now I need to give this to the teacher right?"

"Why don't you just give it to the Class Captain?" Rika beckoned to Fubuki who was siting looking out of the window. Touko gave her a look, then answered, "Oh yes, besides you can ask his opinions too, as the Class Captain." She smiled meaningfully.

"Well, okay then..." Fuyuka stood up and walked to Fubuki, still not realizing what her friends were up to. Seeing the class was quiet with not much students inside, Rika and Touko quickly told her, "We'll go to the canteen first, Fuyuka! We'll get some food for you too!" Then they dashed out quickly.

Fuyuka was wondering what were they up to; but she kept walking to Fubuki.

"E-erm, Fubuki-kun?" She asked carefully, not wanting to disturb him.

"Hello, Fuyuka-san. Anything I can help?" Fubuki smiled as he saw Fuyuka neared him.

"Ah, it's about this curricular form…"

"Oh, have you decided which club will you attend?" Fubuki looked at the paper at Fuyuka's hands.

"Mm~ I chose the Cooking Club, the same with Touko-san and Rika-san."

"I see… But students can choose more than one club, do you know that?"

"Uhm, yes I do…"

"So do you have other choices?"

"… I don't, I guess… I'm not that good at sports or arts… That's why I chose cooking, that's what I can do… Averagely." Fuyuka said awkwardly. Again.

"Well that's okay." Fubuki chuckled. "Say, why don't you apply as a manager in the football club?" he suggested.

"W-what?" Fuyuka has never heard about managers in clubs… And if so, the football club must've have overloaded managers due to its popularity…

"Well you see, the rules that a manager is allowed in a club has just established around a week before you arrived. At the meantime nearly all students have signed up for the extracurricular available. So even there were many students, especially girls wanted to be the manager I had to decline them, since the school only allowed each student to attend one two clubs or extracurriculars." Fubuki sighed then continued. "And we really need a manager now… Since now Hakuren will be having matches with other schools and such…" Fubuki explained to her. "And as I've told you, I feel nice being around you." The last sentence made Fuyuka blushed slightly.

"I see." Fuyuka nodded her head. She contemplated the offer for some moment. Well, being a manger… Means like managing stuffs, administering the members and finance of the club and such, right? This could be a good experience for her.

"W-well you see, I've never been a manager before… What if I messed up instead of helping?" Fuyuka was worried.

"I think it's okay to make mistakes, if it's your first time… Well everybody makes mistakes and messed up, even professionals too, sometimes. Don't worry about that. Anyway, it's better to have someone helping than nobody at all, right?" Fubuki reassured her.

"Humm… Can you give me some time to think? I'll ask Touko-san and Rika-san's opinion… I hope you don't mind?" Fuyuka said carefully.

"Nope… I really hope you'd consider it. Lately I've been overworking… Not only taking care of the class, but the football club as well." Fubuki sighed.

"Oh… Y-you're that busy… Being a captain sure has many responsibilities…"

"Yep. Despite the business and tiredness, they're fun after all."

"I see… Thank you for the offer, Fubuki-kun. I'll think about it." Fuyuka smiled.

"I should thank you for the consider, Fuyuka-san." Fubuki smiled-that famous smile that had impressed many female students and doubled their heart beats. And of course, Fuyuka too. That's why she's blushing at the moment. But Fubuki didn't seem to make a big business out of that-an easy going person he was.

"O-okay then, I'll catch up with Rika-san and Touko-san… Arigatou, Fubuki-kun." She smiled sweetly and left Fubuki, not knowing Fubuki had skipped a beat seeing it.

-Love Under The Snow of Hokkaido-

Fuyuka walked out of the classroom to find Touko and Rika were standing there.

"Touko-san, Rika-san? I thought you too had left for the canteen?" Fuyuka asked in a confused tone.

Touko and Rika who had realized Fuyuka was coming towards them said calmly, "We're back from there, Fuyu-chan~" Rika said, while Touko nodded, though all the time they were eavesdropping Fuyuka and Fubuki's conversation.

"Oh? And you two aren't buying anything?" Fuyuka asked them, feeling suspicious all sudden. Rika and Touko promised to buy something for her, didn't they?

"O-oh, no. Nothing seemed delicious, unfortunately…" Rika quickly answered. "Gomenne, Fuyu-chan. We wanted to buy something but nothing seems nice." While Touko, she was silently gasping over Rika's calmness in lying. They didn't go to the canteen at all, yet she answered like that. Maybe because she used to listen secretly like this and get caught and practiced answering in cornered situation without getting caught'? Oh, Idol's Stalker, is she?

"Ah, I see…" Fuyuka nodded, thought she still felt something.

But Rika quickly asked her, "So, how's the form? Have you submitted to Fubuki?"

"Ah yes! Fubuki-kun told me that now every club can have its own manager! And he even asked me to be one for Hakuren's football club! What do you two say?" Fuyuka asked eagerly.

Touko and Rika looked at each other and nodded, then said in unison, "OH REALLY? WELL YESS! ACCEPT IT!" they both looked so spirited that Fuyuka wondered what has gotten into them.

"Well, it's going to be a good experience for you!" Touko exclaimed.

"Yes…" Fuyuka nodded.

"And you'll make new friends!" Rika squealed.

"Y-yes…" Fuyuka nodded again.

"And you can become closer to Fubuki!" Rika squealed.

"E-eh…?" Fuyuka gaped. "N-no, that's not my reason if I were to join as a manager!" She frantically said.

"Hoho~ No, Fuyu-chan. That's not what we meant. Don't listen to Rika okay?" Touko gave an unreal smile to Fuyuka while grabbing Rika's neck and gave her an I-need-to-talk-to-you-later.

"O-okay…" Fuyuka calmed down. "So, you two think it's a good idea to join the football club as a manager?"

"Why OF COURSE!" the two said in unison, cheerfully.

"Okay then! I'll apply as a Manager of Hakuren Football Club and Cooking Club~!" Fuyuka cheerfully stated. She then corrected her Extracurricular Form. "I'll give it to Fubuki-kun now then!" She then walked into the class.

-Love Under The Snow of Hokkaido-

After sure that Fuyuka can't hear them, Touko and Rika, left outside, had both their fists clenched high and shouted, "SUCCESS!"

"Yeah, Fuyu-chan is really going to be close with Fubuki~~" Rika said in a sing-song voice. "That means, she's going to have more time with him!"

"Hoho~ Then maybe she can realize her feelings for Fubuki-kun …" she stopped, "Despite what she told us about not liking Fubuki-kun yesterday, I believe it's quite the opposite. She must've at least a bit of liking towards Fubuki-kun…" Touko said.

"Yeah. Fuyu-chan's not that good at lying." Rika chuckled, followed by Touko.

"Yep. I never thought it's going to be that easy though! Who would've thought Fubuki-kun asked her to be a manager?" Touko gave a big smile.

"Seems that our plan to enclose Fuyuka-san and Fubuki-kun had a good beginning~! Ohohoho~" Rika was so excited.

"Uh-uh! But sshh…! We better stop talking. Break time's gonna be over soon and the students will be going back to class." Touko looked at the clock.

"Oh yes." Rika just realized it.

"Just one more thing, Rika… Don't blow this plan to Fuyu-chan, unless we both agreed… And I don't." Touko glared at her. "You nearly blew that, just now."

"Haha, sorry Miss Zaizen~ Guess I was too excited!" she smacked her head playfully.

"Just don't do that again… Miss Urabe." Touko laughed already.

"Don't you worry~!" Rika laughed too.

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